Are We There Yet?

A/N: Just a short poem about how annoying little kids can be :D Hope you guys enjoy!

My hair is combed neatly,

And I'm in my best clothes,

My shoes are polished perfectly

(I even blew my nose!)

I glance at my daddy,

Who seems quite upset?

I don't understand what I do wrong when I ask,

'Are we there yet?'

I stare out the window

The colours whipping by,

I make strange popping noises to occupy my time.

My mummy looks weary;

My sister looks worn out,

My daddy seems to get even more frustrated when I say

'Are we there yet? When can we go out?'

I kick the front seat endlessly

Being bored out of my mind,

And don't seem to notice my mummy's angry eyes.

I start humming quietly and gently tapping my foot;

My daddy getting even angrier when I say

'I'm hungry, when can we stop and get some food?'

I have a strange feeling;

It's building up inside,

I can't wait any longer,

I need to go before I die!

'Mummy, Daddy, please stop; I really need the loo!'

Their faces seem extremely annoyed,

Really, what on Earth did I do?

My eyes are drooping slowly,

Feeling heavier until they shut,

I hear a voice in the distance...

'Lucas, we're actually here, wake the hell up!'