"You know, it really is rude to burst into someone's home unannounced." The woman said, rolling her golden-bronze eyes.

"We have a warrant for your arrest." A very nervous looking giant of a policeman said, stepping forward.

"And this should worry me becauseā€¦?" She sat on her sofa and put lotion on her smooth legs, careful not to get any on her chenille robe. The policemen ogled her. The slight chill awakened them to the danger that they could be in. Immediately all the guns went up again. "Thought so." She stood slowly, her hands in the air.

"Don't move!" The timid giant said, his gun shaking in his hands.

"Or what?"

He cocked his gun. "Do you want to see?"

The woman frowned. "And I was just about to turn myself in." In just a few milliseconds, there was nothing left but lotion, a towel, and the citrus sweet smell of lemon lime shampoo.

The timid giant swore, knowing that he had royally screwed up. "Call it in!" He yelled to the even more anxious rookie next to him.

"Yessir!" The rookie yelled as he fumbled with his radio and gun. In his mind, all he could think was that this wasn't some magic trick.

This was reality.