"You wanna know more, more, more about me, I'm the girl who's kicking the coke machine, I'm the girl that's honking at you cause I left late again…" –Skye Sweetnam, "Get Tangled Up In Me".


My name is Robin. Physical age: 23. Age I act: Really depends on who I'm around, what the situation is, and how much sugar is currently in my system. Typcial Aquarian, but far from what you'd expect out of most women my age.

To my co-workers, I am Bubbles, the disgustingly cheerful cashier who always—ALWAYS—wears a smile.

To my friends, I'm Rynne (that's pronounced wren, by the way), Robs, Robness, Robbles, Rob-chan, the one friend who always has an open heart, an open mind, a shoulder to cry on, a piece of advice they might find helpful, and serves as one hell of a partner in crime.

To a very special group of people I am known simply as Red, because of my hair, and my fiery attitude. No, you may not call me this unless you are Frodo, Dr. Evil, Uncle Joe, Scott, Adam, Chrissy Nikki, or Daisy.

I'm random, I'm moody, I'm messy, I'm constantly running late, and more often than not, I'd rather be writing than shopping/driving/working/sleeping/etc. I wear glasses not just because my eyesight sucks, but because I look like the highly intelligent creature that I am, and according to a couple of amazing guys I know? Smart girls are HOT. I would be classified as a mess in a dress, except for one small detail: I live in blue jeans. My iPod is an extension of my heart. At almost any given time on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday, I can be found slaving away for Satan (better known as Walmart). The other three days are spent attempting to relax and enjoy life.

Mostly I'm just still trying to figure out exactly who Robin is.

This is my pillow book. Starting today, you get a glimpse into the complicated psyche of yours truly. Better buckle up and hang on tight, because I can guarantee you that you're in for a wild ride.

Let's rock and roll, yeah?