Dylan's Point of View

We're best friends. Just friends. Yes, we happen to make out with each other when we're alone. We have given each other emergency blowjobs in the back of my car after a party. But we're just friends!

We'll never be anything more, because we aren't anything more. We don't feel like that towards each other. It's purely lust and the need to get off. It's not how he looks so thoroughly ravished after we've finished one of our sexual escapades, or how just seeing him blush makes me smile. It has nothing to do with that. It's just sex….right?

I mean, we've never really had sex or anything! The farthest is we've gone is blowjobs! We were really drunk and horny and…yeah. Why am I explaining myself!? Its sex and we enjoy it. Enough said.

There's no cuddling or saying, "I love you," afterwards. Well, maybe some cuddling, but that's just because we were too tired to get up! Plus, Jake is just so cute when he- Jake won't ever just get off of me, and I'm too lazy to roll him off.

Some people would say it's unhealthy, to have been doing this since we were 14. But who else would you go to when you suddenly get an erection and you don't know what to do with it? Of course Jake would come to me. What else was I supposed to do!? I showed him how to masturbate and he asked me if I could do it for him. He's my best friend! I couldn't say no!

Plus, when Jake kisses me, he loves biting my bottom lip, which gets me so fucking horny I will literally throw him on the bed. Sadly, he knows this, and uses it against me. I have a thing for biting and being bitten. I can't help it, so stop looking at me like that!

"Hey, Dylan, can we try something a little bit…different today?" Jake asks me, making me look at him with confusion. What the fuck is he talking about? Different as in like, anal sex-different, or different as in nothing sexual?

"I got this webcam, right? And I was sorta thinking, we could m-maybe, you know, video us making out?" Jake asks me, looking down at the floor. I can tell that he was nervous to ask me because he stuttered and can't even look me in the eye. I bite my lip and think about it.

No one ever goes on my computer anyways. Plus, I'll always have it as por- I get some making out done, maybe more if Jake is into it… Seems like a win-win situation to me.

I grab Jakey's hand and lead him towards my computer, grabbing the webcam from his hands. He looks at me in surprise and bites his lip to stop himself from grinning. We start setting up the webcam. He's reading the directions to me, trying not to sound too excited. I smile and turn around, grabbing his wrists and pulling him up against me.

Jake squeaks in surprise and I kiss him, running my hands up his arms to tangle them in his hair. Which is super soft by the way. I love how I can just run my fingers through it and pull on it and…you get the picture. Jake whimpers into my mouth and I grin at him as I pull away.

"Sorry, I couldn't resist. You look so excited!" I tell him. We get back to setting up the webcam and I occasionally steal a kiss from him. Finally, the webcam seems to be set up correctly. Jake and I aren't exactly computer geniuses, especially when we're distracted…by each other.

I sit down in my chair and watch as Jakey sits in the one next to me. I bite my lip and click on the program that will let us record our video. We'll get to watch ourselves make out. This is gonna be fucking orgasmic.

I click on the record button and smile in triumph when it tells us that it's working. I lean over and start kissing Jake, loving the way his lips work against mine. We slowly get more and more into it, and I start running my tongue against his lips, letting him know I want in. I feel him grin as he opens his mouth and I tug on his bottom lip in appreciation. I love how he thinks I can't hear his soft whimpers because he's trying to be quiet. I think it's adorable really, how he can never control the sounds that come out of his mouth.

Jake starts pushing harder against my lips and I tangle my fingers in his hair, pulling slightly just the way he likes it. He full out moans then, but I cover the sound with my lips, swallowing up the sexy noise. I grab his arm and pull him towards me more, thinking that there is way too much room between us. He strokes my cheek with his right hand and tries to take control of the kiss. Although he'll never admit it, I've always been the more dominant between the two of us. I let him take control for a little bit, allowing his tongue to roam my mouth. Our lips never disconnect except for when he shakes his hair out of his eyes.

I take control again and ravage his mouth, biting down lightly on his tongue, making him shiver. I'm pleasantly surprised when Jake bites down on my bottom lip and sucks it into his mouth, making me moan loudly. I resist the urge to just take him right there and run my fingers down his chest.

