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Dear Moron

"So keep in mind all the sacrifices I'm making To keep you by my side And keep you from walking out the door."


"They're just not my thing." Jace complained whilst defiantly crossing his muscular arms across his chest. I huffed as I placed my slender fingers on my waist; the same way a mother would if she were scolding her child. Christian placed his large hand on my shoulder and glared at the person sitting next to Jace.

I never met more stubborn people than them. Why couldn't they just live a bit? Why couldn't they loosen up?

Jane eyed Christian and I curiously, but her body language was still defiant and she didn't seem to be anywhere near swayed by our argument. She -of course - was on Jace's side. Her red hair was pinned up in a neat bun and she wore a simple white shirt with plain denim jeans; yet she still seemed to come off both sophisticated and beyond her years. Perhaps that was why she claimed our idea was not her thing she was apparently too adult to celebrate such an occasion, at a high school nonetheless.

"Jane, you like to party, don't you?" Christian asked her encouragingly. Ever since the incident where I had been kidnapped, which only could have been a few days before - maybe a week - she had been staying with Christian. They seemed to have their own little understanding that I dared not to pry into. Were they a couple? Of course I didn't know, they didn't act like one.

"Yeah, but," She began thoughtfully, her face scrunched up as if she smelled something weird, "it's a high school party..not really my thing."

Christian tapped his fingers lightly on my shoulder, he was wearing his 'pretty-please' face.

"It's not a party, it's a dance. A valentines dance. We never get a break or the chance to do anything fun together, this should be fun." I complained. Jace rolled his eyes at me.

"I said that I had you for valentines day, your day is completely reserved. We have no time for something as irrelevant as a school dance." Jace countered smoothly.

"The dance is a day before valentines day. It's on Saturday, valentine's day isn't even until Sunday. So, I ask again, why don't we all go have some fun?" Christian cut in before I could begin my argument.

"Mera and I are going to have fun...on Sunday," Jace countered; this time his arms were crossed across his chest and he looked at us skeptically. Christian scrunched up his nose at Jace.

"Don't you want to make Mera happy?" Christian asked mischievously; I could almost see and hear the light bulb come on in his head. Jace gazed at me for a second before letting his gaze wander towards Christian. He hesitated for only a moment before answering.

"Of course I want to make her happy." He responded. Christian licked his lips and nudged me with his elbow; I suppose that was my signal to jump in. I wasn't quite sure what to say but I went with the first thing that came to mind.

"It's our first Valentines together I want us to experience the full thing, especially with this being our last high school year. We'll never have this chance again." I persuaded. I went as far as to even wear the 'pretty please' face like Christian was. Jace looked unsure of what to do next and Jane saved him by jumping in.

"Fine, I'll go, I don't know why you guys want me to go, but sure. Why not? Chrisitan will just buy my dress, my heels, pay for me to go to the salon, and don't forget to buy my jewelry." Jane agreed with a condescending smile. Christian looked devastated by her revelation of him having to buy her everything and he even looked as if he was preparing to argue her down, but I elbowed him in his stomach.

"Ooof," Christian released a breath of air from the impact instead of a couple of statements that would ruin our hard work. He glared at me and I just returned the glare.

"This might be fun though, when I was in high school it was home school so I never got to go to any dances. I graduated early and then high school was like a distant memory." Jane continued and I was surprised to see a hint of excitement on her beautiful face. That excitement she wore seemed to make Christian shut up completely, he obviously wanted to make her happy.

I jumped when Jace suddenly reached out towards me and pulled me into his warm muscular arms. He wrapped his arms around my waist and smiled down at me.

"Do you really want to go?" He questioned me. I nodded my head eagerly at him, it was about time that I acted like a normal high school student and enjoyed everything that came with being a student. From the dances to grad night, it was time for me to just enjoy myself.

