Calloused pads grazed against the aurulent casing, as if to seduce its inner demon. Rotating it in his finger tips, watching the glints from the corner lamp reflecting on those around him, he cracked a sick smile. My beauty, he sang in his thoughts as he watched its spirit dance, do my biding.

His fingers danced over the smooth, faultless exterior. His eyes widened and shone as he memorised the majestic curve of its bodice and the tapered, pointed tip. Letting the top of his tongue skim over his split bottom lip, he slid the beauty into its home and let the wheel spin as he sucked in a deep breath of fresh gunpowder.

The groan of the wheel echoed in the eerie, decrepit room. The six bodies left surrounding him stiffened in their cold, rigid pine chairs, a pool of blood ebbing at their mud-coated feet. None breathed as the wheel stopped, clicking into place, calling a soul to judgement day.

His dark eyes darted from body to body, sending shivers down the spins of the shadows before him. The tip of his dull pink tongue danced over his lips as he imagined one more lifeless, bloodied carcass crashing to the floor.

With dark eyes that dragged across the room, watching each body with some intensity very few possessed, his demonic voice resonated throughout the shrieking and sinister shack they sat in.

"We dance with the devil tonight."

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