I look at the video of us and I almost choke. We're fucking sexy. Well, Jakey especially. I watch and feel as he runs his tongue over mine. I shiver and rub Jake's hips, pulling his shirt up slightly. Jake pulls me closer to him and I move one of my hands back to his jaw, coaxing his mouth to open even further. After I play with his tongue for a while, I decide it's probably been a long enough video.

I pull away from Jake and grin as I click "stop recording." I look at Jake and kiss his cheek, loving the smile that's on his face. Jake is blushing and biting his bottom lip, his subtle way of telling me that I got him really horny. I grin at the thought.

"Wanna watch it, babe?" I ask him, slightly distracted by how beau- sexy he looks. He nods and I grab him and put him in my lap before hitting the play button. Jakey leans back against my chest and watches the video of us making out, which is actually turning me on a lot. Well, that and the fact that Jake will not stop squirming. I wrap my arms around him to attempt to stop him from moving his ass against my dick. I lick the side of his neck, just to play with him, and relish in the gasp it receives.

Jake looks away from the video to glare at me, but immediately turns back to it. Guess he likes it as much as I do. Watching him touch me and submit to my kisses is making me sort of weak in the knees. And when he starts dominating me in the video, he grabs my arm and squeezes lightly. I know that it's turning him on and it makes me chuckle.

I can see that Jake is thinking, even though he's staring at the video. I don't know what about, but I take my hand out from under his and rub his arm. He flinches slightly, but otherwise doesn't react. I rest my chin on his shoulder and breathe down his neck, knowing it would bother him.

Just cause we're "friends with benefits," doesn't mean we aren't best friends who piss each other off just because they can! I can hear Jake start to growl and I laugh lightly, looking up at him and kissing his nose before full on kissing him. He turns around in my lap and grabs the back of my neck. Jake lightly bites my bottom lip, and when I moan, he takes control of the kiss. He starts grinding his hips into mine and he's sucking on my tongue and my bottom lip alternately, making me go crazy. I love it when he takes control like this. It's pretty rare. He usually just lets me dominate, so when he's on top of me, it's fucking sexy.

My hands travel down his back and I place my hands on his ass, pushing him harder into my hips. We both groan and things are suddenly getting hotter. I kiss down Jake's cheek to his jaw, and I start sucking on his pulse point right below his jaw. I love how I know his weak spots and what makes him horny. I love making him moan, especially if it's my name, like he just did. Holy fuck, I think I could jizz in my pants if all I heard was him moaning my name like that.

"I fucking love it when you moan my name like that baby." I whisper in his ear. He moans my name again with an evil smile on his face. I react by slamming my hips up to meet his, making both of us groan loudly. I pick Jake up and make sure he wraps his legs around my waist before I slam him into the wall. Our hips connect again and again and I'm pretty sure we could both get off without any touching or taking any clothes off, but what fun would that be?

I slowly drag my hand down Jake's chest, making sure to emphasize how slow I'm going. I can hear Jake groan in annoyance and I laugh, tickling him slightly before continuing on my path down his torso. I smile at his giggle and kiss his chest, flicking my tongue out to get a small taste of his skin. I lightly bite his collarbone and my fingers run under the waistband of his jeans. I smirk when I realize that he isn't wearing any boxers.

I unbutton and unzip his pants, pulling them down so that his dick is in the open, just waiting to be touched. I smile up at him and kiss his bellybutton, relishing in the small sigh it brings forth. Jake runs his fingers through my hair, tugging slightly. I chuckle at his impatience and kiss his hipbones, sliding my tongue over them for just a second. The small noises Jake makes are so fucking cute and sexy. I swear every time I hear one my dick gets harder.

"God, Jake, I fucking love you." The words tumble out of my mouth. I barely register what I just said, but I look up and Jake is looking down at me in shock, making me wonder what's wrong. When I finally realize what I just said a look of horror is painted on my face and I don't even know why I said it.

Where the fuck did that come from!?


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