Same as before.

Name: Tia Smith

Standing: Supporting Character

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Height: 5'6"

Hair: Dark Brown

Race: White

Siblings: None

Birthday: October 16

Eye color: Green

Description: Her hair is waist length and flipped up at the ends, with bangs that hug the sides of her face and cover her eyebrows. She's casual with her clothing and has a love for bright shirts and blue jeans.

Personality and Background: The oldest, she's a senior who stays in the background. Not that she doesn't like to get involved, but she's not apt for revealing her business either. She's very positive and is Sarah's other BFF. She seems to have a crush on Tuesday, but is embarrassed to reveal it to anyone. Tia is much like Tara in nature, except she's much better at reading people's intentions and meanings. She terrible at hiding her own, though. She's never had an actual temper, more likely to get serious than angry and does not like to bog others down with her own troubles.