My eyes are filled with blood,
Instead of crying tears,
I can feel spears of crystallic metal bursting through my eyes.
Poisonous lead cursing through my brains.
It is the perfect drug for being totally brain dead.
Excuse me, if I can't look at you.
I ripped off my eyes so I won't have to pay attention to people like

Excuse me again. Its not your fault. I'm just ill.
My fate is already decided of being given birth into the womb of
endless abyss.
I can regain my conciousness, I am dead...
No I am the living dead.
Being the Angel of Death is tough work...
You have to watch people die, actually I kill them...
Can't blame me. That's my work.
I don't understand why I got stuck with this.
Guess all the other light given angels were scared of the forbidden
darkness... Oh, well.

Inspired by a journal entry