Chapter twelve.^.^ And I'm so upset because if I remember correctly, chapter twelve is longer than chapter eleven. Why must I squeeze everything into one long ass chapter that just leaves me depressed in the end? WHY!?

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Me - I am no such thing!

Matt- And a sadist.

Me - Am not!

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Chapter 12-Confessions and a name

When Matt woke up from a dreamless sleep he found himself in his old and familiar slave's room and he shivered involuntarily. The room seemed to give off a chill that said, "Welcome back Matt. I've been waiting for you." The slaves that currently were in the room were staring at him with wide eyes and disbelief.

"Where...what happened?" Matt asked in a daze.

"You fell and hit your head." a man replied, one that was familiar to him but whose name he didn't know. His hand was reaching out to Matt, to help him up. The young boy slowly took his hand and was pulled to his feet. "He just burst into the room, carrying you with him, tossed you in, and left." the man continued as Matt looked around the room.

"How long have I been here?" he asked. The man shrugged.

"Couple hours."

To Matt, that was a couple hours too long. Suddenly he remembered what had happened and he was ashamed at himself for forgetting, even if he had hit his head. "Is Micheal here?" he asked, desperately looking around for his black haired friend.

"Who?" the guy asked, unsure if Matt was currently all there in the head.

"Guess not." Matt said to himself. If Micheal had shown up, then everyone would most certainly know by now.


May walked into her library, planning to read a book or two, but instead she was greeted by the sight of Drew, unconscious on her floor. She ran to his side, startled, lifting his head. She could hear him breathing and he had a pulse, so she forced herself to calm down a little.

"Drew, are you okay?" she asked with a gasp. For a moment nothing happened, but then, his eyes flickered open. May breathed a sigh of relief. "Drew, are you okay?" she repeated, scared that he seemed to be unresponsive. This time, Drew glanced in her direction.

"Who are you?" he asked her. May froze in shock, then spoke slowly. "Its me, Drew." she said, some exhaustion in her voice. "May Marisa." she finished, beginning to panic.

"Am I Drew?" Drew question her. May gulped and nodded. "Yes, you're Drew. What happened?" She was unsure why she was asking that. If he couldn't remember who she was and he couldn't even remember who he was, there was no way he remembered how he had ended up in this state, on the floor and confused. And by the looks of things, possibly injured.

Drew focused really hard, thinking. But after a few moments he shook his head. " I can't remember." he sighed. "I'm sorry." He seemed a little upset, and May could imagine why. She hated to see the sight of a young child in such a state, it broke her heart. So she put her hand on his forehead comfortingly and smoothed his hair back, trying to calm him.

"Its okay." she said, but Drew's face gave away nothing on if she was helping him or not.

Suddenly the door opened and in stepped Kane.

"Ah, May. I see you've found my son. I was looking all over for him, but I never imagined he would actually be in here."

"What happened to him?" May asked, because some part in her soul told her right away that Kane knew. But Kane only gave her a confused look. "What do you mean?" He sounded genuine, but May couldn't tell if it was the truth.

"I found him unconscious on the floor. And now he can't remember anything!" May informed him, gently picking Drew's head of her lap and standing up. Drew shakily followed suit, somehow managing to stay upright.

"Oh, that awful!" Kane gasped, looking at Drew with worry. "He must have hit his head on something!"

The whole time, Drew had been studying Kane with a hard look. Something didn't feel right to him, but some part of it seemed familiar, as if this had happened to him before. "You're my father?" he asked and Kane nodded. "I don't feel love as I look at you." Drew said honestly. May cocked an eyebrow and turned to look at Kane.

"What do you feel then?" she asked Drew. She honestly wanted to know, and she felt like she absolutely needed to know.

"I feel anger, hate, and pain and fear." Drew said, which shocked May, because usually, that is not what a son feels towards his very own father. Unless something had been done to this boy, psychically or mentally, that had taught him to hate and fear his own father. Kane waltzed over to his son and put a hand on his shoulders. To May's surprise, Drew flinched, as if he had been expecting a hit or something.

"Why did you do that?" she asked, because this was getting really interesting, and confusing, and - if her hunch was right - heartbreaking.

Drew thought hard again for a moment, then shrugged with a forlorn look on his face. "I really don't know. It just happened. I don't know!" He sounded devastated.

