Final chapter!

I finally finished a story! I hope you guys like it, because they are going to be extra's about this couple in different situations. THe next one involves JAmes speaking French, heheh I can't wait to hear what you guys think of this! It's short but I hope you like it anyway.

James fidgeted nervously in his white tunic, finger combing through his hair. The wedding was going to start any second. Troy smiled at him, clipping the veil to his hair.

"Why am I wearing a veil again?" He asked softly, deep dark eyes locked his pale fingers as they played with his tunic. If only his brother could be here. He missed his younger brother, and he had hoped to be able to thank him for everything he had done.

"It looks nice on you." Troy replied. "And it's traditional." James smiled, releasing his tunic from his nervous grasp. "Are you all ready?" James nodded, nerves entangling his throat. He got ready to walk down the aisle in the almost empty cathedral. Greg was waiting next to the priest, eyes locked on James as he walked with the rhythm of the piano music. He arrived next to Greg, facing him with a soft smile. Greg smiled at him, gently taking James' hands in his own warm ones. The priest read the vows and Greg took a deep breath when his turn came to speak.

"I do." Greg murmured. The passion and love in those words sent shudders down James' spine. James squeezed his hands, heart pounding in his chest as his turn came to speak as well.

"I do." He whispered.

"You may now kiss your partner." The priest said. Greg pulled James closer, lifting the veil away from James' face and leaned in. James leaned in as well and kissed Greg for the first time. It was perfect. Greg pulled away after a few seconds to look upon James' flushed smiling face. "I now pronounce you partners for life." James threw himself at Greg and kissed him again, putting all the love and passion he had ever felt towards his strong knight into the kiss. Greg swept James off his feet and spun him.

"I love you." James murmured. "Oh I love you so much. I love you." Greg smiled at him.

"And I love you, my sweet prince." He murmured in return. James smiled as Greg set him down.

"I'm no prince. I'm just your loving husband." James replied, taking Greg's hand and leading him towards the door. When his gaze fell upon the cathedral door he stopped. "Christopher?"

"Hello big brother." Christopher replied. In the year James had been gone his brother had gotten taller. James released Greg's hand and ran to his brother, hugging him tightly.

"Christopher!" James gasped, crying. "I missed you little brother! How are you?"

"I missed you too big brother." Christopher replied. "I'm so glad to see you're okay. I just wanted to come and check on you." James smiled, brushing tears away from his eyes.

"I need to thank you." James said. "If it weren't for you, I never would be this happy. I could never in a million lifetimes express my thanks to you little brother." Christopher beamed at him. "It was nothing compared to the comfort and support you gave me over the years." Christopher replied, looking to Gregory. "I'm happy you are alright as well. I was worried James wouldn't get to you in time Gregory."

"I must thank you as well." Gregory said, taking his husband's hand in his own. "James and I have never been happier thanks to what you did for us. I must say you have grown quite a bit in the year we've been apart. You are overflowing with the confidence a king needs." James smiled, snuggling up to his husband's shoulder.

"Thank you very much-hmmm..." Christopher stopped when he was cut off by a sharp whistle. "I have to go now. The man Mother sent to spy on me is approaching. You two had best go as well. I'll send for you when Mother passes on. Goodbye brother." He turned and ran down the pathway from the church to a carriage, climbing in. The carriage rushed off as James and Gregory waved goodbye.

"Shall we go my sweet?" Gregory asked, pulling James close. James nodded, kissing him again.

"Yes. Let's go home and I'll make us a perfect wedding night dinner." James murmured. "And when my Mother passes on, maybe we can live nearby the castle." Gregory furrowed his brow at James, causing his lover to pause. "What's the matter?"

"If we go back, will you be a prince again?" He asked, drawing James close to him again. "I would hate for you to have to go back to that life you hated so much."

"Oh my sweet strong Gregory." James replied, kissing him deeply. "You cannot brign back that which has already died. Don't worry. I will not leave you again." Gregory smiled in return and pulled him into the church as a man on horseback rode by, shielding James from view with his broad chest.

"Let's go have dinner." Gregory said, leading James back towards the woods they called home.

"I love you." James sighed, squeezing his hand.

"And I you." Gregory murmured.