One Time Sleepover

Jaden picked Corey and Reid up from Reid's house and the three went to Danny's house. Seems pretty routine, but the five haven't gotten together in over a year. This will be the first sleep over party they've had since high school. Jaden was driving a red Chevy sedan and there was plenty of leg room to stuff their bookbags into. Jaden was playing some hip-hop that both her and Reid were singing to. Corey complained the whole way that the song was an example of normalizing drugs. Reid and Jaden started arguing about which drugs should become legal, missing the entire point in Corey's statement.

Once they entered Danny's community, they searched through the perfectly same houses to find Danny's.

"Even the trees in the yards are trimmed the same." Jaden said, "We're going to end up in a a stranger's driveway again."

"AHHH!" Corey screamed from the front passenger's seat.

"OH SHIT FUCK JESUS FUCK!" Jaden said, slamming on the brakes and looking around.

Corey smiled, "Kidding."

"I'M GOING TO FUCKING KILL YOU!" Jaden screamed. Corey and Reid laughed at her rage. "DON'T EVER DO THAT TO ME AGAIN!"

"I couldn't resist." Corey said, clenching her stomach from all the laughter.

Jaden clenched her teeth, "Next time you drive."

Danny Hathaway was waiting outside with Sam Strealey and Cyd Hathaway. Jaden parked in the driveway and gave Danny a hug.

"Thank you so much for having a DFA get together-"

"-Which I arranged." Reid said, pointing out her leader status.

"-Which Reid arranged." Jaden said. "She also arranged that stick up her ass."

"Suck it, Jaden."

"Clean it first."

"Hey, hey," Sam said, moving between Jaden and Reid, "This is the first time we've all been together in a long time. With Dan and I being college hermits and you and Reid working and Corey going volunteering at schools and telling children Santa Clause died hundreds of years ago-"

Corey piped in, "But it's true!-"

"-We've never really had time to spend a day together. All of us. Friends who are supposed to be friends forever." Sam dropped her hands. "I don't know anyone else I feel so safe with besides you guys and my family. I need you four."

"And Cyd." said Cyd

Sam smiled, "Of course I need you too, Cyd. All of us do."

Reid turned to Jaden, "Sam's right. I'm sorry."

"I'm sorry too." Jaden said

"I think we should all go inside now," Danielle said, "I have the new Walking Dead and Sailor Moon shows saved on my TV. We can watch it."

"Also, there's this show called Bob's Burgers that's okay." Cyd said

Corey nodded, "I haven't seen the last few episodes of Walking Dead, but I'll give Bob's Burgers a try."

Reid grabbed her bookbag, "Can we go into the pool?"

Danny nodded, "I also have pizza."

"Pizza!" Corey and Jaden shouted in unison, running into Danny's house followed by Cyd.

"Leave some of the sausage and pepperoni for me! Hey!" Cyd shouted after them.

Danny and Sam sighed.

"Can't live with them." Danny said, rubbing her forehead.

Sam patted Dan's shoulder, "And can't live without them."

"No, I can live without them." Dan said quite seriously.

Sam laughed, "Not until you move to New York." Dan's forehead wrinkled.

"I don't know if I can tell them." Dan said

Sam shook her head, "You arranged this get-together for that very purpose. You have to tell them today or they will never forgive you. They'll understand if you simply tell them you're going up there to spend more time with your mother."

"I hope they're as understanding as you." Dan said

Sam smiled, "Maybe we should bring out the chocolate cake I bought sooner than I thought."