"Must be from the injury to the head." Kane said, shaking his head in what looked like concern. Drew looked at Kane, and something in his memory clicked.

"What happened to the boy?" he asked,- suddenly terrified, with no idea why,- though some part of his brain told him he didn't want to know.

"What boy?" May asked.

"I don't remember him. All I remember is we were running from someone. I don't remember who though, or why we were running."

Kane laughed and waved it off.

"A dream." he chucked, trying to tug Drew out of the room before his memory returned. May noticed Drew seemed to be limping a little, but he didn't even seem to notice it himself, as if some pain in his mind was blocking out the pain of the body. She began to follow them, but Kane stopped her. "Its alright, May. I can handle it. I'll take him to see a doctor or to his room to lie down and call one. Go check on your slaves, or your daughter or something.

Then he slammed the library door shut in her face and left her alone. He tugged Drew harshly and hurriedly down the hall.

"Hey! Stop it!" Drew protested.

"Shut up, slave." Kane growled. Drew was confused.

"Slave? But you said-" he started.

"I lied."

"Slave?" the confused boy repeated. "Then...M-Matt...Matt! He...and me...and you." Drew stammered, piecing things together. His voice turned hard and bitter as he turned to Kane as best he could as he was being dragged. "What did you do to Matt?"

"So you remember now. Don't worry, Matt is exactly where he should be." Kane said.

"Where's that?" Drew snapped, and Kane told himself he'd slap the little brat later.

"Why, he's somewhere in the mansion of course." Kane laughed, though Drew didn't think there was anything funny going on. But Kane was a sadist, and sadist laughed at the sickest things.

"Let me see him." Drew ordered. Kane shook his head.

"Sorry, but you have to go to your room for tonight. Object..and I'll bring out the remote. " Kane threatened. Drew looked up and saw that Kane was reaching into his shirt pocket, and he knew he was serious. What he really wanted to do was run and tell everyone everything. But if they were not hurt, he didn't want to be the one to change that.

They arrived at the room that Drew was currently staying in. He breathed a sigh of relief, because when he was in this room, he was safe. He could lock the door and keep his evil master out.

"Okay." he said, looking away from Kane.

Kane pushed him through the door and began to shut it.

"Can I ask what you're doing?" Drew pleaded as he began to disappear on the other side of the door. Kane smiled.

"I have to make a delivery." Then he shut the door, leaving Drew, a young slave at the age of thirteen, who instantly locked the door.


Dylan and Micheal were walking down one of the many halls.

"I haven't seen Matt in awhile." Dylan said, and Micheal nodded. "Not since Drew and Kane left." he answered. "Where do you think he is?" Dylan asked, brushing his fingers along the wall as they went, softly, as if the walls were breakable.

"Probably with Gale. "

And then Gale turned the corner. She smiled and waved, though she seemed kind of sad.

"Hey guys. I'd love to stay and talk, but mom says I gotta go clean my room." She shook her head with a sigh and continued, "If only I had some slaves or something, they could do it for me."

Then she laughed, and Micheal laughed, and Dylan laughed, and Gale continued around the corner.

When she was gone, Dylan looked at Micheal.

"He's not with Gale."

At that moment, Kane turned the corner they were turning. They clashed into each other. They tumbled to the ground. When Micheal and Dylan looked up, they both felt a surge of hate run through them. After a moment of silence, Kane recognized Micheal. When they didn't say anything, he smiled warmly.

"Is there something you need?" he asked.

Micheal shook his head, but Dylan nodded, making Micheal look at him warily.

"Have you seen Matt, sir?" he asked him. He didn't like Kane, but he had to stay polite. Slaves had to be polite at all times.

"Who?" Kane asked.

Dylan sighed. "He's a boy our age, who has spiky white hair." He was going to give a further description, but there was really no reason. Matt was the only person in the wold he knew who had white hair at his age, and if you'd seen him, you'd know.

Kane nodded. "I believe I did see him. I think he was heading for the kitchen." Then he paused. "Or the library."

Micheal sighed now.

"You go to the kitchen. I'll check the library." he told Dylan, who nodded, and started for the kitchen. Micheal went towards the library, not realizing he had someone tailing him. Kane made sure to stay far enough behind that Micheal didn't hear him.

When Micheal was in the library, which was still empty, Kane stepped in and shut the door.

