I burst thru Rain's front door, I was freaking out. "Rain! Rain! Rain! Rain! Rain! Rain! Rain! Rain! Rain!Ra—"

"April!" Jackie yelled. "Would you shut up!?"

"Now Jackie, what did Pat say about being mean?" I asked innocently. Jackie was Rain's older sister. She was 21, and she had major anger problems. I'm actually being serious, she had to go to anger management and everything.

"Shut up!" Jackie was getting mad, while I laughed my ass off.

"April, don't provoke her," Jane walked in. She was the eldest, only by 3 years tho, she was 25.

Rain had the biggest family I had ever met. There was Jane, 25. Then Shaina, who was 22. Jackie and Jill(oh how I love Pat and Jon, their parents), they were 21, twins. Then it was Rain and Reese, 17, my age, they were twins too. Laine came next, she was 15. Katelynn is 13. Abby was 7, and last, but not least, Amy, she was 2. All in all, that was 10 kids. Did I mention that Pat is expecting?

See, Pat and Jon liked to occasionally come up with names that would be . . . well funny. Such as Jackie and Jill, and Laine and Rain. I know what you're thinking, how is Laine and Rain funny. Well, you see, their last name is Lane. You understand now?

Oh and if you haven't noticed, Reese is the only boy . . . poor thing.

Also, I come from a family of 2. Oliver, 14, and me, 17. Plus my dad, which makes three. My mom is . . . well I don't know. I don't know anything about her, other than she has blonde hair, and the brightest blue-green eyes ever(aside from mine). Oliver got the hair, and I got the eyes. My dad passed me his black hair, and my brother his blue eyes.

Anyway, back to the current conversation.

"Sorry, it's hard to resist, is Rain here?" I said.

"She's out with James," Reese said, coming into the room. We all shuddered. Rain was the only one who liked him in this house. Even Jill, who liked everyone, didn't like him.

"Ew," I said, "What the hell does she see in him?"

Everyone just shook their head. "So what were you so hyper about anyway?" Reese asked. He looked like he just got out of the shower. He had no shirt, his brown fluffy hair, was still wet and . . . well unfluffy. He had swim trunks on, and did I mention he has gorgeous, green eyes? Also a nice body, his muscles outlined, but not majorly out there. He was buff, but not too buff, and extremely hot.

"Oh! I got CELTIC THUNDER TICKETS!" I screamed.

He laughed, shaking his head, "I will never understand that obsession." he told me.

I rolled my eyes, "That's because your taste in music expands to one category, rock. Which is amazing, but you need to broaden you horizon, and listen to—"

"Don't start," he said, cutting me off.

I sighed, "Whatever, it's true, when is she gonna be back?"

He shrugged, "Dunno, you wanna go to the beach?"

"With?" I asked, if his friends would be there, hell to the no.

"Just me," he said.

"I wanna go!" Abby yelled.

I looked at him for permission, he shrugged. "Okay! Let's go!" I announced.

"Where are we going?" Kate asked, walking down the stairs.

Reese sighed, "We're not going anywhere, Abby, April, and me, are going to the beach."

"Actually," I said, "You can come Katie, I'll get Olly to come." I glanced at Reese and he shook his head, smiling. The girls of this house had a plan. We believed that Oliver and Katie, belonged together, well rather, we knew they did.

I grabbed Abby's hand and walked out the door, "Y'all have your bathing suits on already, right?" I said. We pretty much had our bathing suits on 24/7, even during the school year.

"Coarse," "Yup," "Mhm,"

People and there one word sentences. Abby had an excuse(young age), but Katie and Reese? Nope, they didn't.

We all got in the Jeep, it was a Wrangler! Oh how I love this Jeep, his name is Old Blue, he's red. Oh, and taking the Jeep, meant once we picked up Olly, they would have to squeeze in. Hehe, me and my awesome plan!

When we got to the beach, Oliver and Katie went off by themselves, while Abby, Reese, and I, went to the part of the beach with the best waves. Reese went surfing, and Abby was swimming, while I laid out and got a tan. I was in my new bikini, which I got with Rain. It was black and purple stripes, I loved it!

"April!" Someone yelled.