"Fine. I'll take you. I'll do the whole dress shopping with you and everything. You and Jane can go to the salon on Friday. How does that sound?" He asked me, I could see in his eyes that he just wanted for me to be happy. If going to the dance was the thing I needed to forget about being kidnapped and all the other drama, he was fine with that. Or at least that's what I suspected he was thinking.

"Of course I am," I began as I stood on the tip of my toes and gave him a peck on the lips, he returned the kiss of course, "thank you."

"Alright so how about we do a little shopping today because the dance is like three days away." Jace suggested. I sighed while I looked down at my snowflake patterned pajamas. I had no more clothes and Jace's house, I really did need to return home and get some more. Perhaps even leave a letter to my parents letting them know where I was. They probably didn't care, being that no one took out the time to call me and see where I was, but it would feel much better to me if I at least let them know.

"It's 8 pm I doubt anything's open, but you can take me to my house so that I can get some more clothes. I've run out." I informed Jace. Jace's hold on me tightened.

"I'm not leaving you there," He began but I cut him off with a quick peck on the lips.

"I'm not asking you to, I'm just going to run in there and then run out. That's not too bad, is it?" I questioned him and he shook his head. His messy dark hair flopped and I noted that it was getting a little long; it was time for a haircut.

"And when we come back I'll cut your hair for you." I told him whilst running my slender fingers through his long hair. He let out a sound of pleasure from the back of his throat at the feel of my fingers through his hair; touching and massaging his scalp.

"Okay," he said, his voice barely above a whisper.

Someone cleared their throat, successfully ruining our moment.

I pulled my hand away from his hair and turned my head towards the source of the noise.

"What?" Jace and I snapped at the same time. Christian shrugged his shoulders, his duffel-bag now wrapped around them.

"We're leaving. I have school tomorrow and Jane...well Jane's with me so yeah, we're leaving." Christian informed us as he opened Jace's front door.

"Bye Jane see you on Friday, Bye Christian..I'll see you in the morning." I said as they both exited the house, Jace barely grunted at them as they left. He was just too rude for his own good, but that was just Jace for you.

"So now that they're gone where were we?" Jace asked suggestively and I gave him a thoughtful look.

"I was just about to start looking for my flats." I said as I pulled away from and laughed at his expression.

"You're no fun." He complained and I smirked.


When we pulled into my driveway I noted that there was a car parked there, it must have been one of my parents and for whatever reason this set me on edge. It reminded me of all the issues I had failed or ignored to work out with them. For one I still didn't know what letter my mother was hiding from me, but if it was addressed to me I definitely wanted it. Especially if it was from Dylan's sister. Perhaps, whatever was in the letter would give me the closure I needed.

What else was there to say to them?

So many words were left unsaid and probably would never be said.

The words of neglect and hate, the words that screamed how they had never quite been real parents.

Where would those words get me though?

I was a couple of weeks away from being an adult, it was a little late to admit how much hurt I had been through.

Who would care now?

I was no longer a child.

I sighed as I looked at the house in which I had grown up in. I didn't want to enter it knowing that one of my parents would be in there, but I had to.

"Do you want me to go in with you?" Jace asked and I shook my head.

"No, I'll be fine." I assured him and then stepped out of his car clad in my snowflake designed pajamas and black flats.

As soon as I opened the door I was greeted with the surprised face of my father. He had his roller suitcase in one hand and his briefcase in the other. I suppose he had just been about to leave out the house.

"Hi," I greeted him, my voice was barely above a whisper. He blinked away his surprise and cleared his throat before speaking.

"What the hell happened to you?" He questioned me, his eyes were fixed on the gash on my face. I forgot all about that gash.

"I fell down the stairs. I was kind of in a rush and slipped. I've been staying with a friend since then, he was worried about me and wanted to take care of me until he was sure I'd be okay." I lied. The lie felt foreign on my lips, the only other person I told that lie to was Susy. My father look skeptical, but being that the evidence of the gash was on my face he couldn't really say I was lying.

"Oh, well I'm glad you're okay." He said and before he could continue someone came bounding down the stairs.