Micheal whirled around, and when he saw Kane, a look of confusion crossed his face.

"Is there something you want, sir?" he asked bravely, but truthfully, he knew something was going to happen.

"Yes, um...Micheal, isn't it?" Kane said, stepping forward.

Micheal nodded slowly, backing up a few steps.

"Yes, sir."

"Micheal, I think I know where Matt is."

"Really? Where?" Micheal asked, beginning to step forward, perking up. Kane only laughed, making Micheal step back again.

"Where did you get that scar?" Kane asked instead, motioning towards one of the many scars that Micheal had received from Governor Jackson's whip. This was a small one on his face. Micheal gently touched the scar. He didn't want to answer this creepy guy, but a slave didn't have a choice.

"I...I got it at the party a couple weeks ago. A man did this to me."

"That was you? You were the one trying to rescue that boy?" Kane asked innocently.

"Yes, sir."

"Wasn't that boy Matt?"

"Yes, sir."

Kane smirked now. Micheal really wanted to run, but the older man was blocking the door.

"Please, sir, where is Matt?"

"Matt is with Governor Jackson."

Micheal paused. "Whose...Governor Jackson?"

Kane laughed. "Well, I think you know him as the man who whipped you."

Micheal gasped, confused and now a little terrified. What was going on? "How did..." he started.

"I took him there."

"Why!?" Micheal shouted, raising his voice. His mind was screaming for him to run at this point, but he still couldn't, and even if he could, now he also wanted to stay, and shout and scream, and hurt Kane.

"Because he threatened something of mine."

"You mean your stupid plan?" Micheal asked, glaring harshly. His hands touched one of the books around him, and what he was thinking was obvious.

"So, you know too?" Kane asked, shaking his head, and then continued before Micheal could say anything. "Well, I was told to take you to Jackson's mansion." he told Micheal, whose hand paused on the book in surprise. He hadn't expected that turn.


"Because this is Jackson's revenge on you."

"His revenge? What did I do?" Micheal asked, sounding remarkably calm.

"You rescued Matt."

Micheal waited for a moment, then smiled. "You can't catch me." he said, and he was confident. He was fast, and Kane was older than him, and even if he was blocking the door, Micheal believed he'd be able to find a way past him.

Kane laughed. "That's what Matt thought." The words pissed off Micheal, who didn't like the thought of his friend being captured, and dragged back to the place he hated most. Kane charged at Micheal suddenly, who swiftly moved out of the way, and made a break for the door. But Kane turned around and was fast enough to grab at Micheal, who pulled away. As he was making his move to run, Kane tripped him.

Micheal put his hands on the ground, and did a sideways cartwheel, and all Kane grabbed was the floor. When Kane looked up, shocked, Micheal was sitting on the desk, smiling smugly. He knew he should have been running, but he loved every chance he got to rub success into the face of these evil people. The desk was near the door anyway, and he knew Kane couldn't get to him before he got to the door.

Kane growled.

"Listen kid, I have Jackson's phone number, and if you don't come with me right now, I'll call him, and tell him to hurt Matt so badly, he'll never speak again."

Micheal's smile instantly faded.

"I don't...believe you." he said hesitantly, trying to bluff now.

Kane walked over to phone in the library, punched in a number waited. After a few rings, a voice answered, and Micheal assumed it was a slave.

"Hello. Governor Jackson's home."

"Tell your Master to come to the phone, and tell him to bring Matt with him." Kane ordered.

"Yes, sir." the voice said, and Micheal listened to the footsteps. After a few minutes of tense silence, Jackson's voice came onto the phone.


Kane smiled in Micheal's direction. Micheal was beginning to have trouble breathing. If this was real...If this all happened...the life that he had come to love would be gone, and he'd suffer things he'd never wanted to face again.

"This is Kane. Is Matt with you?"

"Yes, he is."

Micheal pictured the younger boy right now, standing next to his Master, afraid and tense, prepared for anything.

"Can he hear us?"


Kane began talking again. "Jackson, I'm in May's library right now, and Micheal is with me."

"He is?" Jackson asked.

"He is, but he refuses to come, and I had to ask, what will happen to Matt if he doesn't come?"

There was a silence, and Micheal knew Matt must have been as scared as him.

"Matt will be severely hurt."

