Experiment House

- Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end

It was a seemingly ordinary house, with seemingly ordinary people in the middle of a seemingly ordinary forest. The only oddity was the boy that constantly stalked the house. The other oddity was, of course, the fact that the house seemed to have a never-ending amount of bodies with which they chucked away, deep into the heart of the forest. That, however, was done discreetly; this boy was anything but. He had bandages wrapped over his eyes, tied into a loose knot at the end. The extra bit of it flapped in the wind as he did his stake-out of the house, perched precariously on the hill that covered the house from view of the forest. The trees seemed to wrap around him almost lovingly, shielding him from view of the house; but not as much as he'd like.

"He's here." A voice drawled lazily, pointing to the small red dot on the heat sensor. Footsteps shuffled as a large, bulky figure walked over to further inspect it. He gave a grunt of displeasure to his comrade, a petite girl.

"When isn't he here?" He gave a nod of his head to trees on the hill.

"We have to quickly dispose of Kyreine." The girl murmured quietly, nudging the bundle which lay at her feet. "Such a pity. We had hopes for this one." She glanced up to peer at the trees which dotted the hill. "You think he'll be trouble?"

"He's been quiet the last five hundred bodies, what makes you think he'll act out now?"

She shrugged her delicate shoulders, making a face. "Let's get it over with, then. Before the stench comes." She wrinkled her nose.

The figure nodded and easily slung the bundle over his shoulders, kicking the wall next to them, which swung out to a form a door, neatly blended in with both the exterior and interior walls of the Experiment House.

The sudden movement of the door creaking open seemed to jolt the boy to attention. He waddled closer to the perimeter which made up the ring of trees, a hint of a smile playing on his lips as he heard the whoosh and subsequent thud of a yet another seemingly dead body being chucked aside. The smile finally made it's prominence on his face as he dusted himself quickly before getting up.
Because in this world, nothing ever quite appeared as it seemed.