"You almost forgot the c-" She began holding up a well known small box, but quickly shut her mouth upon seeing me. Her wide green eyes were focused on me in shock. She looked to be about in her early twenties and she was very beautiful. Dark hair, wide beautiful eyes, nice body shape, and the perfect little facial structure. The question was, who the hell was she and why did she have condoms?

"Donna," My father hissed at her, his eyes narrowed.

"Who's that?" I dared to ask. My father glanced at me and gave me a small smile.

"That's my assistant, Belladonna. She was helping me pack for my business trip. I'll be going away for a few days, but don't you fret I'll be back before your birthday." My father explained and I couldn't help but think that his assistant was more than just that, but I didn't. I was more surprised with the fact that he acknowledged my upcoming birthday. To be quite frank the whole situation was awkward and I just wanted to walk away.

"Oh is that the beautiful Mera?" Belladonna asked, her voice was high pitched and slightly squeaky. I pondered if it came out that way because of her shock or if she normally talked that way. My father nodded his head at her and she gave me a eager smile. I tried not to notice the way she 'inconspicuously' hid the condom box behind her back while approaching me, but I did.

"Hi Mera, I'm Belladonna, I've heard so much about you." She greeted me while holding out the hand that wasn't hiding the condom box. I highly doubted she heard much about me but I just nodded my head and shook her hand.

"It's nice to meet you Belladonna." I greeted her back, except I was less jittery than she was.

"Well isn't this pleasant, but it's getting late and I can't miss my flight," My father began and I couldn't help but feel relieved as I stepped aside to let them through the door, "So we'll be going. Oh and one more thing your mother told me to tell you that you guys are having dinner with the Morgans tomorrow. She wants to celebrate the return of your sister and your upcoming birthday."

"Perce's coming home for good?" I questioned him as my minded processed everything he was telling me.

"No, just for your birthday." He informed me before shutting the front door. He didn't say goodbye or feel better Mera or see you soon, he just shut the door between us. I don't know why I expected a different goodbye, it wasn't as if our bond had been a great one.

I sighed, all the while thinking of how screwed my family was.


The whole ride back to Jace's apartment I had been silent. My mind was overrun with the thought that my father was clearly having an affair with his assistant. That or I was reading too much into a harmless box of condoms. Then again, why would he need a box of condoms for a business trip my mother was not attending with him? The only reason he we need condoms was if he planned to have sex. It didn't matter if he had sex with his assistant or some random woman he met he would still be cheating on my mother, but I could have been wrong. They could have been and extra precaution encase - by chance - he happened to cheat. It didn't mean he was already cheating though.

I shook my head, my head was starting to hurt from all of my over thinking.

If my father was having an affair it honestly wasn't my problem, it was my mother's problem. I couldn't fret over their relationship, that wasn't my job.

"Hey Jace," I began as we pulled into his driveway. He grunted in acknowledgment of me and I continued, "So you do know I'm going to have to go home tomorrow?" I asked him.

He turned his car off, his eyebrows knitted together, as he glance at me.

"Why? I have no problem with you staying here with me." He informed me, the smile he gave me was convincing and sweet, but it didn't stop the truth. I did need to go home. My mother was home and she would be a lot less uncaring about the fact that I was staying with a friend than my father was. Then again he had been too distracted with his own issues to scold me on mines. My mother though, she'd be both insulted and annoyed. Insulted because I had a home of my own and annoyed because Jace was a man. She definitely didn't need me ruining my family's reputation by staying with a man. Especially with me being only seventeen and not engaged.

I unbuckled my seat belt and hopped out of his car while beginning my explanation, "Well my mom's home and she'll want me home. Not for any other reason than to know that I'm there. Plus, she's having a family dinner tomorrow that I have to attend. And she won't be too keen with thought of me staying with you."

