i find that i am afraid of the stygian rain
that cradles the drowsy stars tacked onto the sky
with snowflake obsidian hands my eyes carve from passing comets-
afraid of the way the water soaks through
the porous night and permeates my dreams, curling
around the moon in quicksilver rivers
like God is weeping for the sun
as it plummets past the horizon and into
fractured constellations, where the planets
diverge from each other at the cusp of the universe
and fight against the gravity that pushes them down
into their bones.

i am afraid because the whole world stops spinning for a timeless moment
and its fingers tremble as they slip a blanket of droplets onto the ravaged skin of land and sea
to hide its ugliness from the rest of the galaxy
and when everything comes together beneath the damask of celestial tears
i feel incomplete