Stars shine; wind blows...

The moonlight kisses the top of the hill, like a mother laying her child down to sleep.

On this night, however, there is a child without a mother.

An icicle on a nearby tree glows. The child shivers, but tries to stay still. She watches the flickering lights in the sky.

A bitter gust whips snow from the tree; moonlit dust blends with the blanket resting across the lonely foothills for miles. Distant mountains loom over the frozen hills, like stone statues standing to guard a beautiful monument.

The child whispers a few mystical words, and her eyes flash with a powerful light. She rises into the air, with her arms spread wide, and floats in the winter winds that begin to swirl the icy dust around her.

As the snow settles, a beautiful woman appears, in an ornate dress that glimmers with blue and white. Her blue eyes sparkle like the frozen icicle in the moonlight. Her hair shimmers like the crystalline white ice from which her clothes were crafted.

And as suddenly as she transformed, she disappears; and that is the last I will ever see of her.