I was still at the second floor, near the wooden door, which I had locked but a few minutes ago. The sounds of the chewing had cease much, but I doubt the zombies are content. I inched away from the door carefully, very carefully not to make any sound. Then I turned and got the hell out of there. By the way, my metal ruler stopped talking.

"Hey, Mac? Mac? Answer me."


Thinking back to it, I guess I should've blamed it upon my imagination, or the fact that I was so scared out of my wits, I had start to hallucinate.

I still can't find Lolli and my cell also died. Therefore, I highly doubt I can locate where they are now.

Seeing that the kitchen was dominated by zombies, I know that Lolli and Leo must've avoided the place.

I walked the whole hallway of the second floor, peeping into rooms, and seeing corpes everywhere. I always yelled into each room just to make just there wasn't anyone still alive in there. Perhaps, they are alive but they're too scare to move. Or perhaps, ironically, they are alive but they are too injured to move.

I didn't know. I didn't care.

All I thought about was getting as many people as I can who are alive, by my side, and sticking as many zombies in the eye-hole as I can.

By the end of the search, I still haven't found anyone alive, but I left six newly killed zombie corpes all over the different rooms. Two was huddle in the classroom of a former science teacher, who teached freshman, on anatomy, chewing on the head of the professor.

I almost laughed who I saw the sight.

Dark humor.

I mean, who wouldn't have laughed?

The two zombies turned their heads toward me, and I laughed again. This time, hysterically.

Then I ran.

Luckly, the two zombies were too focus on their meal to pay too much attention to me. After that, I decided to go back again. This time, I planned what I had to do before I did it.

First, I went into another room, without zombies, and grabbed a heavy textbook. Then I went back to the room with the two zombies in it, and waited patiently outside.

When I was sure that the two zombies' line of perspective didn't have me in it, I threw the textbook as hard as I can, aiming for the opposite windows.

Sure enough, my aim was true and the textbook hit the windows, glasses went flying. Three seconds later, there was a big PLOP! as the textbook hit the ground level.

I didn't wait the three seconds though. As soon as the zombies attention was turned to the sound of the explosion of the glasses, I sneaked over, as fast as I can, and did a - one stone with two birds. Basically, I skewered them both in the head, with one blow.

Now, you might not believe me. You might said that there are no way that you can stab through the hard skull of a person with just a metal ruler, much less than two.

But hey- guess what?

I didn't stabbed them through the skull with just my metal ruler.

I slipped it into my waistband before the attack, and instead, favored two metal pens. One in each fist.

While the zombies head was turned, I sneaked over, and stabbed them right through their eye-hole, straight into their brain, without even piercing the skulls at first.

In a different time, and maybe a different world, I might've bragged about how smart I was to have thought of that, but here, I'll just let that go for now. I mean, I might still brag about it. Just not here. Not now.

Anyway, I let go of the pens right after I stabbed them in. Of course, I had to make sure that it was deep enough, lest it doesn't pierce the brains, and then zombies will get to eat my brains.

I jumped back really quickly, and watched the zombies squirmed on the ground for a while. Then they slowly stopped moving.

I grinned slowly, and thought to myself. Well, I guess fighting isn't just about brawl, and strength. Tactics are really important too.

Then again, who would be thinking about tactics when they're being chased by a group of zombies that want to devour their brain?

Don't even talk about being chase by zombies. Who'd think about tactics even if they're not chase. What if they're just in a zombie apocalypes?

Surrre. Let's think about tactics. In a zombie apocalypes. Let's not think about-zzombies-I'm scare. I'm so scare. Where is everyone? Is that the sounds of a zombie scractching the door?

Hey, I'm scared too. You should know.

I found another one in a closet.

Well, no. I didn't found it in the closet.

I was attacked when I walked past the closet.

The zombie's hand just crashed right through the closet and almost punched me in the head.

Listening to my instinct, I jumped, rolled, and crouched, coming up with the ruler diagonally held in my hands, and slashed the air in front of me.

I didn't hit it, of course. But the act boosted my courage, and I stabbed the ruler straight into the closet, estimating where it's head might be, and felt the ruler connected with flesh, then sinked into flesh.

When I pulled it out, it was full of brains.

Now, the last three-

Well, you probably don't want to hear about the last three. It's not that they're any worse the the first two battles, but I think that two battles is enough for one day. You'd probably want the story to continue to something not related to zombie epic battles, right?

Okay, I'll grant your wish.

Anyway, so like I was saying. There was six zombies in the second floor, and I defeated all six of them. By the end of it, I was feeling pretty confident, and feeling like I might amount to a zombie-slayer in short time. Perhaps, I even get to be famous.

Um, infamous, if you're talking about the zombie's perspective toward me.


I lefted the corpes in their various spots, and decided to abandon the kitchen in search of kids like me.

In the staircase just before the second floor, and first floor, I stopped and sweared.

Should I leave the school in search of people?

Or should I stay here, to look for Lolli and Leo?

You tell me.

No, really.

You tell me.

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