"Why would she care? It's not like she was there when you were kidnapped and it's not like she could do much to Kevin if he decided to do so again. Plus who does she think she is to come around after all the drama, not even noting when you were missing, and think that she can run things?" Jace demanded, I could tell that he was getting angry. His face was scrunched up in disgust and his hands were clutched in fist. I pushed his front door open after he unlocked it, then all but threw my bag down in frustration. I flopped down on Jace's couch and watched as he pulled out a cigarette then lit it.

"Jace," I whinnied, "stop stressing so much, everything will be fine."

Jace took a long drawl of his cigarette before responding, "Fine? I can't be fine when some psychopath bent on revenge is out there looking to either kill you, me, or Christian. Now I'm supposed to just hand you over to your irresponsible parents who won't be able to help you if he comes for you. How can I not be stressed? Where have they been lately anyways?"

"Business trips." I retorted. The excuse was weak even to my own ears.

His argument was just.

My parents wouldn't be able to help me, they weren't even home half the times.

A psychopath was after me. Well not just me, but the concept was still there. He would kill me if he got to me.

"Chill Jace. Their my parents and at the moment I'm under their custody, therefore I need to listen to them. Look on a brighter note on Sunday we'll enjoy valentines day, then on the Friday after that my birthday will be here," I said as I caught his large hand that he was flexing anxiously. I pulled him towards me and he landed gently next to me; his hand laid in my lap.

"It'll be two weeks at the most, and then it's just. You, me, and this apartment, all alone." I said slyly. This seemed to sooth him as he gave me a mischievous smile. He put his cigarette out and carelessly threw it into it's ashtray. He used one of his hands to caress my cheek, while he laced the other between my small fingers. His hand engulfed mines and I immediately became lost in his cinnamon smell from the close proximity. My heart picked up speed and I was absolutely sure the burning in my face was caused by a forming blush.

"I can never just chill when it comes to your safety, but just this once I suppose I have to. But just to ease my mind every single night for the next two weeks I'll be spending the night." Jace said, it didn't seem like there was any room for argument so I just rolled my eyes at him. I wanted to tell him he couldn't just creep into my room every night, but honestly I wanted him to. I trusted Jace and I wanted him close; even though his being close gave me great anxiety I liked it.

"So you're coming to my family dinner?" I asked him curiously. He scrunched up his face, obviously not wanting to and I didn't really expect him to. I was just kind of hoping he would.

"I actually can't, Christian and I have a meeting with our boss tomorrow. But if I can make it, I will. The meeting shouldn't be that long. You guys have dinner around 5, right?" He asked me. I nodded my head, not able to hide the disappointment on my face.

"Aw babe, don't look so down," Jace pleaded playfully as he ducked his head to give me a peck on the lips. Before I could return the kiss he pulled away and stuck his tongue out at me, "And stop trying to guilt trip with those big ol' eyes."

I wanted to comment on the fact that he called my eyes big, but I noticed something more important. That had been the first time Jace had spoke of his boss when talking to me. His doing that made me feel included and somehow a part of their secret circle. I couldn't help but to give him a goofy grin.

Jace grinned back at me a ducked his head once again to kiss my lips. This time though I caught him off guard by wrapping my slender arms around his neck and pulling him closer to me. His hands immediately found their place on my waist as he held me just as tight as I was holding him. My heart seemed to be working overtime and my lips tingled; begging to move against his lips. I gave them their wish as I nipped at his bottom lip, causing him to open his mouth in surrender. My tongue immediately dashed into his mouth, battling with his tongue and slipping out long enough to let me bite at his bottom lip.

I was leading the kiss.

It was weird to think that I had completely taken charge of the kiss and in a way it made me feel superior. Although, to be honest, he wasn't having much trouble keeping up with my playful kissing skills. With every bite I did to his bottom lip he returned one with equal force and throughout the kiss I would find myself giggling at the most intense moments. The feel of his soft lips moving against mines and his tongue darting in and out of my mouth at a fast rhythm had me wanting more. I wanted more of him, I wanted to feel more of his body against mines. No, I needed to feel more of his body against mines or - at least it felt like - my by body would wither away if I didn't feel more of him. I let a moan escape my lips when he began trailing his kisses down my neck. He nipped and sucked at my neck, making me feel emotions foreign to my virgin body.

