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Name: Cecilia Clark

Standing: Supporting Character

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Height: 5'2"

Hair: Dark Red/Brown

Race: African-American

Siblings: Karen

Birthday: July 27

Eye color: Brown

Description: Very short, she's a little thicker than the other girls and has a moderate sized bust. Her clothes are bright, and she almost always wears jeans. Her hair is shoulder length, somewhat messy and a row of bangs hang over her left eye, while the rest is swept behind her right ear.

Personality and Background: A little unusual, she's a quiet character with a knack for rock music and Japanese culture, usually shown in some of her outfits. She is overlooked by many students, but doesn't mind not being popular. She is a good friend of Tara and Sarah and has a boyfriend in the more popular Dru Takano. She is very cunning, but is never the person to use it against others. Somehow, Cecilia catches on to Blaine's growing love for Tara once they meet, along with the others. Cecilia owns an electric guitar which she practices on to express herself and relieve stress. She is the older twin to Karen.