So this is a follow up for Twins to the end. I hadn't thought about it for a while but then I decided I wanted a happy ending for Angela cause I started to feel bad for my own character. Then the plot came in my head and so I actually got off my lazy butt and wrote it. So this takes place 3 years after Twins to the End and Amy, Angela and Jeremy are in collage. You don't really have to read Twins to the end though it makes more sense when you do.


I wonder how long it's been.

Let's see Amy will be celebrating her 3rd year of being a couple with Jeremy while I'll spend my 3rd year wallowing in my own sorrows. If it was about getting a boyfriend that becomes no problem at all in collage. They don't really look for much when looking for a girl. If anything I think the maturity level of boys sinks to an all time low in collage and never quiet reaches that of a woman's when all the growing is said and done.

But then again, I could be bias being a woman and all. And still a feminist. If it weren't for their anniversary I wouldn't be wallowing and reflecting in self pity in the rain. Of course my mind would return to them. Well I got the congrats over with but God, a sign of what to do would be nice. It doesn't help that Jeremy's majoring in biology as well. At the same collage. Going to the same collage because I'm attending said collage. Well I know, it's because Amy is attending collage here to become an English major however Amy choose this collage because I'm here so inadvertently Jeremy choose this collage because of me. Man I'm still long winded when I'm depressed. Talking to myself. Is my future bleak or what.

I know you're just laughing up there because of how low I've sunk. Mom used to say it rained because Angels were crying. If we were good the angels would stop crying and so the rain would stop. I'm not being good right now. I'm ignoring my twin, the person I've literally been with my whole life. All because of one boy. Thanks for making it rain today. It helps me think that I'm not the only one crying.

"Where the hell have you been. You look like a drowned rat."

"And you look like a fat rat. Why are you at my house and eating my food, Zack? Last I checked you didn't have a key and I kicked you out this morning for breaking in and sleeping on our couch."

"Some one's pissed off. Ally let me in, the gentle soul that she is. Unlike your charming self. But seriously why the soaked cloths. You might make me catch a cold if you stand too near."

Just before replying Ally walked in. I met Ally my freshman year and we instantly clicked. Sadly I also met Zack. Grudgingly we also clicked. So we became a trio. Ally and I bought a cheap apartment like house that we split the prices on. Zack became a frequent visitor/ roommate when kicked out of his apartment by his buddy. The problem with Zack was he was too much like me. Ally and I complemented each other. Zack was like a boy version of me except with a longer past. It made me realize how annoying I am.

"Chocolates in the freezer if you're looking for a pick me up"

"And your mouth is gonna shut it if you're not looking for a fight"

"What's up Ange, you seem more upset and less hyper than usual"

Leave it to Ally to make me feel like I could spill my secret. They both knew about my sister complex. But only Zack new the truth. And that's what made him a threat. It was supposed to be my secret. Here I thought an hour alone would help me chill. Well it did quite literally cause rain tends to have that effect. But it didn't do much for my mind. Ally notices something's up and Zack keeps smirking knowing what's up. I wish I could tell her. But it hurts to tell I was always second best especially admitting I can't be the bigger person and move on.

"She's just sad about Amy and mphdd"

I quickly pressed my hand over his mouth and tugged him to the living room.

"Ally you put away the groceries we'll be right there"

"What the hell are you doing! She doesn't need to know and you swore you wouldn't tell." Would he tell her. Did he tell anyone else. Why was it him I had to blab to.

"Chill were you trying to rip my lips off? Come on Angie I wouldn't tell. Can't help it if I like to see you squirm though. But she's your best friend you can trust her. After all, you told me. "

"You weren't meant to know. It was my first time drinking and I wasn't aware of what I was saying. I needed to vent and didn't realize anyone was around. I didn't mean to tell you it slipped."

"Yea you were smashed. Who knew you liked to vent to a pineapple. Then afterwards you tried to go skinny dipping in the swim team pool. Ahh, good times" I groaned at the feint memories. Leave it to Zack to remember every embarrassing detail.

"Like you were any better. You jumped off the four foot wall on a pogo stick to win whatever bet you made with some random guy" Zack chuckled at that and was about to reply when Ally walked in.

Today was a day off for all three of us and movie night but Ally was looking oddly guilty. I had planned the day, Zack choose all the movies and Ally bought the junk food. Finally Ally spoke up.

"Listen, I know how we've been planning this for a while and all but something came up. I can't stay and I won't be back till later on."