"What?" I asked, looking up to see David. My eyes widened as I backed away from him, grabbing my shirt.

"Aw, don't go away April." He said, sweetly, but it was like a mocking sweet.

"Stay away from me David," I told him, I stood up and started walking away.

He didn't follow, which was odd. Well, it was odd for him to bug me in the first place, most of the time he stayed away. In fact he hadn't talked to me since . . .

I turned around, to see if he had gone away. Shit, he was talking to Abby. I ran over to them, pushing David away. He had just touched her shoulder! What the hell!? Was he a pedophile now? "Don't touch her!" I yelled.

"I wasn't hurting her, she likes me," he said, smirking, he grabbed my hand and pulled me to him.

I froze, swallowing I said, "Get away."

He stroked my cheek, "Now why would I want to do that?" he whispered, "We had such a good time before."

I was shaking, and he was still holding my hand with one hand, his other was slowly making its way down my back.

"Shit!" He yelled suddenly, falling down, pulling me with him. I landed on top of him, then was being pulled away. At this point, things were starting to go fuzzy, and I couldn't really tell what was happening. The only thing I could think was that he was touching me . . . again.

"April! April wake the hell up!" Someone was shouting right in my ear.

I opened my eyes, of coarse, it was Rain. "Stop shouting in my ear!" I yelled.

She hugged me, "Are you okay?" she asked letting go and looking at me with concerned eyes.

I laughed, "Of coarse, why wouldn't I . . ."

Her eyes widened, "Your not are you!?"

I sat up, "No . . . I am, I'm just . . . well, I will be okay, even if I'm not right now." I said, "Did Reese tell you what happened?"

"He told me a little, but I need you to explain more. He said that David was with you and you looked scared. He also said that he was . . . um, well, he said he had you up against him, and then he punched him." She said.

I sighed, "So that's what happened? I didn't really see why David fell, all I knew was that he . . . that he was touching me . . . again . . ."

Rain climbed over me, laying down next to me on the bed, "It's alright April, just tell me."

I exhaled, "Alright, so I was tanning and he came up to me, saying my name. So I walked away, but he didn't follow and when I looked back he was talking to Abby and he touched her so I ran to them and pushed him away but as he's proven before he's stronger than me so he grabbed my hand and pulled me against him and then he—"

"April," Rain cut in, "Take a deep breath, then explain using actual sentences. Start from the part where he was fucking molesting my 7 year old sister."

I did as she said, taking a deep breath. "Okay, he touched her shoulder, so I ran over and pushed him away. Of coarse not much has changed, he's still stronger, so he grabbed my hand and pulled me against him. I froze, told him to get away and he . . . he stroked my cheek and told me, um, well I don't remember exactly, but it was stupid. He also said we had such a good time before. I was shaking, and I couldn't move, he was still holding my hand. He had his hand going down my back, and all I had on was the new bikini I bought with you. Then he fell, pulled me down, I landed on him, then I was being pulled back up. I imagine that was the part where Reese came in." I finished.

Rain had her hands in fists, and her jaw was clenched. "How dare he! After what he did to you, he just fucking has to keep it going! Isn't it bad enough he fucking r—"

I slapped a hand over her mouth, the door had opened. "Rain, shut up, the whole house is gonna hear you!" I yelled at her.

Reese stepped in, "Apr—"

"I don't fucking care, that fucking mole—"

"Shut up!" I screamed, "Rain, you may not care, but I do, and seeing as it's my secret, it only matters what I want, not what you do, now shut up, before the whole fucking neighborhood knows what happened!"

Her eyes went wide, "I . . . I'm sorry April, I'm just mad, I . . . I wasn't thinking."

I sighed, "It's fine, I just had to shut you up," I told her, then I looked at Reese, "Sorry, 'bout that."

He raised an eyebrow, "Yeah . . . uh, April can I talk to you?" He asked.

"Sure," I told him, standing up, only to be pulled back down. "What?" I asked Rain.

She smiled, "What would you say if he asked you out, cause he just might." she whispered in my ear.

I shook my head, smiling. Rain was obsessed with the idea that me and Reese were meant to be. Which I think I stupid . . .