My name is Charlie.

Sweat drips down my forehead, as I stand alone in a blood splattered classroom that once belonged to Mrs. Belenthan. She once was my strict teacher. She's lying in the corner of the classroom right now. There are bite marks on her neck, and a rip in her forehead. Zombies killed her. Then we had to kill her again.

The wooden door that leads to our hallway was shut tight and barricaded with many tables and chairs from the inside. The rest of the room was strewn with the carcasses of my former classmates. Their bodies were deform beyond anyones imagination. Bite marks can be found on various parts of their bodies, combine with harsh wounds that look like they were caused by sharp nails. Many of theirs intestines are out, instead of in, where they belong.

The last ones alive, as far as I know, are me, Leo, Jaster, and Lolli.

Leo and Lolli had went out, attempting to foray some food in the kitchen. (we haven't ate for 2 days, and the hunger was too much for us.) That was twenty minutes ago. Jaster have this giant wound in his chest; I don't think he'll live for long. For him, I will literally give up my right arm, for even an infinitesimal chance that he might survive. (he's my best friend.)

It all happened when two junior students came into our class to make a boring presentation, about something. I wasn't really paying any attention to them. My attention was glued on the back of this really cute female classmate of mine, Debbie. Although I did manage to catch some words. Something about diseases spreading around Texas.

One of them mentioned going on a vacation there briefly, two years ago.

I hope they're not talking about zombies.

"Dude, it's so close man. Two years, too close for comfort. I hope I haven't caught the disease man." He laughed and suddenly coughed. The second he finished coughing, he suddenly started choking.

His partner made a futile attempt to help, pounding lightly on his trembling back. The choking guy was drooling at the corner of his lips by then. Then, quite suddenly, his knee bended and he falled to the floor, unconcious.

The room went very quiet.

Even I tore my gaze from Debbie's back long enough to understood the situation.

A lot of "What the fuck? Holly shit, dude! What's going on?" from people.

A moment later, the choking guy suddenly sat up, and looked around the room, dazed.

That was when everyone laughed and thought it was a stupid joke.

But it wasn't.

The choking guy (why am I refering to him as the choking guy?) did not at all appreciate all that laughing, and made a deep grunt in the back of his throat.

More laughing.

I guess, thinking back to it now, I personally didn't really appreciate the humor. As soon as I thought that it was just a joke, my attention was back to-

Why don't you guess?

Anyway, the choking guy- by now you should have notice that he's turned zombie- grunted again and scrabbled at his partner's kneecap.

"Hey, hey-Ryan, cut it out! The joke's not funny anymore. Get up, we still gotta finish this presentation."

Then a kid in my class yelled out something.

"Josh, finish it when your guy get out of the hospital! Shoo, shoo, get up, and get out!"

Josh blushed. "Ryan, come on, get up!"

Ryan did get up.

But not to finish his presentation.

Why don't you guess what he did next?

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9:49 A.M

South Philly

High School of Labyragonth

Fifth floor

Math Class