Summary: Two sisters, and two brothers from two different families. Things could really go messy when the two pair of parents put their graying heads together and play matchmaker.

*** Chapter 2 ***

"Why, why?!" Kate's infuriated voice from the dining room greeted me as I woke up from my slumber.

I got dressed as slowly as I possible could to avoid having to be involved in another one of Kate's scene. Not being able to delay in longer, I made my way downstairs. Dressed casually in an oxford shirt, and denim shorts, I found my sister in a standoff contest with my parents.

"Morning," I said as I made my way to my seat. Immediately, a maid came up and poured steaming tea into my teacup.

Of course, being so into this scene, nobody took notice of me as I casually sip my tea, and began reading newspaper.

"Honey, now calm down. No need to make another scene," My mother pleaded.

"We are not transferring to another school. I've changed schools more than I've had boyfriends!"

I raised my eyebrow at that comment, but remained silent.

Kate wasn't finished her tirade; her face went whiter than the palest shade of pressed powder she owns. "And to a boarding school?! Why all of a sudden?"

I spilled some of my tea onto the saucer as the ground of her morning rage hit home.

"Wait. Why?" I interrupted suddenly.

Everyone stared at me. Possibly because they now realized I've been sitting there for a while unnoticed.

My mother set down her fork and eyed me warily.

Honestly, how come I'm always the one getting the "look"?

"For the very same reason we visited them." She said. "They're exceedingly handsome don't you think?"

"That's beyond the point," I narrowed my eyes dangerously, and stabbed at the carrot on my plate. My sister, who was quite literally inflated with rage, now seems to have calmed down a little as she realized that she's not alone in this argument.

"Where are we going anyway?" I asked moodily.

"We're transferring to the Capaduc Academy," Kate stated, clearly disgusted at the thought.

My brain scanned quickly for the name Capaduc Academy. And then it clicked.

I groaned. "No way!"

"Yes way. In fact, you'll be going in approximately 30 minutes. So finish up your breakfast, and go to school," my father interjected quickly before the two of us could protest.

Kate and I stared at each other, bracing ourselves for this cruel twist of fate.

Our previous meeting didn't go so well—if it weren't for dignity, we would've ripped each other's throats out.

Fortunately the dislike was mutual—it wasn't very difficult to conclude that these arrogant, pompous, narcissistic jerks to be jerks at all despite my mother's excuse that the boys were—ugh—exceedingly handsome.

The Hayes consisted of four family members: the father—who for the sake of not thinking of them we'll call Mr. Haye—their mother (And step-mother of the older son), Mrs. Haye. Their sons were Chris and Ryan—the eldest being the substitute director of the Capaduc Academy, which, unfortunately, they owned.

"Their parents are extremely enthusiastic about this transfer, so be nice about it alright?" My mother admonished as we finished up our breakfast.

I made a face. Kate swallowed her omelet with great difficulty. Begrudgingly, I made my way to the waiting black Mercedes and sat down next to my sister in the back seat.

"I don't believe this," I grumbled as I fastened my seatbelt.

I sighed dejectedly in my seat and cranked the volume on my iPod as loud as my ears could tolerate.

Before long we arrived at Capaduc Academy, a prestigious school for the intellectually gifted, and of course, the wealthy. As we arrived, a white Mercedes materialized, a great contrast to our black one. Most of the students had stopped and stared at the two cars. As my sister and I got out of the car, so did the passengers of the other car. We gave each other a disgusted look before finally walking into the building.

"This is what we transferred for?" Kate hissed at me as we walked towards the office with the sullen Hayes.

We reached the office, and the secretary handed our timetable most graciously, which could only mean two things: either she knows who we are, or the more likely reason—that we're with the sons of the director.

"Your father has requested that all four of you are placed in the same class," the secretary said meekly as she handed the Hayes their modified timetable.

"What?! What do you mean 'same class'?" Ryan exclaimed, quickly scanning his timetable.

"Exactly what she said you idiot. We. Have. Classes. Together," I said slowly, watching in amusement in how his face reddened with rage with every word.

"No way!" Kate said in disgust, glaring at Ryan.

"No way I'm sharing all my classes with these…these…" Ryan stammered.

"These what?" I challenged stepping forward.

"Don't make me hit you,"

"You're that arrogant? You think you can actually hit me?" I mocked, smirking as I saw rage fill his eyes.

"Don't. Make. Me. Hit. You," he gritted his teeth.

I laughed. Kate was looking both proud and disturbed at the turn of events. "I'd like to see your try,"

"Cecilia, you shouldn't!" My sister said as she grabbed my elbow.

"If you two wish to continue your immature conversation, you should take it outside," Chris said in his cold voice.

"Aww… now you're getting too serious. Hit a girl when a teacher can't see? Where's the fun in that?" I laughed.

A few people had stopped and began to stare at us.

Before long, a soft voice interrupted our argument.

"Hey guys!" A girl greeted amiably.

"Ryan what's wrong with you?" A boy next to her asked, looking at the red-cheeked Ryan in his red clothes, making him almost identical to Santa Claus.

"These… these… things are getting on my nerves,"

Kate and I gasped simultaneously. "Things?" Disbelief was evident in our voices.

"Now you've done it," Kate said as she stomped hard on Ryan's left foot.

He yelped in pain and disbelief as she made a mark on his Italian shoes. I could swear I saw a smile on Chris's face.

"Ignore him girls. I'm is Lauren, and this, this is James,"

Author's Note: So here's another chapter :D Hope you enjoy the longer chapter! This was written so long ago, but I'm so glad to get it up online at last! Enjoy!