The DFA was founded in 2005 however the friendship started in 1995 or 6 by Sam and Jaden when Sam was pushed off the swing in Kintergarden by a boy and Jaden punched the boy in the face. Jaden met Corey in 2003, Dan in 2004, and Reid in 2005. The DFA song "Headn' for the Donut Shop" was made in 2004 in a choir class called Truely Treble consisting of Jaden, Danny, Sam, and Corey.


DFA is a group specifically created for us ole' girlfriends, the rules consisting of always attending a DFA meeting within every twelve months or so. This way our friendship never ends.


Reid Simpson is shy, and cat-like, but is so very much boy crazy. She lusts after guys, purring her way into their hearts, and it doesn't take long for them to be blinded by her seductive charm. She has hazel green eyes, unlike the rest of her brown-eyed family, and she has wavy brownish -redish in tint- hair. She's in love with her childhood friend but their relationship is complicated, her love is currently dating a girl who he really doesn't care for like Reid but his family is keeping him and the other girl together. The only way he can release himself is by speaking to Reid. Reid loves him and wonders how someone she can love so much can bring her so much pain. When Reid's free, she hangs out with members, usuallu Jaden or Corey, of the DFA, usually shopping at Victoria Secret, conversating at Starbucks, going out to the movies, or clubbing. She loves to dance with her girls. Reid Simpson is the president of the DFA.

Type: Feminist, also flirty chick

Hair: Brownish reddish, mid-length wavy. Corey says she should get a wavy blonde that one would see at the beach. Reid says no. Corey types yes. ;]

eyes: Hazel green. Cat-like. Wears odd-colored eyeshadow such as dark green or neon pink.


Usually preoccupied with her books, not much is known about Danielle except that she's a quiet rich girl that heir to her family's fortune. Thing is, she doesn't want to be. Instead she wants t obe a nurse, and she's going to college with the DFA to be one once they convinced her to follow her dreams back in eight grade. Instead the family's corprate empire will be inhereted to the less unfortunate member of the family, the just-high school-graduate and two years older than Danielle, the infamous Cyd Hathaway. Danielle is a wisecrack once you get to know her, but that's if she's not telling you how wonderful the current book she's reading is. Dan's never had her first kiss and choses to keep it that way until she finds her soulmate, where she will then marry him and give her first kiss to him on their wedding day. And that's if you're lucky to bump into her, she's usually studying her academics.

Type: Studious, city girl

Hair: Straight, long, convinciggly blackish brown. Corey is convinced it's black. So it shall. :)

Eyes: Blackish brown. Oriental. (Olive skin.)


Jaden has shoulder-length pink hair, and dyes her hair every month so the color changes. Pink just happens to be the color most of the time. She loves horses, mostly because she has one. She owns a bay Morgan mustang gelding that she can't tame, so she has to sell it [or sold it.] His nickname is Fudge. Jaden hates her parents, really really HATES her overbearing parents that give her a curfew like she's still twelve. She can't wait until she quits her job at Publix, which she doesn't hate as much as she hates her parents, who, by the way, put her $300 black lab she paid herself on Ebay for free. She doesn't really care about studying, heck she doesn't even study, and every chance she gets for free time she wants to spend it with her friends. She can't save money to save her life, almost always penniless with just enough for gas money. If it wasn't for her, the DFA would've ended when most of the DFA graduated high school. She single handedly saved the DFA.

Type: Country girl

Hair: Straight shoulder/waiste-length pink, for now.

Eyes: Blue, doe-like. Jaden has so many freckles that she's afraid to get a tattoo because people will play like it's tic-tac-toe.


She works at the local arcade, most of the time topping her own scores on the old arcade machines. She masters Space Invaders and her favorites were Donkey Kong and Frogger until they were replaced with street fighting games. She doesn't like Pacman, though she's number one on the winner's list in that game, too. She acts a bit careless and doesn't really care much about guys but knows how to win their hearts when she wants something or is bored. She constantly fights with Jaden Meitzer abotu EVERYTHING it's a wonder why they're friends but that's the thing: they've been so close for so long, they're like siblings. Corey usually has a cool exterior. Usually. She's frugal with money and saves every penny possible, so far racking up $4500 in savings every six months. Her goal is to make enough to buy property because land is always an investment and Corey thinks ten years ahead. Along with Jaden, they make up for the DFA transportation.

Type: One of the guys, video game geek

Hair: Wavy, blondish brown mid-length. She has bangs.

Eyes: Dark brown. She loves black eyeliner and shadow.


The only member of the DFA with status points enough to use her own last name for her pseudo name, Sam Strealy is the creator of the DFA. Her grandmother is full blood Japanese and everytime she comes to visit Sam, so do the girls because her grandmother brings awesome gifts from yummy candy to plush toys to high tech stuff that America won't see for a couple more years. Sam is very quiet, and shy, and determined, and slightly impatient. She's wise, but even though she seems innocent, she knows how to please a guy, though she doesn't talk about her love life too openly like the other members because she cares for her family dignity. She lives in a big two story house deep in the woods with her family and dogs, so her life is almost like a secret. She lives in a pretty awesome house!

Type: Wise beyond her years, sporty

Hair: Straight, brown, shoulder-length.

Eyes: Light brown, golden. She is so pretty!


Tim/Timmy is Jaden and Corey's childhood friend that moved a while back. He is the guardian of the DFA, when or if he's around. Chester is Corey's younger brother by two years, he's bi, admits it all the time for no reason, and loves to pick on the DFA. He's also a guardian, when we pay him enough to fight a guy for us. Or just shout from a distance, that's worth twenty bucks. Cyd is the older brother of Danielle, by two years, and he's always been the outcast. He is a good guy though, and a gentleman. Now that he knows he must inherit the family business, he's cleaned himself up and ready to take on the family name. He's the plan B for the DFA if our college years don't work out and we have no money.