" Something? Ally it's pouring out. What came up" She turned and looked at me with a gleam in her eyes. I knew that look. It was the look Amy gave me in 11th grade when saying that Jeremy would pass. I didn't know it was Jeremy then. Maybe if I did…. "Ange? Hello? Earth to Ange. Wait, better make that venus. She's to alien for earth." At that my head snapped up to look at Ally. I almost got lost in my thoughts again.

"What did you say. I'm sorry my alien brain was lost in space for a sec." I glared at Zack for that comment but turned my head to Ally waiting to hear what I knew she was going to say.

"Brian asked me out to dinner and the movie. Listen, I know it's sudden and that we said we were all free but you know how we've been getting along and all and this might be my chance. He's going to go take me to see that thriller I've been dying to see. You know The Endowed. The one we saw the preview with the hot guy and the boat sinking in the mirror but not the real world. So yea don't hate me." Ally really spoke fast when nervous. But I couldn't say no to her. She had been telling me all about the progress between her and Brain for the past months. Why did I always have to play the nice older figure?

"Fine. But you owe me. "

"Is chocolate good?"

"Reces on top of the ice cream and it's fine." Afterwards she left to go get ready. When she finally left I realized I was stuck with Zack on Amy and Jeremy's anniversary. Ally was out with some guy and I'm just stuck with Zack.

"And here you went through all that planning just to have this movie night on their anniversary. Sucks to be you."

"I didn't do it on purpose….per say but are you gonna leave now or what. I don't want to watch the movies with just you."

"And so the nice girl mask comes off. Here I was beginning to think it was glued on. Yea I'll leave" And with that said he got up and slipped on his sandals. Who wears sandals in the pouring rain. What was I gonna do for the rest of the night. It was only 6…

Next thing I knew I was being hoisted up on my feet and choked by a scarf wrapped around my neck.

Sputtering I said "What the heck are you doing. I know you don't like me but you don't have to go as far as to choke me!"

"Idiot. If I were to choke you I would use my bear hands." With that he bent down, picked up my sandals and threw them at me. I was still soaked from coming in a half hour ago and now thoroughly confused. "I thought you were leaving."

"I am but you're coming with me" After that he cheerfully smiled and proceeded to drag me out the door with my sandals barely put on.

"Zack let go of my arm. I want to go inside. It's cold out. Zack. Let. Go." But of course he didn't listen.

Right when I was about to grab his arm grabbing mine he spoke.

"You didn't seem to have a problem with the cold while sitting at the park. In fact, one who did not even know the great Angie might have even thought you looked heartbroken. By the strong Angie would never wear that mask. " He stopped walking.

"But then it may not have been a mask. Or worn by choice." At that he spun around smiling while my thoughts raced back to them and I felt like crying. The rain continued to beat down on our heads but he acted like it was nothing. Rain didn't bother him. Like most things it just bounced off of him and not even putting a damper to his smile. Any other day I would have been like that but not today. I hated seeing him like that. I was seeing how I should be.

"See, there it is again. Is it really that hard to accept Mr. Perfect choose your sister instead of you?" His face changed then. I noticed we stopped on the bridge. Cars were passing below us and I almost wish the noises from the rain and oblivious cars could have drowned out his words. They hurt. He knew they did. I've known this guy for two years. Yet he acts like he's known me forever.

I want to respond back. I want to tell him to take it back. I want to say I'm not that weak to be sad over something so trivial.

"She's perfect for him you know. I could tell the moment I gave her the green flag to date him. She's sweet and doesn't lie. She lets herself be protected but stands for what she believes. She says what she thinks and means what she says. Her hearts on her sleeve and the whole world can see how pure it is. She's perfect for him." Everything I'm not .By then I was crying. I made no noise. I just felt the cold of the rain replaced with the heat of my tears.

I hated how he could see through me. There were times where he hated how I could see through him. I vented my anger out on him this time last year as well. Before that was the pineapple. Grudgingly, venting to a person is more soothing than an inanimate object. As much as I hated that he knew, it was comforting to know he was the same. We argued we fought, but we knew we were the same. That's what made being together so hard. We couldn't lie without the other knowing.

He looked at me then smiled. I couldn't see his lips or his nose but I could see his green eyes. I could see them crinkle in the corner before he went to the side of the bridge and started to climb the ledge.

"Wait. What are you doing. Get down from there. Seriously what if you slip. It's pouring it's wet . GET DOWN!" Instead he just turned to me.