Kane looked at Micheal. "Do you believe me now?" he asked him.

"Micheal! Don't come!" Matt's voice shouted from the other end of the phone.

"Matt! Matt are you okay?" Micheal shouted over, knuckles white as he held the desk tightly.

"Don't come!" Matt repeated.

Then he heard Jackson's voice.

"Shut up!" he commanded Matt, and Micheal could hear the slap that was delivered to Matt's face.

"Don't touch him!" Micheal shouted, jumping off the desk and running to the phone. "Matt! I'll get May! I'll get Gale!" he shouted through to his friend. Matt didn't speak back to him, probably curled up and afraid.

"If you do, I'll kill him." said Jackson's cruel voice.

"Liar!" Micheal hissed. There was no way Jackson would go through all this trouble to hold on and torture Matt, just to kill him.

"But can you take that risk?"

Micheal hesitated, long enough that Matt shouted, "Don't come, Micheal, please!" He sounded desperate now, knowing that his friend was caving.

"BE QUIET!" And another slap was heard.

"No! Stop! I'll come, I promise!" Micheal finally gave in. He didn't want to leave here. Not this beautiful home with these wonderful people, but he couldn't let Matt suffer through this alone, and he couldn't risk his death, even if he was certain Jackson was lying.

Kane smiled. Jackson laughed.

"Good. See you soon."

"Micheal, no!" Matt's voice was heard one last time, before the line went dead.

Now, it was just Micheal and Kane again. Micheal turned to meet his gaze. Kane was still smiling.

"Come here." he ordered, and Micheal took a step towards him, then stopped, afraid.

"Keep coming."

Micheal forced himself to take three more small steps.

"All the way."

He finally stepped all the way up to Kane, who grabbed his arm, and started toward the door. He lead Micheal down the halls he loved so much, and out the door. His heart was pounding. And he wanted to cry. But he didn't. He was brave. He wouldn't cry.

He walked away from the life he loved.


Matt sat in silent astonishment, where he'd fallen on the floor after the second slap, which had been hard enough that he'd stumbled and fallen. He was weak and small compared to Jackson, even his hand.

"Why, Micheal?" he whispered sadly. Why would Micheal risk all this for him?

Jackson was laughing.

"This is perfect. Simply perfect."

Matt glared up at him, but his master turned his head, and he immediately looked back down. Jackson stared for a minute, assessing the young boy, and he saw that Matt was still prepared to fight him.

"Matt, I'm now giving you a choice. You will listen, and do as I say."

"Or what?" Matt challenged him, standing up.

"I'll kill Micheal." Jackson growled, leaning over Matt, whose blood ran cold at not only the threat, but the familiar threatening pose. He felt a whimper about to come out, and he tried to hold it back, but it made it through, and Jackson knew that Matt was back under his control.

Matt stumbled backward, and sat down again on the floor, pulling his knees up to his chest.

"Do I make myself clear?"

Master was never happy to just have obviously won, he had to rub it in your face.

Matt looked up slowly.

"Yes Master." he said.

Jackson crouched down so that he was looking at him.

"Say it, Matt."

Matt opened his mouth to speak, then heard a small noise that made him pause. He looked behind Master, and saw a gathered group of slaves watching. Watching as the bravest of them all was broken again. They all had looks of sorrow on their faces. He knew they wanted him to object, and keep fighting, and show them that it was possible to fight.

He couldn't stand the helplessness he felt as he stared at them, so he looked away.

"You are my master, and I was put on this earth only to obey your every whim, and listen to you. If I am to disobey this rule, I deserve whatever I get."

He heard a small gasp come from the crowd.

Jackson turned towards them. "Let this be a lesson to all of you. This is what happens to those who fight back." he said, motioning towards Matt, who looked at them slightly.

"I'm sorry." he whispered to them. Jackson looked at him.

"Sorry for what?" he asked in an amused tone. He knew what Matt was apologizing for. But Matt shook his head, and Jackson didn't push it.

"Now get back to work!" Jackson shouted to the slaves, who scattered away.

Matt watched them go.

"What do I do now, Master?"

"You will sit there and wait. I have just the right punishment for you."

