I just remembered you the other day.

It came upon me out of the depths and fog of memory.

How long has it been?

10 whole years today- exactly.

I still remember that first night that I walked with you under the streetlights.

I remember it was a clear and crisp night- slightly chilly and bracing to the senses that were alight with being so close to you, your beauty, and your singular presence.

The power lines looked like rings on the planet Saturn; the stars winked at us from far above, hovering in the knowledge of what was to transpire.

Though I do not recall the words we exchanged, I do the feelings- so fragile that were connected with them.

I hoped so much that you would reciprocate my hopes.

And when under that tree aglow in the streetlamp, we kissed for the first time, it was as if time stood still and everything was magnified in it's own magnificence.

Though we've been separated from that instance by time and circumstance, I know that we are connected still.

Thought I do not know where you are and I am married now with a beautiful child born to my wife and I- you are still a part of me.

Always will I hold you in my memory's eye. A perfect picture of what it meant to be young and in love; equally remembered and forgotten within my heart's ocean.

© S. I. Mette