Summary: Guys aren't even supposed to have Diaries. It's against everything that makes them manly. So imagine Mera's shock when she finds the bad-boy of the school's diary. Of course she'll want something in return. "Be my friend." I ordered.

Dear Moron

"Because the drugs never work"


Dear Moron,

My mother's getting drunk right now. She refuses to say she's an alcoholic but with a sadistic boyfriend, what's she to do? He marvels in his work, glad to know that he convinced her to drink and when she's feeling like shit and puking 'til her heart's content he's envious of the beer because he wished he brought upon the sorrow..not the beer.

As of now i'll enjoy the boisterous mood I have. At least until the drugs wear off and my high deflates, leaving me to wallow in my own self pity; the depression kicking in full speed. It's when I realize how worthless my life is. I live in a shoddy home with an alcoholic mother who hardly ever keeps food in the house, my father's either dead or with some slut (i don't know..I lost contact with him). I'm forced to be a delinquent just to get by, it's better than asking my mother or her useless boyfriend for money and everyone likes to carelessly misjudge me. They don't care enough to ask what's really wrong with me, they just toss me aside as the delinquent; they don't even offer a helping hand or just to be a friend and I guess that's fine. I'm better off without the pity.

I guess that's why I tolerate the few friends I do have. They're in similar predicaments and just use the drugs to escape. We don't have heart felt conversations about our lives nor do we talk about our situations. We just sort of coexist in each other's life.

I wonder if that's what compelled me to write in the journal. I just need to get some things off my chest.

And to whatever moron who happens to heed this journal, I thank you for merely regarding it.

- Jace Malon

The journal felt alien in my hands. I read and reread the entry over and over again, clinging to every word he wrote. I couldn't help the pity that overcame my body. I felt sorry for the boy who always seemed so brooding in class.

I had always waited for the class to clear out before exiting myself, I just couldn't find the energy to fight my way out of the classroom. I allowed everyone else to struggle through the doors. It was when the classroom was clear and only the teacher was left that I spotted the small leather journal. It was lying on the floor, looking very misplaced and forgotten. Always the curious individual, I picked up the journal and studied it. I didn't immediately open it, diving into it depths, I just continued to study it not sure rather to take it or not.

"Any day now Mera," My teacher, Mrs. Jonas, said while glaring at me. She was standing at the door waiting for me to exit so that she could be relieved from her duty, allowed to spend time with the family she spoke highly of. Without a second thought, I threw the journal into my backpack and scurried out of the classroom, prepared to take the long trek home. I knew it would seem even longer that day because I wanted so badly to pry into the contents of the journal, I couldn't help my curious nature.

When I arrived at my home, tired and sweaty from my walk, I immediately opened the journal and began reading it.

It was almost comical to believe the bad boy of the school had a journal and that I had found it. I had always thought of him as one of the manliest guys in the school, the least likely to have a diary. He was brooding and had the whole tall, dark, and handsome thing going on. Not to mention a reputation of fighting, causing problems, and getting the girls (if you know what I mean). He easily towered over me and had dark curls that reached his ears, his eyes were a deep blue, and his body seemed unbelievably toned. I could imagine a six pack underneath his shirt.

I knew I couldn't tell anyone about the diary, not even my best friend (Susy); not that we were that close to begin with. I didn't have many friends, only acquaintances, and the one person I considered a best friend wasn't a best friend at all; I just knew her all my life so it was convenient to call her that. Our parents had thrust us together, expecting us to become great friends but the only times we talked were at family gatherings (when our families met up). We were just on two whole different sides of the spectrum. She was a beautiful blonde cheerleader with a notorious icy attitude and I was the cute innocent chick who kept to herself. We didn't hate each other, we just didn't talk to each other.

Even so, I couldn't imagine telling her about my discovery. It seemed like something only for me.

I didn't even manage to read the second entry of the journal, for reasons beyond me I felt compelled to respond to it. Sort of like Jace felt compelled to write in the journal.

Dear Jace Malon,

I found your diary and would prefer to keep anonymous for now. I don't plan to spread your business around the school, I guess I'm just not that type of person. In fact, i haven't even read the second entry. I guess I was 'compelled' to write you back.

I think, we're all pretty much worthless. I mean don't we die in the end, it's not like we're powerful beings meant to last until the end of time. We're all eventually forgotten. I guess what I'm trying to say is...don't beat yourself up too much. I bet one day your going to do something good with your life. You are, after all, very intelligent. I conjured that from simply reading something you wrote, I could only imagine what it's like talking to you in person.

I've never actually thought of you as a delinquent. Maybe the bad boy of the school, but I've always thought you had your reasons. I don't exactly have friends so I don't gossip, maybe with myself, which is actually kind of pathetic...but yeah.

Um, I do plan on returning your diary...some day.

- Moron

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