Matt's heart pounded loudly in his chest, because he had a feeling he knew what this punishment was. "You aren't going to hurt Micheal, are you?" he asked, louder than he meant to. But he couldn't keep all his anger in. Jackson, who had been turning away, looked at him out of the corner of his eyes. Then he reached into his pocket.

"Did you just raise your voice?" he asked, holding up his hand so that Matt could see the whip he now held.

Matt felt a wave of terror sweep over him. That whip had injured many slaves. Injured Micheal. Injured him. His blood was on that whip.

"No. No Master. Please forgive me." Matt said, bowing low to the ground. Not a word was said for a moment, but Matt did not look up. Suddenly, he felt the whip sting his neck and he screamed loudly.

"Leave me alone!" he couldn't contain his loud, desperate wish. Automatically knowing he shouldn't have said it, he dropped back into his bow, tears moving down his cheeks, and onto the cold, hard floor.

"I was going to beat you in front of your friend, but you seem to need it now."

Then a kick was delivered to his face, and the kick was so hard that his head snapped back up. He stumbled to get into a better position. He wasn't going to fight the beating, but he was going to try and defend his more vulnerable areas. He shut his eyes as he was hit and kicked, and nobody came to help him until he was hit so hard that he slammed into the wall. That was when a female slave ran in.

"Is...everything alright Master?"

"Leave!" Jackson shouted at her, slapping her across the face. When she was able to get her bearings back, she ran from the room. Matt had used that time to stand up, and was going to run, but suddenly he felt a shock run through his body. It coursed through him, and he hit the ground.

"Stupid woman." Jackson laughed, and Matt figured he meant May. "Why didn't she find a way to get that thing off?"

Matt struggled to get back up, but Master grabbed him by his hair and pulled him up. Then he punched Matt in the face, who was now just fighting to stay awake. Matt wondered, and the beating went on, for what felt like hours, why his master hated him this much. Why did he want to deliver so much pain to only him? It had to be something.

Finally, the beating came to a halt, with Jackson holding a barely conscious Matt up by the arm.

"That felt great. Best beating I've ever given you." he laughed, throwing Matt to the ground. Matt shut his eyes, only trying to breath as he barely heard Jackson's voice add, "I think that should have broken you."

He just lay there.

"You know Matt, you are just like your parents. They were always trying to act touch, but truthfully, they were weak."

Matt managed to fight his own body, which was telling him to fade into unconsciousness, and looked up.

"My...parents?" he repeated, in a choked gasp, now looking at Jackson's cruel smile.


"Are we lost?"

"We are not lost." Kane said.

"Then why have we been driving in a circle for the last ten minutes?" Micheal asked tauntingly from the backseat. Kane couldn't beat him from back here.

"We haven't, so shut up."

"But we passed that house four minutes ago." Micheal persisted. "And four minutes before that." He was enjoying making Kane angry.

"If you don't shut up, I"ll break your damn arm."

Micheal, who had leaned forward, sat back.

"Fine. I'll be quiet."


Micheal looked at the outside world. It was so beautiful to him now, but what would he think a few weeks, or days, from now? Would the world still look near as beautiful. Matt seemed like he saw everything in gray and black, and Micheal was sure that soon, he would too.


"Don't you ever wonder what happened to your parents, Matt?" Jackson asked tauntingly, walking around the room, looking smug.

Matt nodded, pulling himself up.

"Do you want to know what happened to them?" Jackson asked now, and stopped walking, looking directly at Matt, who stared back at him with wide eyes, and nodded.


Jackson enjoyed the tense, hopeful silence for a second, ready to ruin Matt's last threat of hope and light.

"I killed them."

Matt froze up. He couldn't breath.

"You...k-killed them?" he stuttered.

"I did." It was like it was nothing, like their lives were nothing. He could kill, and feel absolutely nothing.

Matt stood up shakily, not sure he could trust his tired and injured body to hold him up. Then, a look of fury crossed is face. Time and time again he gave up, but time and time again, he found the anger and hate inside him to fight.

"I hate you!" he screamed, and charged at Jackson, fighting his own body to keep him going. Jackson tried to grab him, but somehow, Matt was able to duck out of the way, and punched Jackson in the stomach. When Jackson stumbled back, Matt used that second to race to the door, and out of the room. He pushed past many watching slaves, who let him pass. He heard Jackson's footsteps behind him.

"Get him!" Jackson ordered, but the slaves were torn between duty and fellowship. Torn between what their head told them to do, and what their heart told them to do.

