A/N: I was looking at all my old poetry and this bit of awfulness came up. I still think it is amusing.

The Life and Times of the Scientific Revolution

Back along the ages, all scientists alike

Trusted Aristotle and the Bible, no matter what seemed right

Then came the Revolution, driven by the thought

That observations are the key, not what they'd been taught

Copernicus was a great revolutionary of his time

The idea of heliocentricity, this man, he did find

Keplar was perhaps more important than the first

Planetary orbits and scientific method are the profits of his thirst

Then along came Galileo, the greatest one of all

Pendulums, gravity, and telescopes were his strongest call

But when the church threatened him with torture and with death

He retired to the country, so of his mind we'll never know the breadth

Vesalius and Harvey studied the human body

Their work on anatomy and pumping hearts could never have been shoddy

Because of all these brave men who dared to defy the church

We have now a better world, thanks to their research.