Journal of a Supervillain

by Justin J.

January 29th




As Richard walked into the school several days later, people avoided him. It wasn't just because he had beaten up the entire football team, or because he was seemingly ignoring his expulsion, nor was it the creepy blood-red coat he was wearing over a ripped up and frayed Dungeons and Dragons shirt and equally ripped and frayed jeans.

It was the look he had on his face. It made people cringe and turn away. It was like something inside of him was broken, and he no longer cared about himself or the people around him. Even his most persistent bullies avoided him, muttering to each other about how broken he looked.

And then he reached the cafeteria. Without missing a beat, he walked up to Alli's table and put something down.

It was a dragon figurine from the Dungeons and Dragons game. Alli looked up at him.

And smirked. "How's your girlfriend, Richie?"

Even her friends cringed at the tone she used. Richard calmly looked at her, not replying for several moments before grabbing her by the hair and throwing her across the room.

"You," he said to the room in general, "are all far worse monsters than I'm becoming."

And then he walked out as the dragon figurine grew in size and came to life. Panic erupted as the monster roared and started going after anybody that Richard, its master, considered an enemy.

Richard left the school behind him and then simply walked out of town, uncaring as the school erupted into flames.

Richard would never return to Creston. He would never again consider himself Richard Ibsen. No, he would take on a new name. He would become something the world would fear.

A manic grin spread across Richard's face.

"I am...the Ringmaster."