"Do you want to die!?" Jackson screamed at them, and then, many of them took off after Matt, trying to grab him. But Matt kept out of reach. This had to be his last chance. It was now or never. Do or die. He reached the front door, and swung it open. But when he fled through the door, the gate in sight, a car pulled up. Matt recognized it as Kane's car just as Kane jumped out of the car, and Micheal quickly followed.

"Matt!" he shouted.

Matt locked eyes with him, and the moment he did, Kane tackled him to the ground. Seconds later, Micheal jumped onto Kane's back, wrapping his arms around Kane's neck. Kane turned halfway and grabbed Micheal by his neck to, and threw him off of him. Micheal landed in the dirt, but jumped back up, but as he was about to punch Kane in the face, someone grabbed his arm, and he froze.

He turned slowly, and there was Jackson. He had a cruel smile on his face, and in his hand was the whip. Micheal gasped, and pulled back, trying to get away, but Jackson had a firm hold. Matt had heard Micheal gasp and when he looked up, he froze too. When Jackson saw this, he shoved Micheal into Kane's grip, and waled over to Matt. He grabbed the small teen by his neck, choking him as he pulled him off the ground.

"Do I need to give you another beating? This time an hour long?"

Jackson let go of his neck, and Matt fell to his knees.

"No, please don't master."

"Are you going to try that again?"

"No, Master."

Jackson looked over at Micheal now, and walked up to him. He leaned in his face, and Micheal frowned.

"Are you going to try that again?"

The black haired boy looked over at Matt, who sat on the ground, looking at him. Matt shook his head at Micheal.

Micheal sighed, and looked down, defeated.


Jackson looked at him, then forced Micheal to look up at him, grabbing his chin and forcing it up.

"No, what?"

Micheal sighed.

"No, Master."

Jackson smiled.

"Take Micheal to the slaves quarters. I'll be there soon."he said to Kane.

Jackson turned to Matt next. "We're going to the punishment room. And this time, there will be now June to distract me."

Matt, in all this mess, hadn't even remembered June, his master's fiance. She was insignificant to his life.

"What happened to June?" he managed to ask, and Jackson only answered simply.

"She left."

As Jackson lead Matt back into the building, Micheal shouted, "No!"

Kane jerked him from behind. "Shut up. Does anyone else know of my plan?" he changed the subject. Micheal instantly thought of Dylan, but shook his head.



Jackson opened the door to the punishment room. Matt shuddered at the memories it held. The first time he had been here was when he was only six years old.

Matt was running after an old friend. They were playing tag.

"Can't catch me, Matt! Can't catch me!" his friend shouted. Matt smiled at her.

"Yes I can, Jade!" Then he put on a burst of speed, and went to tackle her, but she moved just as he swung his hand out. He tried again, but she dodged, and this time, Matt's hand swung onto a nearby table. His hand caught the side of it, and when he moved to avoid it, he bumped into a different table completely. All the dished on the table fell off, and clattered to the ground. Jade stopped running. Matt started to panic.

"No! Master is going to hurt me!" he shouted. Slavs had turned at the sound of the crash, and it seemed that some of them were going to get the Governor.

"Don't get him!" Matt pleaded, but they didn't listen.

"Matt, hide!" Jade told him. Matt nodded, and dashed out of the room. He ran out the backdoor, and into the garden. No one was there, and Matt was grateful. No one to give him away. He looked around, and then spotted a large fountain. The fountain was at least three feet off the ground, only held up by a single pole in the middle. Matt scurried under the fountain. He pulled his knees up to his chin, and wrapped his arms around hs legs. He waited, and after a few minutes he heard footsteps. Tears began to fall from his eyes.

"Where are you Matt?" Governor Jackson's deep voice shouted. Matt didn't answer.

"Search for him."

Footsteps echoed through the air as the slaves searched. Matt curled up tighter, and tried to back up more, but he bumped into the pole holding up the fountain. He felt the fountain shake, only a little, but he gasped. Only four seconds passed before a slave's face appeared, peering in at him.

"He's down here, Master!" the slave shouted.

Only a few more terrifying seconds passed before Jackson's face appeared.

"Get out here, Matt."

Matt shook his head.

"Get out here, now."

