This is the first major novel I have ever written and I love it to smitteriens. All the characters and plot and everything took forever to come up with, but I'm glad how it turned out. After this I hope you'll also read the seqeal that I have already started writing. Its a little...I don't know...tortureis? Cause yeah I'm gonna have to rate it M just for all the beatings my poor characters are gonna go through. So be prepared and if you are squemish you might not wanna read it.

And yes my main character has white hair. I was on a Hitsugaya craze when I wrote this so I had to give him white hair. And I gave another character orange hair like Rangiku and another black hair like Momo.

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Chapter 1- The party

The young, white haired, thirteen year old slave stood in the middle of the room, watching the party as he waited to be called to. He hadn't asked for this life. He had been born in this horrible place, and and his parents were dead, but he'd never been told how or why. All he knew was that they were dead and that his master was a governor of whatever country he lived in, and a terrible man. The boy's name is Matt.

"Slave boy!" A man harsly called from across the room. "You with the ridicolous hair!" Matt turned to him and quickly ran over. When he reached the made he got on his knees and bowed.

"Yes, sir?" he asked. The man spat, "A bottle of wine. And make it snappy."

Matt stood.

"Of course, sir." he said and he ran away quickly to get the wine that the man had ordered. When he returned he got back on his knees and handed over the wine. "Will there be anything else sir?" he asked as the man sipped his wine. He suddenly spit the wine out, aiming it at Matt. Then he threw the glass bottle at Matt, who gasped and covered his face to block himself.

"This wine tastes like toilet water!" the man shouted at Matt. "How dare you give me that! Get me some that doesn't taste like toilet water!" he commanded. Suddenly, Matt grew very angry and he couldn't take it. He stood up, and even though he knew the horrible consequenses he screamed, "Well you'd know what toilet water would taste like, wouldn't you?!"

He regretted the words the second they came out of his mouth.

The man was staring hard at Matt, suprised and shocked. A lot of the other nobles that were gathered around were staring too. And almost all of the slaves. Lucky for Matt, his master was not close by.

Matt dropped to his knees and bowed so low that his hair touched the ground.

"Sir, I'm sorry! It-it-was an accident!"

But the man didn't care.

"Get up you little runt!" he shouted. Matt was very scared but he stumbled to his feet. He screamed when the man suddenly grabbed him by the back of his neck.

"Start walking." he ordered Matt.

"N-n-no, sir. I can't go to Master! Please, I beg of you!" he pleaded, tears welling up in his eyes. But the man only shouted, "Where's your master!?"

Matt shook his head frantically.

"No! No, please don't!" Matt sobbed. He could see his friend, whom he called Maza, staring at him with worry. But she wasn't the only slave staring and the slaves most certainly were not the only people staring. It was like a group stare.

The man tightened his grip on Matt's neck. Then he began to walk, leaving Matt no choice but to follow behind him."

"No! No, please!" He'll whip me! He'll whip me!" Matt begged and sobbed. The man sneered. "He'd better."

Matt tried to pull away, but he was unable to free himself from the grip of the man who was walking him straight to his worst nightmare. And daymare, if there is such a thing. The slaves were watching with sadness, all wanting to help him, but none brave enough to actually do it.

"He'll whip me!" Matt screamed again, and he knew that now, every eye was on him. Including Master's, who had just walked through the door. He stopped and turned to face them.

By the time Master came into Matt's view, Matt was terrified beyond all belief. Especially when he saw that Master was waiting for him, his friends behind him, staring at the event that was taking place beofre them. This was probably the most exciting thing that had happened to them all week.

When they reached Master, the man explained to him what had happened. And all the while Matt cringed in a corner that wasn't there. When the man finished, he released his death grip on Matt and shoved him forward.

Matt stumbled, but instantly dropped to his knees and bowed so low that his forehead touched the ground.

"Please Master, I'm sorry!" he begged. He looked up momentarily(a bad idea) and cringed. He knew what would happen.

"P-please Master!" he sobbed. He heard an echoing sob from someone in the crowd and he knew that it was Maza. A silent moment passed before Master's voice rang out from above him.


Matt let out another sob. He stood up. "Please Master, no! I promise it won't happen again!"

"Oh I know it won't happen again. But these kind of things always seem to have to do with you. I swear you can't go a day with out doing something wrong. And Jordan and I are good friends, you know?" Master said and Matt heard someone laugh. Probably Jordan, who Matt figured was the man who he had screamed at.

"Shirt." Master said again. Matt turned and tried to run, but tripped on his own feet and tumbled back to the ground. He felt a kick to his gut and he gasped as pain ran through his body.


Matt let out one last sob before he got on his knees and pulled his shirt over his head and off his body. He felt the whip sting his back and he screamed. Master whipped and whipped, and Matt's screams echoed through the room

"What do you have to say to Jordan?" Master asked as he whipped him. They had been trained to answer these kind of questions and they had to answer them a certain way, or else they'd be punished.

"I'm very sorry Sir Jordan! I deserve this!" Matt screamed but he felt the whip hit him again.

"You say you deserve this?"

"Yes I deserve this Master! I'm sorry!" he shouted, never stuttering in these sentences because he knew that if he did now, he would only be hurt worse.

"Say it!" Master said now and Matt had known it was coming. It, was the slaves motto that they had been taught the moment they were trapped in this hellhole. Matt gathered his remaining breath.

"You are my master and I was put souly on this earth to obey your every whim and listen to you. If I am to disobey this rule, I deserve whatever I get!" he recieted. The whipping-to Matt's great relief-stopped. Matt fell to the ground, blood flooding around him.

"Get up Matt. You will first change your clothes, then be Jordan's assistant for the rest of the party. Understood?" Master said, not letting have a moment to heal.

Matt let out long deep breaths. He was in so much pain that he hardly knew what Master had just said. He stumbled up, almost falling back down.

"Y-yes Master." he said. He turned around and ran through the crowd, going the wrong direction, away from the slaves' room's.

"Its that way Matt!" Master pointed towards the rooms, using a very harsh tone. But Mat ignored him and kept going. He jumped into the waiting arms of Old Lady Maza. He was not related to her but she was the one who had raised him and he loved hier dearly.

"My dear boy! My poor baby!" she cried, hugging him close. Matt let out another sob. "I'm sorry Maza! So sorry!" he cried, sobs racking his body. But it was true. To Maza he was the sorriest, for making her watch as the boy she loved was hurt and could do nothing to stop it.

"Matt!" It was Master's voice.

Matt wiped his tears away from his eyes. "I'm going to go now." he said. He looked at Maza's hands and clothes. "Sorry about the blood." he said, for indeed it had gotten all over her. Maza cupped his chin in her hand.

"My poor baby." she repeated, giving him a kiss on the forehead. Then she let him go.


Matt turned and ran in the other direction.

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