It was almost as if pressure was building up inside of me and I just needed to release it, it all focused in at my core and had me unconsciously squeezing my thighs together to relieve myself of the pressure. I held his head to my neck tightly; It caused a pleasure that had me moaning without a care in a world and I could tell it pleased Jace.

Just when I thought things were getting good Jace pulled away from me with a knowing smirk on his face. I was flushed and frustrated, I just wanted him to continue his sucking but he didn't. He just chuckled at my reaction.

"I think...I think you're going to have a love-bite." Jace informed me. My eyes widened in shock, the pressure inside of me completely forgotten, as I bounded up from the couch. I couldn't have a love-bitemy mother would be livid. I ran to Jace's bathroom and turned the light on. I closed my eyes, not sure if I wanted to look at my neck or not, but when Jace entered the bathroom and laughed at my childish behavior I opened my eyes. I stretched my neck out to get a better view of it and gasped at what I saw.

I didn't have a fucking love-bite, no the thing on my neck looked too vicious to be a love-bite. It looked more like someone had punched my neck. The love-bite and the gash on my face would no doubt have my family and the Morgans thinking Jace was some type of woman beater.

Jace laughed at my expression without a care in a world and I could only wish that I could be as careless as him. I turned to glare at him.

"You did this on purpose!" I accused, my bottom lip jutted out in anger. Jace took one look at my expression and just laughed harder, obviously unashamed by his actions.

"Well you're my girlfriend, I needed something to show that." Jace said playfully, he winked at me and flicked my chin in a 'loving' way.

"What the hell? You aren't a fucking animal, you can't mark your territory!" I screeched; preparing to tackle and attack him. Jace seemed to sense what I was about to do because he took off running towards his bedroom, away from my glaring form.

"Jace you got damn barbarian!" I yelled as I chased after him.


The next day seemed to come a little too fast, before I knew it school - being uneventful and boring - flew by and I was hopping out of Jace's car with one of his duffel-bags slung over my shoulder full of my clothes. I was returning home and the thought had me feeling worst than I assumed it would. I had quickly become accustomed to living with Jace. I even began collecting some of his clothing items not only to sleep in but to wear, Jace didn't mind though because he thought it was sexy when I wore his clothes. For instance on this particular day I wore one of his button down white collared shirts, it was tucked neatly into my pants and with my ankle high boots on I looked too cute - or so both Jace and Susy said.

I was going to miss living with him even though I only lived with him for a couple of days.

Living with him in his cinnamon smelling apartment was better than being in my too large lonely house. I frowned at the thought of how bored I'd be in the coming weeks, but smiled again when I reminded myself I'd be back with Jace before I knew it.

"Alright, you'll call me if anything comes up." Jace demanded more than inquired. I rolled my eyes at his order, of course I'd call him. Who else would I call?

"And if I'm not answering you'll call Christian." He checked, sticking his head out the window to watch me as I walked to my front door. I rolled my eyes at him again. Two cars were already parked in my driveway which meant I was already late for the festivities. I couldn't waste another minute on Jace's overprotective behavior.

"Yeah, yeah, I know the drill." I told him in a mocking voice and then entered my house; ready to face my doom.

I knew I would just get caught if I tried to sneak up stairs so I just set my bags down somewhere near the entrance and entered my living room. As to be expected the Morgans were all sitting around idly talking to my mother, probably wondering where I was, and my sister sat next to my mother looking a lot better than when I last saw her.

I expected her belly to be bigger and maybe even a little revealing, but it was flat. Honestly, she was back to her normal weight; as skinny as a toothpick. I had to hold off on saying that to her when all eyes reverted to me.

Susy was the only one who didn't seem to be surprised to see me, she just gave me a knowing smile. She knew I'd been staying with Jace and that's where I had been for the last two hours since school let out.