Matt closed his eyes tightly. He tried to back up more, but he was already as far as he could go. Jackson reached for him, and Matt kicked his hand away. Suddenly, another slave grabbed him from the opposite side. He pulled Matt out, who started to scream loudly. He saw Jade nearby, who was trying to break away from a slave's grip.

The slave holding Matt handed him over to Jackson, who grabbed him by his hair. Matt yelped.

"Let him alone!" Jade shouted.

"Jade, help!" Matt cried, and Jade let out a loud sob, and held out her hand as if Matt could reach her and hold her hand. Matt held out his hand too, and when he did, he toppled from Jackson's grip, and plumeted to the ground.

"Matt!" Jade shouted, and Matt lay on the ground, trying to breathe. He stumbled up, and raced to Jade. He grabbed her hand, and they both hugged, crying.

Jackson marched up to them, and grabbed them both. Matt by his hair, and Jade by her long blond hair. He pulled them towards the punishment room, and when he got there, he shoved Jade into another slave's hands.

"Get her ready to be sold. I'll be out soon."

Then he looked down at Matt.

"Of course, you'll be there to see her be sold."

Matt cried a protest, but Jackson pushed him into the room. He shut the door behind them as he went in. Everyone could only listen, as the young boy's screams began.

Matt shuddered again at the memory. Since that day, he had been to this room so many times he had lost count. Seeing it again was more than too much for Matt. He tried to pull away weakly, but Jackson held him in an unbreakable grip.

"Stop trying, Matt, you'll only be hurt more."

Matt looked around again. The room hadn't changed a bit. He smiled sadly as he thought of Jade. He closed his eyes and tried to picture her, but the image was foggy. Where are you now, Jade? he thought. Are you happy? Weren't we supposed to be best friends forever?

His thoughts were interrupted when he felt someone shove him, and found himself on the floor. He attempted to crawl to the exit, but he was grabbed by his ankle and was yanked back. His chin hit the floor and he felt a large foot on his back, keeping him in place. He stilled, and didn't move anymore, tired.

His wrist was grabbed, and it felt like a manacle, but it was only his evil master's hand. He yanked Matt up and the punishment began.


All Micheal had been doing for the last ten minutes was pace back and forth. Finally, after agonizing minutes, the door opened. Micheal, and all the slaves in the room turned to look. Matt came into the room, and when he saw Micheal, he came over as fast as he could. Micheal gasped at the state he was in, and stepped in front of him, protecting him from who he knew was coming next.

Jackson stepped in. All the slaves took a step back. Michael turned his head to look at Matt. The white haired boy was bleeding from his arm, and head, making his white hair tinged red.

"What did you do to him!?" Micheal shouted.

Jackson ignored him, and looked at the watching slaves.

"Go." he told them.

They looked at the two boys, but then they ran out of the room.

Micheal jerked forward, trying to get to Jackson, but Matt quickly grabbed his arm and stepped back a few steps, pulling Micheal with him.

Jackson smiled.

"What's wrong Micheal?" he asked.

Micheal frowned.

Why do you want Matt so badly?"

Jackson thought for a moment, and then, nodded. "Do you want to know?" Silence as he waited for an answer that didn't come. "Okay, I'll tell you why I want Matthew Brandi Halls."

Me- Yeah, even though the chapter is called, "Confessions and a name," the name is literally the last thing said.

Matt- ...

Me- So much has changed since I wrote all this stuff. I have so many plans, and characters have changed in ways you wouldn't expect.

Micheal- ...

Me- And I'm hoping that writing this will get me back in the mood to finish the sequel, and then start the third book.

Dylan- ...

Me- Guys...?

Drew- ...

Me- G-guys?

Gale- ...

Me- Please guys, don't ignore me!

Micheal- Us ignoring you? How comical.

Me- I didn't ignore you! You guys know I've been writing the sequel!

Matt- You haven't written a word in probably a year.

Me- Even then, you guys knew you were in my thoughts!


Me- Please! I'm sorry! I promise it won't happen again!


Gale- Alright, I forgive you. *hugs*

Matt- Me too. *joins hug*

*group hug ensues*

Me- Man this was back when I truly loved writing more than anything. Chapters were so long, and I remember writing them nonstop. *sighs* Those were the days.

Matt- *shakes head* Sadist.

Me- WHAT!?