Exactly what it means! I'm doing this to give you some background info on all the OCs that appear in my story and will be doing more of these as I add more to my page. This is for Precious Friendships. This may be separated into sections. It depends. *Only updated when a brand new character is added to story.*

Name: Tara Kartuga

Standing: Main Character

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Height: 5'4"

Hair: Orange-Red

Race: White/Japanese

Siblings: Blake Kartuga

Birthday: May 28

Eye color: Green

Description: Not a very tall character, Tara usually wears her hair with one side tucked behind her left ear and a few strands dangling over her right eye. Her clothes are fairly normal, but she usually prefers bright colors and loves to wears flats. She also has an average body type as well, but is a little smaller than most.

Personality and Background: Fairly nice, Tara prefers to look into situations before judging by what she sees, which has its own advantages and consequences. She is good friends with mostly everyone, except Emery and has gained a boyfriend in Erin. She's a bit naive, and is not good at recognizing emotions and situations that can be obvious to everyone else. She can be quite determined, but is also somewhat clumsy. She is never the person to get revenge on anyone and can overlooks people's faults quite easily. But she can get angered easily, especially when involved with a situation that makes her emotionally unstable. She makes friends with Blaine, Tika and Matthew quickly with her friendly, easygoing nature. She can also be a crybaby at times for she is really emotional and is almost always arguing with Blake, one of the only people able to push her past her limit. Her best friend is Sarah Williams.