Summary: Two sisters, and two brothers from two different families. Things could really go messy when the two pair of parents put their graying heads together and play matchmaker.

*** Chapter 3 ***

I dragged myself through the hallways of Capaduc Academy towards my first class. Already seated were Chris and his brother, Ryan. They barely acknowledged me as I entered the classroom, but I couldn't care less. I sat down dejectedly in my seat, trapped quite literally between Chris and Ryan. Flipping through tracks on my iPod, I noticed a sassy girl making her way towards Chris.

"Hey there," she said seductively, flipping her long black hair to the side.

He didn't even acknowledge her presence as he continued flipping through his book.

"Oh come on now, Chris, where's the love?"

Ryan and I snickered at the nickname earning the two of us a glare from the substitute director which could prove… well, not satisfying.

"Leave Bella," Chris commanded in a dangerous voice.

Most of the class has stopped whatever they were doing and began to stare.

She pouted, and began twirling her hair in front of him—must've taken quite some courage to do so.

The teacher who had entered the classroom earlier coughed loudly, and motioned for Bella to return to her seat.

"Alright. We will begin our term project today, and you will be working in partners," Mr. Todd, our business teacher, said to the class.

"I will be assigning partners, and I expect all of you to work cooperatively with each other as this mark is worth 20% of your overall marks,"

"So the partners will be…"

Author's Note: Gahhh! Sorry for the super short chapter! Tried to finish this within 3 hours with a massive writer's block! Won't disappoint on the next chapter! Promise :D