"Glad you could make it to dinner," My mother said, her voice was strained and her eyes told me she was angry at me for being late. Mind me I was only - at the most - fifteen minutes behind schedules.

"What the hell happened to your face?" My sister asked me after giving me a close inspection. I was about to give her a equally demeaning question when I remembered the gash in my face, of course she had to be talking about that. From the worry that was clear on her face I knew that that was what she was talking about.

My sister was worried?

That thought baffled me because I couldn't recall the last time my sister showed even a little sisterly love or worry.

"I fell down the stairs." I supplied, I gave them a sheepish smile that made them all believe me. My mother shook her head at me, whilst my sister still looked a little skeptical but didn't argue it.

"You've always been clumsy." My mother said, still shaking her head. I had to bite my tongue in order for me not to snap at her. How the hell would she know what I had always been? The last time I could recall her fully being an active parent in my life was when I was ten or twelve, I was about to be eighteen. People change over time and she certainly hadn't been a part of my changes.

Susy seemed to sense my anger because she quickly jumped in, "Hasn't she? Well I need to feed this baby, you know being pregnant has me hungry all the time. Shall we eat now that Mera is here?" Susy asked and gave me a reassuring smile. I couldn't help but return the smile.

"Oh that's right, you are showing a little. How many months are you now?" My mother asked her as she got up and led the way to the dinning room. The Morgans all followed; not in the least seeming to be interested in how far along Susy was. I was surprised that for once William didn't stay behind to flirt with me, instead he followed his parents like an obedient child. This time my sister stayed back to talk to me.

"Yeah I'm three months now," Susy told my mother as they all slipped into the dinning room.

My sister smiled at me and walked by me. It was awkward.

"So, that must have been a hell of a fall." She noted. I just nodded my head not really knowing what to say to her. I took out the time to look at my sister. She was back to her old self.

Her skin was no longer flaky instead it what back to it's lovely tanned complexion; the kind of complexion most people tanned on the beach for, all caramel and smooth. I didn't see one patch of pale on her; not a crack in her perfect skin anywhere. There were no dark beds beneath her eyes making them look sunk in from lack of sleep as I remembered them looking. No, they were back to being wide, beautiful, mocha colored eyes. They didn't have the soulless look that made her seem miserable and so far off into depression that it was scary.

Her body, well it was back to being all skin and bones. Her stomach no longer protruded in an odd way, it was flat again, but this bothered me. I almost felt as if I imagined her whole pregnancy. I probably would have thought I imagined the pregnancy if I hadn't heard her and her ex talking about it myself. That was another thing, as I glanced down at her hand I couldn't help but see the huge diamond ring positioned on her ring finger.

I had so many question to ask her, but I refrained from asking them all.

It wasn't really my place to ask her about her pregnancy; it's not like I was the baby's father. I was just her younger sister she saw once every couple of months. I played no major factor in her life to demand answers from her, but still I wanted to know what happened to her.

Did she get an abortion?

Did she loose the baby?

Perhaps, it wasn't my place to ask questions but it surely was hard fighting off my curiosity; so in order to sate it I asked the easiest question to answer.

"So, you and Ryan back together?" I pondered, my voice - even to my own ears - sounded awkward. I gave her a sheepish sort of smile when she raised her perfectly arched eyebrows at me.

She cleared her throat as we both took our seats at the table, this time - which clearly wasn't like most times - we sat next to one another.

"You shouldn't eavesdrop on people's conversations and you wouldn't be so curious." Perce scolded me and since I was already caught I really didn't feel all the ashamed. I listened to their conversation, heard some stuff I wasn't supposed to, but I couldn't exactly take that back.

Perce sighed and let out a chuckle when she noticed that I was still looking at her expectantly, curious to hear what she would say. The rest of the people at the table were having small talk while my mother fixed plates in the kitchen. They weren't even paying attention to us, I was happy that they were minding their own business.

"If you must know, yes we are back together. We worked through our issues." She informed me. I nodded my head in understanding and couldn't help but let my gaze drift down to her now flat stomach.

