Truth is open to perception,
Reality is the individual.
No one knows the true path,
yet we all believe we know.

Our time here is short,
yet it seems to take an eternity.
To make it time well spent,
is either enlightened or naive.

Love, hate, passion,
we succumb to the burden of emotion.
Our species at the mercy of which,
but never to understand.

We all sit here wondering alike,
what shall the future bring us.
Little realise the truth,
we are here to mealy exist.

Burdon with a conscious awareness,
a realisation complicated with emotion.
We tend to forget life's importance,
all we have to hold is hope.

We try to hold onto what we can't,
and forgo what we should hold onto.
To believe we are our own priority,
you can only compare with what your used to.