Get With the Times

My values are not the same as yours,

For this you look down on me.

You keep telling me this one phrase I hate to hear,

You tell me I need to get with the times.

You think I'm unenlightened, intolerant.

You look down on me for my traditional views.

You ask me to tolerate you, yet you don't tolerate me.

I'll tolerate you if you tolerate me.

The problem is I don't see you tolerating me.

Intolerant, right.

Motherfucker, you're the intolerant one.

I'm old school; do you have a problem with that?

Get with the times, huh?

You think your ways are so modern and mine so outdated?

Well, it only makes sense to me that what was right then is right now.

What's right never changes.

Besides, your thoughts and philosophies aren't so new.

They've got new packaging, maybe, but people have said the same bullshit you're saying now for a long, long fucking time.

Get with the times. Yeah, right.

You try to shove "new" ideas down my throat, but I think these ideas are wrong.

Yeah, you heard me. I said your ideas are wrong.

I know, your "modern" philosophy says it's not right to say that.

Everyone is right, except for people who don't respect other points of view.

What a load of shit. No idea can be right unless opposing ideas are wrong.

This is self-evident to everyone who has a brain,

So either you don't have one, or, most likely, you don't use it.

I don't like violence, but it gets harder and harder not to break your fucking teeth out every time you say

That I need to get with the times.