In a society where having fourteen kids and surviving on welfare was acceptable, Eden Beasely literally seemed like the purest of the land. She was one of the few girls at her school, if not the county, that was still virgin. This is probably why she has a short temper.

"Excuse me, sir." she politely said, trying to get by a rather obesse man blocking the isle of ice cream. People were behind Eden, wanting to also get by but afraid to confront the man.

Instead the middle-aged man looked at her, snickered, and turned back around.

"Sir, excuse me, please." She said, a little more loudly but still as polite as possible.

He whispered something under his breath and rolled his eyes before turning his back a second time.

" ...Sir." She said. Though it was still polite, it was also behind gritted teeth.

This time he refused to acknowledge her existence at all.

She fixed her hands into fists, and with a loud, booming voice that turned many heads, she shouted, "GET THE FUCK OUT OF THE WAY!"

He nearly stumbled as he pushed his cart to the side and made room for others to enter the isle.

He had a mixed expression of confusion and fear as Eden apologetically smiled and sweetly thanked him.