Apple Crumble

"You're beautiful," he says.

Pausing for a moment, the other male stares at him oddly before letting out a mirthful laugh, his eyes crinkling at his incredulous statement.

"I've been called many things," he starts, grinning. "Bastard, motherfucker, cunt-eating faggot, but never beautiful."

"Cunt-eating faggot?" He quirks a smile.

"Courtesy of my darling mother."

Then they both burst out into raucous laughter, with him putting his head down onto his arm, shaking uncontrollably and pounding his hand on the surface of the table while the motherfucking bastard clutches at his stomach in stitches. A few onlookers glance in their direction, but the pair doesn't notice, and if they had, they wouldn't have given so much as two shits.

"See, I ain't picky," the cunt-eating faggot casually takes a bite out of his slice of apple crumble. "Why not consider people of the same sex? I don't get it. Hell, I don't even mind in-betweeners," he sips his coffee. "If y'know what I mean."

His counterpart observes him while resting his cheek on one hand, noting his mannerisms, his facial expressions as he went on about his numerous colourful encounters with transsexuals and transgendered individuals. His ever so expressive blue eyes, mussed brown hair that looks like it has gone uncombed for god knows how long…

The blue-eyed brunet catches him looking and smirks. "Like what you see?"

"I called you beautiful, didn't I?" A smile tugs at the corners of his mouth.

"That you did."

It's a short while before any of them speaks as they both occupy themselves with eating their orders, welcoming the lack of conversation. The apple crumble-eater gives him a few not-so-furtive glances during the silence, and he tries not to giggle into his beverage.

"You know what?" the man who had refrained from giggling asks suddenly, throwing down a twenty-dollar bill. "Fuck this."

The other blinks. "Fuck what?"

"Fuck you," he laughs, getting up and grabbing his hand.

"Now?" He stumbles out from his seat as he is led towards the exit of the diner. "At least lemme finish my apple crumble!"

He darts back to retrieve the pastry, earning an amused but impatient look from his partner.

"I love this stuff," he remarks, smacking his lips whilst being dragged out of the door.