"Angie what if I told you I'll only get down if you forget about you sister. If you stop thinking about her and her life and move on with yours. What if I told you that I love you. That I love you for your problems and craziness. For not being the perfect girl but the perfect unperfect."

How was I supposed to respond. I was stunned I was stupefied. I was scared he was gonna fall. I hadn't even realized my tears stopped falling.

The first year he let me vent to a pineapple. The second he let me yell at him. And now he lets me decide if he gets down or falls down a side of a bridge. Being with him is complicated. He's too crazy. I can't handle anything like normal with him.

"You're crazy! Get down before you really fall!"

"Crazy, that could be it which means you should answer my what if's. Never know they might be true." I had enough. I wasn't gonna let him risk his life just so that he could make some half cracked confession. This time I reached forward over the bar. As I stepped up to get a better grab on his jacket I slipped on the wet bar. Falling forward Zack reached out to get me and tangled in the rain and ourselves we fell backwards onto the middle of the walkway bridge.

"Are you CRAZY! You could have killed us both…" But then he stopped talking and started laughing. I Couldn't help it and I started to laugh as well. Maybe we're not so crazy. It's just considered normal for us. Or I should go see a shrink about this. It wasn't until he untangled our limbs and pulled me up that I remembered it's pouring, we were completely soaked and we almost fell off a bridge together.

"Angie you are the craziest person I know. What if I hadn't caught you."

"Speak for yourself. Who goes and jokes about falling off a bridge with a heavy intersection underneath the bridge just to make some half cracked confession." We stood facing each other and he placed a hand on each of my shoulders. The mood seemed to shift suddenly and his demeanor changed. He now had that look in his eyes. I knew that look. Ally just gave me it 20 minutes ago. Amy had given me it three years ago from today. Now Zack was looking at me like that and I had a feeling I was too.

"Angie, you're not your perfect sister. For your whole life you have been acting like mother hen guarding her golden egg. You lost in comparison to perfection when it came down to Jeremy choosing. But that was his loss." He paused.

"You have problems, but so do I. You are either legally insane or very close to it. But then again I was just standing on the edge of a bridge so I'm right there with you." His hands slid up from my shoulders and one rested on each of my warming cheeks.

"You're complicated. I'm even worse. That just means our life gets to be more interesting than the normal." With that said he leaned in and kissed me. By then I had completely forgotten about Amy and Jeremy.

"This doesn't mean I accept you as my boyfriend. You're just my boy toy till I find a perfect match. You may have looks but that doesn't mean you can pay the bills. Considering you ate all my food when we got back to my house last night, you're tolling up a large bill."

"Guess you're just gonna have to keep me around to pay it off then. It's not the best idea to kick me out you know. Never know when I might feel the need to go lean off a bridge" before he could finish his sentence I leaned over and placed a quick peck on his lips.

"I never said you were leaving me anytime soon. The choice of men at this collage is rather deplorable. Except for Jeremy of course." At that I winked then went to make myself a hot cup of tea.

Ally came home around 1 a.m. and was still snoring although it's 10. Zack slept over on his reserved couch but I noticed it was just slightly closer to the door leading to my room. When we came home last night completely drenched we took showers to warm ourselves off. I called Amy and said I was sorry for ignoring her and giving her such a stiff congrats. She can tell something's changed but I'm not ready to say why.

After the phone call we sat down and watched movies till falling asleep. We sat next to each other watching the movies till we fell asleep with the blanket over us. Luckily I woke up around 12 and went to bed. Now I had more time to think of what to say to Ally. Three years is a long time hold on to a lost love. If it was love. I just was happy he saw me. Not a mask but me. Then again, I think Jeremy just saw how I wasn't Amy. But I guess it's okay now. After all maybe being with Zack is what is making me feel warm and real. He is my main guess for what has brought this feeling back. It's gonna suck not being able to lie. But maybe it'll be good for me. I know it's gonna be good for him. I looked back into the living room where he was sprawled out on the couch watching the news and felt myself unconsciously smile.


It'll be a long time till I tell him but he's got a way of seeing through my masks to me. Not what's not Amy but what's me. I'm sure he's smart enough to find my secret smile. After all, I only noticed it when I finally noticed him.

YAYYY it's done ^^ I had the sudden urge to write a happy ending for Angela and i did so i feel better now. I can't believe I stayed up the whole night just to write this. Please comment and tell me if you like ^.~