Over the next little while, things seemed pretty normal. I went on dates with Eric and it seemed like we were pretty much a couple. It took a long time to get there, I know, but it finally happened. The day we got back to school, we actually did end up telling Ricky we were dating. He asked if we had kissed yet. You can probably imagine how awkward that was.

Actually, the first time I kissed Eric is actually a complicated and long story. By long, I mean it happened over time. I was very timid. I knew that a first kiss was something that had to be approached carefully. I wanted to kiss him, but I was scared. I had heard from others that if you make the first move and kiss a guy too soon, they get mad and leave. I did not want that. I'm quite afraid of failure. But I was sure that things would be fine eventually. I just had to wait. And boy, did I ever wait.

It actually came to pass that our relationship was so slow, that it actually took two months before the idea of kissing was even brought up. Shocking, right? Of course, during that time, Ricky and Eric's other friends bugged us to kiss. But Eric and I were shy about it. We hadn't even really had any physical contact at all. I started to really think about and I realised that we should kiss. And I set out to make it happen, even though I was still kinda scared.

For the next two weeks, I was in a bit of a panic. I sat next to Eric at lunch and really questioned myself about what he was like. Did he smile at me? Does he think I'm weird? I really had no clue how he felt.

Our friends, Mike and Ricky, bothered us about it one day. They left shortly after, probably bored with our conversation. There was Tim, although I didn't know him too well. He stayed, but only because he probably didn't have anywhere better to be.

Over the past two weeks I had been hinting to Eric about kissing. He didn't really get it. I was saying he was too afraid to kiss me, hoping he'd try to prove me wrong. He never did, and it was starting to piss me off.

"I know why you won't kiss me," I said in a fake cheery tone. "You're too afraid to."

Eric didn't reply. I would've said something like, "Are you too afraid?" but I never got the chance. Eric put his arm around me. I almost died. I was really in shock.

I was blushing like crazy and couldn't think straight. Did he really put his arm around me? It did seem that way. He said, "You look scared." What a random thing to say. But I actually was terrified.

"I'm not scared of anything. Except spiders," I replied shakily.

Then I looked at him and lightning fast, it happened. Eric kissed me. By the time I had realised what had happened, it was over.

All I know is that after it was over, we made Tim swear not to tell anyone.