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I went to my bathroom, barely half awake. (Thank you to who ever built this house that the put a bathroom in each house) I closed the clog thing in the sink and turned on the cold water. I put my hair up in a bun and waited….and dunked my head in the water. I shot right back up.

"Uh." I shivered. As much as that worked I still hated it. I got the water put it in the back of my neck, the small of my back, and the hollow of my throat. . I stretched, pulling all my muscles so I didn't feel like I was still asleep. Now I was awake

I went back into my room and stripped. I put on my underwear, and put on my dress.

"Where is that jacket?" I asked looking through my closet. "OH! There you are."

I said putting it on. "Okay now…" I thought. "My boots…No, my socks. Where are my socks?"

"Hurry up, Thal. It's six forty!" yelled Laura.

I looked through my underwear drawer.

Oh spots or strips?

"Thalia, hurry up!" yelled Kie-lee. "It's six forty-five."


"Now where's my BOOTS!"

I got them and sat on my bed forcing my foot down a leather boot. For a second I looked up through the window to Danny's house.

I saw someone, gapping. Caught. Shocked. And gapping…at me!

Only a tree branch obstructed the view, but only a little bit.

I knew who it was even before I took in his perverted brown hair, amazing "seen too much" bright blue eyes, and his disgustingly hot abs! What a-a son of a female dog!

I could feel my face getting red and hot.

"Danny." I said through clenched teeth.

He got his shirt and ran out of the room.

I screamed at the top of my lungs, kicking the side of my bed with all my strength.

"Ow." I cursed.

I put my other boot on as fast as I could.

"Thalia!" yelled Aunt Laura. "What's wrong?"

"Oh nothing." I yelled quickly. "I just saw a rat."

I went to my vanity and started putting on black eye shadow as fast as I could. I put on my pink lip gloss, eye liner, mascara, and pink blush on my cheeks. I tried to stay as calm as I could so I wouldn't mess up my face, but my hands were still shaking though.

"A rat!" yelled Aunt Laura.

"Yes a nasty white rat." I yelled putting my netted black gloves and cross. Then I got my book bag and pocket book.

"Eww." I heard Kie and June say.

I looked at my clock. Six forty seven.

"Early bird gets the worm." I said, running out of my room, only being stopped by Laura.

"In here?" asked Laura, looking into my room.

"No, I saw it in the Barriers house. Sorry to worry you but it caught me off guard." I said.

"Okay." She sighed with relief and took me in. She gasped. "What are you wearing?!" she asked.

I ran down the stairs out of the door. "CLOTHES!" I yelled behind.

He was in the black Nissan. I walked to the passenger side and slid in. "How much did you see?" I asked, looking strait in to his eyes.

He looked at my chest, then back at my face.

I could feel myself get hot.

"Everything." He said, smiling.

My fist clenched going into my skin. "Why?"

"I was getting dressed and I saw you. I'm sorry. I couldn't stop my self."

"Tell no one what happen or I will seriously hurt you, okay?"

"Okay." Then his smile got wider, his eyes got darker and his skin was lighter. Purple formed under his eyes. His smile was cocky. "You know you look really sexy like that."

I frowned. "Excuse me?"

He put his hand on my knee, he was really cold.

"What the hell are you doing?" I yelled, going for the door, it locked.

I looked nervously around.

"Your afraid." He said kissing my neck. I shuttered in discuss something; I'm not sure what; was wrong with him.

"Get away."

"You think I'm hot too. You like me this way, dangerous. You liked that I watched you. I watched you take that lacey bra off. I saw everything, every curve of your body. I wanted to touch you, hold you, and have you. You're afraid because you liked that I watched and you're angry because you like it. Guess what, Thalia… dear, I loved watching."

"Take your hand off of me!" I yelled.

I got his hand and tried to take it off. It wouldn't bulge. He slid his hand up my thigh into my dress. I slapped him as hard as I could. My hand throbbed and he didn't even flinch. He squeezed my thigh hard, I was sure he left a bruise. I looked at his face.

He reminded me of my dream. Those black eyes and that pale skin.

"Danny?" I whispered.

The thing in front of me shook his head.


It shook its head again.

"Worst." It said and came at me.

I ducked and screamed.

"Thalia? Thalia?! What's wrong? What happened? I'm sorry! I am so sorry. I blacked out. I black out sometimes, I can't help it. Wha- what did I do?"

I opened my eyes.

Danny looked normal. Bright blue eyes and brown hair and peachy skin and…and…NORMAL- I've never been so grateful for normal in my life.


"What did I do?" he asked in a whisper.


"What did I do?" he said again, quiet and scared.

"Ta-ta-take your hand off of me, please." I said.

He looked at his hand and took it off of me.

"I'm sorry, Thalia. I really am. But I don't know what happened. Can you tell me? Please. They're blackouts I get every now and then but I never get them in front of people really. I'm sorry. The last thing I remember was looking out my window and I saw you….. I ran out to the car then…nothing. Then you were screaming and I was holding your thigh and…and- I'm so sorry. I really am, honest."

"THALIA!" Kie-lee yelled from the front door. "Why didn't wait for us, dang it?!"

"We'll talk later." I whispered, getting out. "Sorry, that rat freaked me out! I was asking Danny here if he had rats. He said no so I guess it's just a stray." I shrugged, getting my purse and book bag, going into the back seat.

"I'm sorry, Thalia." He whispered before Kie-lee came beside him.

June laughed as she got in next to me and whispered, "Kie likes Danny and thinks you do too. She was getting ready to start putting your head in the toilet."