"I had an abortion," She admitted and I nearly choked on my own spit. I didn't believe in abortions, but who was I to tell her anything at that point? She had already had the abortion and clearly that was something she would have to work through on her own, "Ryan and I weren't ready for that step. We still need to work out certain things in our relationship, like if I can except his family enough to bring him an heir into it."

I nodded my head like I understood her, but this time I really didn't. She killed her baby? Suzy was way younger than her and she was ready to take on the challenge, but my sister wasn't? She was older and more successful with a rich baby-daddy, but then again I didn't know their situation. I had my own worries and I couldn't make hers mines also. It was her decision, not mines to make.

"So you're still prepared to be in a relationship with him, even though you hate his family?" I asked the only question I could think of that didn't have to do with her abortion. I didn't want to pry too much into her abortion, it was her business. I didn't want her to feel as if I was being negative towards her over something that wasn't my decision to make. Plus, it felt nice to have my sister open up to me. I didn't want her to clam up and no longer feel as if she could talk to me.

"His parents, I don't particularly like them but I love Ryan. I know he may not seem like that great of a guy. You probably think he's a womanizer and a whole list of other things, but there's so much more to our relationship. I want to be with him." My sister explained. Her face took on this sort of dreamy look when she spoke of him.

It made me wonder if that's how people saw Jace and my relationship. Did they think he was just a womanizer and there wasn't much to our relationship? I had automatically assumed that all the rumors about Jace 'getting the girls' were just simply that, rumors. It was sort of how they made Jace out to be the most scary meanest guy before I actually put in effort to talk to him and obviously he hadn't turned out to be that. Yet I still had to wonder if there was some truth to him 'getting girls'. Being that I was his first girlfriend at our school, I naturally assumed that I was the only girl to get that close to him, but what if those rumors I simply wrote off as rumors had been true.

That wouldn't change my perspective on our relationship. Our relationship would still be the same, I wouldn't care what anyone else thought because I knew what our relationship was like.

That thought made me feel bad for always criticizing my sister's relationship so bad. I was only going off of rumors about Ryan, I didn't really know what their relationship was really like. I only assumed, I never knew facts.

"Well that's good. I'm happy for you," I said honestly.

My sister smiled at me.

"I'm happy for you too." She responded teasingly whilst looking down at my neck. My eyes widened as I recalled the extra large love-bite on my neck.

I looked down at the table cloth, embarrassed because I'd been caught.

My mother chose that moment to come out with plates and too begin sitting them in front of people. Once all the plates were passed out and everyone said their prayers, we began eating.

"So I'm hoping that's from the guy from the party." My sister finally spoke up after swallowing a bite of food. I blushed and bit my bottom lip, I was still a little shy to talk about my relationship with Jace. Our relationship was still a little new to me.

"His name is Jace and yeah, that's who it's from." I informed her and she nodded her head in approval.

"Oh yeah, he's a cutie." She retorted and let out a little giggle which I couldn't but join her in.

"Aww," Susy suddenly cooed looking at us with a pleased expression, "It's nice to see you guys do the whole sisterly bonding thing for a change. "

My mother looked up from her intense conversation with Mrs. Morgan about the best positions during sex to smile warmly at us. She was probably glad that we were getting along for a change, putting up the image of a happy family.

"So William has a girlfriend now," Mr. Morgan suddenly piped up. William wore this sort of proud smirk on his face; apparently glad to be the one finally having a significant other. I was surprised that William was settled down though, I thought it would take forever for him to do so. I suppose it was nice to hear, if that's what made him stop flirting with me then I was grateful.

"Yeah and come September I will be starting my first semester at USC, I decided to go to the same university as her." William bragged. William seemed to be doing all of this just for the bragging rights, but if you asked me it was all great stepping stones for him. He needed to get out his parents house and start his own career, he couldn't leech off of them his whole life.

"That's nice to hear." My sister finally spoke up and I just nodded my head in agreement.

