When you're lost in stars,

And you can't see past their fury.

Attacked by angry comets,

Lost in a galaxy of dreary.

Blinded by the sun,

Leaving you at its mercy.

As you flout in the middle of the chaos.

When you sink in the see,

And waves yell out there curses.

The fish at your flesh,

As you fight the shadows you're immersed in.

Lost in the darkened caves,

That the predators always lurk in.

While you cry out your pathetic woes.

While you roam the city of pain,

Concrete crumbles and you fall threw.

Figures steep upon your hands and feet,

No matter where you wish to go to.

Curl up in a dark wet ally,

And people wonder what you've come to.

While you cry from the pains held below.