Chapter 12

If there was one word to describe why the human race had not reached its full potential and probably never will- that word would be 'meetings' in Rorek's opinion. So the reason Chior had decided they should hold a meeting made no sense to Rorek. Fallamorians always said if you stayed on Earth long enough you would develop their habits. Rorek hated to see them being proved right. Meetings were long, boring, and completely pointless. Rorek highly doubted even a single person bothered to listen. It was like a mortal math class: completely tuned out.

Chior had been so seriously lately. Rorek could remember all those years ago, when they would forget their jobs for a while and go out for a night to a club or party and they would just hang out. Now-a-days though, he was all work and no play. Workaholics were never fun to be around.

They held the meeting in the back of Evea's shop, much to Evea's inconvenience. Rorek did not think she would have minded half as much if Chior had allowed her inside the meeting, but he told her it was 'Deities member's only'. She sat outside in the shop, trying to tend to impatient customers while her mind focused on what was going on behind the closed door.

Only five other Deities members work in the area and they all looked as bored as Rorek was. There were three guys and two girls. One of the guys Rorek recognized from training classes years ago, and one of the girls he recognized as living in the next village over from his. The others were complete strangers. Jett stood in the front of the room as he explained how the demons lured you in with their eyes.

"One crucial thing to remember is that while fighting them you have to avoid direct eye contact." Jett droned on for hours before the meeting finally finished. When the meeting split up, Chior had a chat with the other Deities members. Rorek stepped outside for fresh air rather than to mingle with the new crowd.

Natalie, despite the orders to stay at home, was leaning on the wall outside the building when Rorek left. Rorek was not surprised though. In fact, he wondered if Chior really expected her to follow his orders in the first place because she did not seem to have any intention of listening to anyone. She was reading a book while she waited. As Rorek came out she closed her book and began walking alongside him.

"What is that?" Rorek asked, pointing to her book.

"Some cheesy vampire romance novel," Natalie replied. She handed it over to him so he could see it. "It's stupid. What was the meeting about?"

"Classified," Rorek said.

"Classified…for your people. I'm mortal. It's different. Tell me," Natalie said.

"It was nothing," Rorek told her, "Just about that new demon. They think they are the offspring of an Arancnea and Serain. Hence the name: Arasian." Natalie remained silent, waiting for more information. After the pause, Rorek added, "Arancnea's are like spiders only... more human. Serains are humanlike… except they-"

"Are fish?" Natalie interrupted.

"Uh... sort of. How did you know?" Rorek asked.

Natalie smiled in self accomplishment. "It sounds like a siren from Greek mythology. Which would explain why you kept going closer. Siren's draw people in with they're voices."

"Do not believe everything you read," Chior said, jumping into the conversation, "Most of that is made up anyway. People see something like us and need a back story to it."

"You're very antireligious you know…" Natalie replied.

"I said 'most of that stuff.' I said nothing about the Gods. Or God. You cannot talk to me about religion. It is against regulations," Chior said. "Rorek, I need you back inside. Natalie, I gave you a direct order to stay home. I expect it to be followed, understood?"

"Oh, I understand," Natalie said. Chior nodded and turned around to walk away when Natalie added, "But being as I am not a part of your dead people club, I am taking that as more of a suggestion." Natalie began to follow Chior and Rorek as they walked away.

"Get home, now," Chior yelled. Rorek gave her a nod to tell her to go but she stayed where she was.

"I want to know what is going on. I'm not going to hear anything if I stay at my house."

Finally, Chior turned to face her. He grabbed Natalie by the wrist and pulled her very close. Chior whispered something in her ear. Rorek watched as Natalie's eyes narrowed.

"Fine," Natalie said. "I want to be kept up to date though."

"We said we would," Chior reminded her. "Go home."

"What did you tell her?" Rorek asked when she was out of earshot. Chior shook his head and walked forward.

They entered the back room of Evea's shop when Chior stopped. He took Rorek's shoulder. "Before you go in there, I want you to know that I did not send for them. And Rorek, please be honest. Remember that I have your back."

With that, Chior pushed open the door. Two men sat around a long table inside and a woman stood in the back. The first man, Thamus Kinade, could be recognized as the Unit 6 General. He was a tall man, even though he was seated. His face stern and his eyes narrow. All of his hair was shaven off and his spine straight.

Next to him was another man. He worked with the Deities government security department. Jyme Keeler was his name and I could recognize him from his picture in the paper. He was trained in profiling people so he could tell when someone lied. His brown hair was long, reaching about his shoulders, and it fell flat around his thin face. His blue eyes were more cheerful then his companions. Jyme smiled warmly as he gestured toward a seat.

Standing in the back was Bualee Merito. She was a well known fighter of unit 6, used to make some decisions when a Captain is busy. Her opinion was always valued, mostly because of her fighting abilities. Bualee's long brown hair, tied in a braid, reached about the middle of her knee. Her green eyes were dark and her mouth in a thin frown as she leaned against the back wall. Her blue jeans hung loosely around her waist. Her baggy t-shirt slid down one shoulder.

Rorek stepped forward, taking a seat across from them. He realized he still had Natalie's book in his hand and he placed it on top of the empty seat next to him. When he finally looked up, Jyme began to speak.

"Rorek Hitsuia, I noticed you had left your section earlier. Care to explain?" Jyme said cheerfully. The room grew cold, yet Rorek could feel sweat being to trickle down his neck. Bualee's eyes narrowed and her scowl deepened. Thamus shifted his weight forward, his eyes focusing on Rorek as if trying to read his thoughts. Jyme sat perfectly still, his smile wide and friendly.

Rorek knew he was in a lot of trouble.