After that our dinner passed along normally. My sister and I continued our little chats, Susy discussed her pregnancy, my mother shortly talked about Perce's engagement, William continued talking about his relationship, and the two Morgan parents were talking about sex (as usual).

Before I knew it dinner was over and we were all preparing to leave.

"Mera, I would like for you to help me clear the table." My mother addressed me before I could leave the room. Our guests and my sister still shuffled out the room; not finding it the least bit odd that my mother asked me to stay behind to help her. My mother hardly ever spoke to me on a one on one bases so I knew she was probably about to scold me about something.

When my mother was sure everyone was gone or not close to the room in which we were in she turned her kind face into one of a angry woman.

"Mera, what is this I hear about you staying with a friend. I already spoke to you about not getting pregnant, I simply will not allow it. You come home with that thing on your neck, looking like someone's tramp and by god I could just slap you for that. I wouldn't care if you fell out of a plane, you will never embarrass me like that again! How dare you even fathom the thought of staying with a male, no daughter of mines will act in such a slutty manner. Oh my, at this point I can barely stomach looking at you." My mother ranted and then flicked her hand at me in a manner that said "shoo, go away".

I still stood there though, I didn't go away like the obedient little girl she wanted me to behave like. I was almost a grown woman and she thought she could just order me about; the sad part was that she couldn't. She dared to rant at me about my behavior and then have the audacity to tell me she could barely stomach looking at me.

Obviously she wasn't aware of how little I could stomach looking at her. She was the one hiding letters from me that could possibly give me proper closure, why would she do something like that? She was the one who was a failure of a parent. She was the one who neglected me and then had the nerve to talk to me when she felt I needed a scolding.

I narrowed my eyes at her, not quite able to hold my temper.

"I can't stomach looking at you knowing that you're hiding that letter Dylan's sister wrote to me from me. Who are you to do such a thing? You don't have the right." I snapped at her and this took her by surprise. Hers eyes widened and she looked at me with this sort of baffled look.

"That letter? What justice would it do you now? The boy is dead. Why hold onto such a thing? Move on already. Moping about like a dead turd, it's time for you to move on with your life." My mother retorted with just as much anger as I had given her.

"That's not your choice to make. If I want to read that letter I will decide to do so. If I want to mope around, I can. Stop acting like you give a damn and just give me the letter. It isn't yours to be hanging onto anyways." I growled at her. She gulped in a defeated manner.

"You want that letter? Fine. I'll give it to you. But I'll have you know the problem with you is that you mope around like it's the worlds fault he died. Get over it and stop embarrassing me with your antisocial behavior." My mother scolded, then she turned her back towards me and began picking up the plates off the table.

She wasn't acting as if she knew what it felt like to lose someone, so clearly she wasn't understanding me.

I wanted to argue with her some more; make her feel like the size of an ant. I wanted her to feel as insignificant as she made me feel sometimes, but I didn't. I won the argument and that was all that mattered. Then I also thought about the fact that I only needed a little more time before I could move out. That thought alone made arguing with her seem so frivolous.

I walked out of the dining room and stomped up the stairs. I quickly moved towards my room, ready to go to sleep. The day had been a long one for me; I just needed the rest.

Upon entering my room I was met with a pair of blue eyes.

"Jace," I breathed out in shock and he just gave me a sheepish smile in return. I closed my room door gently then locked it.

"I did tell you I would be here for you every night, didn't I?" He questioned me and I couldn't help the girly giggle that escaped my mouth. I really did have the most amazing boyfriend.

I walked over to my bed and sat down on Jace's lap, I wrapped my arms around his neck for comfort.

"I think I'm getting too attached, I'm already wondering what I'd do without you." I murmured as I buried my face into his warm chest.

Jace ran one of his large hand through my thick long hair.

"Sometimes, I wonder the same thing." He whispered to me and then laid a simple kiss to my forehead, but my heart beat still picked up and my palms still began sweating. Would I ever get use to being so close to him?

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