I smiled. "Great, well let's go."

"So?" asked Kie-lee. "How's the school?"

"It's nice. One of the youngest school's in the county, ten years old now. We have some really nice teachers no joke but that doesn't mean they don't give homework or anything. We have some of the greatest test scores in the state. Our athletics department is unbeatable in everything, football, soccer, golf, and etcetera. Chorus and band is 1st in the state. And the drama department! Amazing, their like professionals, some of the alumni are movie stars now. Our school is the best of the best, but you know it is with the-" he stopped himself. "the lunch. Lunch sucks, don't eat the corn dogs."

"Lunch?" I asked.

"Yeah, it's like the lunch lady's got it from the trash. Oh, they're scary, too. The lunch ladies, nasty. Nasty, nasty, nasty." He said, but to me he seemed to be lying. Well, no not lying but frosting the truth.

"Okay." I said.

June looked at me. "Why did you steal my look? She said, smiling.

"This is tradition I may now be in Maine anymore, but I hold on to tradition."

"I'm rubbing off on you, aren't I? That's great. Here hold this." She said, making me hold her mirror.

That's when I noticed what she was wearing. Black shorts and a black tank top, with a see through red flowy shirt. Her shoes were black leather to the knee, like mine, but with more of a heal.

"Why didn't you do this at home?" I asked as she did her make up.

"Because my mom would freak. I was going for 'sinful nature' and well sinful nature isn't moms taste for her daughter. I didn't want to get crap from her."

She put on some blood red lip stick, black eyeliner, and smoky red eye shadow.

"So?" she asked when she was done. "How do I look?"

"Like… sinful nature." I said.

"You guy's are freaks." said Kie-lee.

"Whatever, Goldie." said June.

I looked at her. Yeah, she looked like a piece of gold. Her hair was in golden curls, her lips pinkish gold and her eyes were surrounded by gold and black eye shadow. (with her long eyelashes she didn't need mascara) Her shirt was gold and beaded, with a dark brown jacket and skinny jeans. (I'm guessing she was wearing flats she always does)

"'Kay sinful nature." Kie-lee said laughing.

June joined in and I could see Danny shaking his head but still smiling.

"You know I wanted to keep this a secret but I can't help it. Its spirit week and today's camo day. You guys are going to stick out like a sore thumb.

"You see, only rednecks have a camo day." said June.

He smiled.

"But you now dressed." said Kie-lee.

"Like I told you before I was trying to surprise you. All I have is a jacket in the trunk though."

That's when I noticed we were in the parking lot full of kids in camo.

These kids sure do have school spirit.

Danny was having trouble opening the trunk of the car so we had to wait for him. Kids stared at us with open curiosity. Some girls even looked at us with jealousy while some guys looked at us with desire. Some kids in general looked at me like I was a freak. And others didn't look but took the liberty to slap our butt. I almost punched him in the face. But I settled for slapping the guys arm.

"Feisty." He growled, laughing.

I knew June and Kie-lees butts were probably aching with ass slaps. They looked pretty pissed off about that, too. Don't they know about respect?

"Come on." said Danny finally. "I want you to meet some of my friends."

We followed him to a side door.

As soon as we were in side I felt wrong, cold, and I was overwhelmed by anger and sadness. My stomach twisted. I was cold even with my jacket.

"Don't they have a heater in here?" I asked.

"What are you complaining about?" asked Kie-lee. "The temperature is just fine."

"Yeah, and I'm wearing shorts." said June.

Danny said nothing but looked at me sadly.

In the end of the hallway was the lobby where circles of people just talked, socializing. I lobby looked familiar to me. I knew that on the other side where the outside doors were to the left was the office and the right was the cafeteria. In the cafeteria were circular tables and on each side of the cafeteria were big screen televisions.

"Thalia?" asked Danny. He looked like he had been calling me for a while. June and Kie were staring at me.

"Yeah?" I asked.

"Come on." He said. Leading us to a group.

"DANNY BOY!" yelled a blond girl running to him and hugging him.

"Wow, Dixie, thanks for the warm welcome."

Dixie giggled getting off of him. Her eyes were blue and her skin was a ivory white with a few red spots here and there but she was still pretty. She had a wide clean smile with dimples. She fell back beside of a girl with the same face but different coloring. The girl was tan, a little bit lighter then Kie-lee, her hair was light brown and her eyes were hazel.

"Well, well, well, who are these fine girls?" asked a boy with black hair, he was tan and had grayish blue eyes.

"This is June, Kie-lee, and Thalia. June, Kie-lee, and Thalia this is Axel." He said pointing to the grayish blue eyed boy. Then pointing to the girl with the different coloring he said, "This is Trixie, and of course Dixie. This is Lander." He pointed to a bad boy looking guy with dark brown hair and green eyes. His face was painted green, brown, and black.

"I don't usually get that into sprite week but I lost a bet."

That made us smile.

"This is Reese." Danny said pointing to a girl with radish brown hair and brown eyes.

"Hey." She said.

"And this is Zaver." He said pointing to a-a oh my gosh.

His hair was ash blond, and looked purposely messy that made him look rigged. He was tall, lean but with a tad bit of muscle. His skin was flawlessly peach and his eye! Oh my gosh his eyes! They kept changing blue, purple, gray, brown, and green. I almost lost my breath. He was beyond sexy! Just beyond!

"Hey." He said.

"Hey." We said, dreamily.

"Well, come on." said Danny. "We have to go get your schedules."

Then with pain we looked away from Zaver and left.