"He wasn't kidding when he said I'd have trouble walking…"

Tina winced with each step she took, walking carefully around the apartment she now shared with her husband, attempting to tidy up from earlier. It never failed, on the day he left, he ALWAYS forgot something, and he ALWAYS tore the apartment to shreds looking for it, until he found it, normally right under his nose.

The night before had been a typical one, as far as typical went for a set of newlyweds. The damage was her own fault really, and she knew this. After all, she'd been the one who had called him up at lunchtime while he was out running errands to give him something to look forward to. It wasn't her fault, however, that he'd insisted on calling back every ten minutes or so, begging for hints, and threatening her with the sweetest and most irresistible punishments he could come up with, when she gave him nothing to go on.

"You tempestuous little vixen, you aren't gonna be walking for six weeks! And your thighs are gonna be one solid bruise when I get done with you! It's not nice to tease, and when I get home, you'd better pay up!"

"He should know by now that I never tease without delivering…" she murmured to herself, smirking in memory.

The smirk was short lived however, and she gritted her teeth in agony as she slowly made her way to the bathroom.

"If I piss myself because of this, I'm going celibate for a week." She thought.

Fortunately for Patrick, she made it there without having an accident. It was when she stood to button her jeans, however, that she noticed something. Sure enough, just as the redheaded man had promised the night before, her inner thighs were one solid bruise.

"…Looks like he doesn't tease without delivering, either."