Natalie walked along the sidewalk miserably. Chior's words echoed through her head 'I have information about your mother.' She had to assume Rorek told him. She would get back at Rorek for telling Chior her secret later. Now, thoughts flew through her head as to what Chior had meant. The sky was getting darker as a rainstorm approached the town. Natalie sighed, looking at the thick black clouds. With her luck, she would be getting stuck in the rain.

Still fifteen minutes from her house, the drizzle began. Her slow walk turned into a light jog in an effort to get home dry. Natalie paused near the Italian bakery at the corner, which began a long stretch of shops. Against her better judgment, she climbed up the chain link fence and jumped into the alley that cut behind the shops. She found it kind of funny: the other end of this alley was the exact place she had first met Rorek. Natalie began to walk through the damp alley. This alone would be ten minutes but it would shorten her walk by a lot.

A splash made her head look up. Ahead of her was a girl about her age. Her hair was a bleached blonde color with a red highlight on one side. Her skin was a pure white color and her light blue eyes were focused on Natalie. She leaned against the wall casually as Natalie passed. Her light pink lips curled to a smile.

"Hey, you go to my school, right?" she said sweetly.

"I guess so, it's the only high school around here," Natalie responded. She really did not want to stop; she was already going to get soaking wet at it is. Stopping would not be any help at all.

"I am Aerina Singel," she announced.

"Natalie." Natalie turned to keep walking but Aerina's hand grabbed her shoulder. Her nails slightly dug into Natalie's skin.

"Why leave so soon?" she asked, cocking her head.

Natalie's eyes narrowed, "Let me go." She kept her voice was calm and demanding, the way she always tried to sound around someone she doesn't know.

"Stay," Aerina said. Her sweet voice had gone and her tone became raspy and she pushed Natalie back into the wall with incredible force. Within the blink of an eye, she was next to Natalie again. Aerina's fingers grabbed onto the collar of her shirt, lifting her into the air. Natalie swung her feet to kick her but it was useless; she couldn't reach.

"TENTATIO ALICA UN!" Natalie screamed the only spell she knew. Blue light shot into Aerina's face and she dropped Natalie to the ground as she fell backwards. Aerina landed in a small puddle.

"You are Deities member?" Aerina smiled. Natalie could see a bruise forming where the spell had hit her. Her smiled widened, "Even better."

"You're a Vizarian, aren't you?" Natalie asked as she stood up. Mud covered her palms and her jeans.

"Of course," she hissed back.

"Tentatio Alica Un," Natalie said again. Her spells were weak, but they were on target. Aerina shot a blue light back to her without warning. It hit Natalie straight in the stomach, knocking Natalie back into the wall.

"Tentatio Alica Tre," Natalie muttered a stronger spell, hoping she could pull off doing spells more advance than she had been taught. Aerina fell back, her blonde hair now dripping from the muddy ground. Natalie fell to her knees, shocked to find how tiring stronger spells were to use.

Aerina seemed to be taking her time with fighting. She slowly shot spells that hit Natalie's stomach, ankles and arms. Natalie shot a spell back but Aerina dodged it. She came behind Natalie and shoved her to the ground. Natalie's face became covered with mud, dirt entering her mouth. She tried to inhale but found she was in a puddle of mud. Aerina held Natalie's head down. Unable to breathe, Natalie swung her head back, hitting Aerina in the face with her own head. Natalie rolled over quickly. She pushed Aerina to the floor. In a quick motion, Natalie jumped up, both feet hitting Aerina's stomach. Aerina raised her hand, sending Natalie flying into the wall with a spell. Natalie's head smacked against the brick, the rough edges scraping her back as she slid to the ground. Aerina stood up and came at her. Natalie rolled to the side and Aerina grabbed her hair, pushing Natalie back into the wall.

Natalie pulled away, ignoring the pain of her hair being pulled out. She spun around, pushing Aerina into the wall. "Tentatio Alica Un, Tentatio Alica Un, Tentatio Alica Un!" Natalie shot three blue lights at her. Aerina hit the wall hard. Her head smacked into the brick building as each shot hit her.

An arrow shot to the floor between Natalie and Aerina. Jett jumped to the ground next to them, "Stone, get out of here."

"I'm not leaving," Natalie responded, "I was just winning."

"Stone?" Aerina asked as she stood up. Her legs were shaky and she was bleeding. "I thought you were a Deities member?"

"She is not a member," Jett replied. He aimed his crossbow at her.

"Of course not. Stone, I had no idea," Aerina responded.

"Stone- get out of here now, that is an order," Jett replied.

"It's an order?" Natalie raised her eyebrows in surprise. "You can't tell me what to do."

"GO!" Jett yelled but she stood in her place. Jett shot another arrow at Aerina as she lurched forward toward him.

"Tentatio Alica -" Natalie tried to help, but she was cut off by Jett as he shoved her hard and her head hit the side of the wall. Her vision got blurry for a second before Natalie lost consciousness.

"What the hell were you thinking?" Natalie woke up to Chior's yelling. It sounded like the argument had been going on for a while but Natalie was going in and out of consciousness.

"She was getting in my way," Jett's voice responded. Natalie tried to sit up as she opened her eyes.

"She is a mortal, you cannot push her as hard as you push one of us. They are fragile creatures!" Chior yelled back.

"I can hear you." Natalie groaned in pain. "We are not glass, you know. We don't break that easily." Her head was throbbing. She sat up to find she was in her own room on her own bed.

"How are you feeling?" Chior asked in a gentler tone.

"I'm fine. When can that idiot go back to his own sector?" Natalie responded, gesturing towards Jett.

"Section. And Jett's staying," Chior replied. Chior sat down and his face clearly displayed the fact that he was stressed. "Rorek's been taken back to Deities Headquarters where he'll be given a trial. He broke a major law when he left this section unattended."

"Unattended? You called a meeting with other people from the section. They were attending it while he was gone." Natalie replied.

"He left his section. He should not have been out there," Jett said.

"You – Get out of my room," Natalie said to Jett. She turned to Chior, "Why can't you go get him?"

"My responsibility is here, Natalie. I am sorry. He will be back in no time. He saved a mortal. That will help him get off," Chior explained.

"That would help him. Only, I saved the mortal, the dumbass, and this bitch," Jett cut in.

"Why not just lie and say he never left?" Natalie asked, ignoring Jett.

Chior laughed. "You cannot lie to Deities members, especially the ones above us. The only thing we could have done is not report it and I did that. They found out already though so it is out of my hands."

"How did they 'find out'?" Natalie asked.

"I called it in," Jett answered before Chior could. "I called you in for not reporting it too but they let you off easy."

Chior glared at Jett, his eyes flaring with anger. "Maybe you should be waiting at Evea's," Chior replied, "Go. I will meet you down there later."

"Whatever," Jett replied. "But you should know that vizarain she was fighting when I found her recognized her name. She is one of them, Chior."

Jett left quickly and Chior turned back to her. "He will be out of here before you know it. Do not let him get to you."

"Will Rorek be alright?"

"It is his first offence. They will not care too much. Stay in your house for the night. We are short on staff so the less mortals on the street the better." Chior waved goodbye as he slipped out her window. Natalie's hand switched off the light and she sunk into her bed.