ONE-SHOT: Good Things Happen to People Who Wait

Summary: I could feel the jealous glares of every man in the room. Everyone wanted to dance with you, but I'm not letting you go just yet

"Luke, why are we here?" questioned his best friend, Serenity.

"Shhh," he hushed. He held her hand, leading her to a clearing in the forest.

"Lucas McKenzie! You better tell me exactly what we're doing in a forest so early in the morning!" Serenity hissed.

"Close your eyes Serenity," Lucas instructed, his patience never faltering when it comes to his hot-headed, stubborn best friend.


"Just do it ,"

Serenity did what she was told and close her eyes.

"Okay. Now imagine. We're at a ball, the orange and yellow light reflected off the shiny black and white marble floor. The music—the music was soft and gentle, it was Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker Suite,"

With his hand still holding hers, Lucas pulled her closer to his chest as he hummed the music softly in her ears.

"Then there you were. You were in a light pink dress; around your waist was a beautiful satin sash, and it made you look every inch of a princess. Your smile lit up the ballroom—it was brighter than the lights themselves—"

"And there you were. You walked towards me in a suit, just like every other man in the room. Your coat was long, reaching to your knees, and your perfectly ironed, white shirt was tucked perfectly into your black pants. You stood out like a pin in a haystack with your 6"1 figure, your messy black hair that always seemed to defy gravity. But it was your dark brown eyes that captivated me. They were never left mine as I kept you within my sight," I continued softly.

"'Evening miss,' I bowed to you, extending my hands. 'Care for a dance?'"

Lucas wrapped his arms around Serenity as he started dancing gracefully in the forest.

"We danced. 'You smell like the forest,' I commented. 'No… it's like a mix of woods and oak—calming, and earthy.' Your charming good looks caught the eyes of many girls in the room," Serenity said.

"I could feel the jealous glares of every man in the room. Everyone wanted to dance with you, but I'm not letting you go just yet,"

Serenity smiled at this, burying her head to his chest.

"Then another man approached us. It was your brother. He pulled you away, but before you left, I whispered in your ears, 'Wait for me. I promise I'll marry you,' I slipped a ring in to your finger as your brother pulled you away from my grasp,"

Serenity opened her eyes when she felt something cold and metallic slipped into her palm. She pulled away, and looked at the object. She was stunned—there was a simple, yet elegant platinum coated ring, with a large ruby encircled by tiny diamonds.

"Lucas?" Serenity asked hesitantly. She stepped backwards to get a better view of his face. "W-what?"

"You don't have to marry me yet—just be mine,"

"Say it," she demanded.

Lucas grinned. "I love you. I always have, and always will,"

She smiled and kissed his cheek. "I love you too Lucas. And yess, I'll be yours, AND marry you…in a couple of years,"

His grin grew wider as he twirled around with her in his arms. Her soft laughter echoed in the empty woods. It was like music to his ears.

"I can wait. After all, good things happen to people who wait,"

- The End -