As I walked in my artificial human body down the rain-soaked streets of the ghetto of the Earth city, I contemplated how I, one Baroquoi in a stolen space ship light years from his world in a body not even his own could fight off the invading Tabluk without the support of his people, people who were outnumbered and outgunned by the violent race that was considering this very planet for invasion.

I once again realize how hopeless my cause is. At one point I had thought that I would simply warn the authorities on Earth and then the military would fight off the invasion, but after I had synthesized a human body with equipment aboard the ship and transferred my consciousness into it, I arrived on Earth to find a populace skeptical of the very existence of life outside its own planet. I didn't have a ship to show them. Mine had crashed and exploded due to a malfunction and all technology and my Baroquoi body had been destroyed inside. Effectively, I was stuck in this body on this planet, with nothing to prove I wasn't from here.

Besides, their technology was so primitive that these humans couldn't fight off the Tabluk invasion if they wanted to. A stick poses no threat to steel armor; similarly a bullet poses no threat to a starship's standard particle shielding. I have been here a month already, and I have made no progress. No doubt the Tabluk invasion fleet is in hyperspace already, halfway here.

I notice a wall that has words spray-painted onto it. Fuck niggers, it reads. What fools these humans are. They face impending danger from a race that has already battled many species to extinction, and they are consumed with squabbles amongst themselves. When I studied human history before coming, I was appalled by the amount of violence this simple, primitive species has committed. Histories were written in ink, then in pixels when computers were invented, but human history was written in blood.

Even the Tabluk have not fought as many senseless wars as these humans. I cannot conceive of how the human race has survived to the present day, especially when I learned these barbarians were armed with nuclear weapons. How these creatures managed to go for sixty years without destroying themselves is beyond me.

Sometimes I wonder if I even should defend humans. If they ever make it to the stars, they could be a danger as bad as the Tabluk are. They've already shown themselves to look down on other humans for something as basic as different color of skin. How much less sympathy will these bastards have for a creature whose anatomy contains nothing they would recognize as skin? Oh well. I stole a ship and made a synthetic body without the sanctification of the Council, breaking Baroquoi law in the process, and ran away from home to help these creatures. I face a death penalty if I return to the home world. There is nowhere else for me to go, so I guess I'm committed now. Besides that, I'm trapped on this planet and in this body. I suppose I am human now, so I must defend my own people, no matter how unworthy they are.