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Authors : Stickyfootedtreefrog and Jeaserstrife

Title: (subject to change) Erader


In a world ruled by magic so dark it makes your soul secrete into a dismal abyss. There was a King, not the kind you hear about in Fairy tales nor in children's books, a man much more dark and wicked then that, extremely powerful and completely ruthless. He was a user of dark magic, and a good one at that. He ruled his kingdom with a magical iron fist, and his word was law, no matter how ludicrous it may be. He and his shadow council controlled all the lands... Until one day, there was a boy who could not stand for it any longer... This is his story...

Lobien lived with his mother who hated him a great deal, you see his father had left before he was born and his mother resented Lobien for it. They were very poor and lived in a shack within the underprivileged quarter of the city of Alandrathon. Lobien would steal to get by, his mother would beat him each time he was caught, thus he had gotten better at it, and so her hand would not be forced.

The skinny seventeen year old stuck out like a sore thumb, with his short fiery red hair, freckles, and pale skin. He was much faster and much cleverer than the other boys his age, and his profession called for it.

Lobien was, as usual, up to no good…

'The sky is quite beautiful today' Lobien thought as he walked through the merchant quarter. His mother had been taxed recently and so breakfast had not been eaten, and lunch would be perhaps stale bread. He had nearly lost his hand last time he had tried to steal food from the market, but the merchants walking the crowded street were sure to have what he needed in their pockets. Lobien looked around scouting for easy prey. Suddenly there came a loud noise to his right, Lobien turned to see an elf that had tripped over a stand of fruit, causing it to collapse and spill fruit everywhere. Lobien grabbed an apple and ducked into a dark alleyway.

"I've found my target" Lobien schemed to himself. 'I will wait for that clumsy elf to make his move, and I will take him for all he has.' Lobien waited in a dark alley for the elf to pass by.

Lipere's tailbone hurt from the sudden fall, fruit littered the ground around him. He quickly felt his side to make sure he had not dropped the small money pouch that Mr. Seremak had trusted him with. He sighed with relief as he began to gather up fruit, muttering apologies to the merchant. Thank the heavens this merchant was a polite one, he could have lost a finger or two had he hit the wrong cart.

"No worries!" the man chuckled. "I make these from scrap wood I would've thrown out otherwise; it was old and flimsy anyway. I'm far more interested in why an elf would be wandering around town?" He inquired.

"I will tell you my tale sir, but not now I'm afraid. I am on an errand and I must make haste."

"Until then." The man smiled and waved as Lipere ran off in the direction of the alchemy supply shop, feeling for the money pouch at his side for the tenth time since he left the apothecary. He felt air there and a loose empty tie on his belt, it had just been there! A panic rose in his chest as he turned to see a tall red-head in the distance running backwards, laughing and waving Mr. Seremak's money pouch in the air.

'How did he get so far that quickly?' Lipere thought as he took off after the culprit, he had never run so quickly in his life, as nothing had ever been this important. He had only a moment to think how graceful he ought to be, before his feet slid out from under him and his face hit the stone path with a crack.

Lobien laughed with joy as he ran down the street, triumphant with success. He stopped and turned at a sudden loud noise behind him. The Elf had tripped and fell quite violently to the ground. Lobien sighed, and made his way over to the creature. The elf groaned as he pushed himself to his feet. "Need some help?" Lobien offered his hand. "I'm sorry, I just wanted to eat, ya know? I'm Lobien." He tossed the money bag back to its owner, who was nursing a nose bleed with the corner of his apron. He was small, almost pathetic looking, or maybe it was just his current embarrassment. Like most elves his eyes were bright green and his hair a dark chocolate color, but he did not seem to have the grace or demeanor that one would associate with his race.

"Oh, I'm Lipere, pleasure to meet you. I wouldn't have been so eager, but you see, the money does not belong to me."

"I understand, so how does an elf end up in Alandrathon? Aren't you restricted from talking to humans?"

"Aren't you restricted from stealing?" The elf grinned.

"Very funny."

"Sometimes it's very hard to follow rules, isn't it?"

"I suppose so! So where are you off to in such a hurry, with some other person's money?" Lobien fell into step with Lipere as the elf headed towards his destination once again.

"I've been sent by Mr. Seremak to retrieve a few supplies for the apothecary." Lipere said, excitedly.

"Mr. Seremak, is that old man still alive?" Lobien laughed.

"Yes, that's him, the nicest human I've ever met." When they reached the shop Lipere turned to the thief and shook his hand vigorously. "It was a pleasure to have met you Mr. Pickpocket Lobien."

"The pleasure is all mine, clumsy elf!" They both laughed. "You will have to tell me your story someday, Lipere."

"I promise!" The small elf quickly disappeared into the shop.

[Meanwhile, in the Throne Room, Capital City of Kulgor]

"You Fool! I gave you one simple mission, to kill the mayor of that pathetic excuse for a city, Alandrathon. I don't care what the reason was, a failure is a failure!"

King Maulden was a large man, heavily armored with Dragon scale plate, enchanted with runes from the king's warlock's finest collection. He was radiating with a visible energy, an aura of dark shadows. His thin brown hair was receding, and his face had a particularity angry tone, causing many wrinkles and veins to surface.

The king paced the room, enraged, his every step echoing in the massive throne room. A man was on his knees before the king, watching his every move, awaiting his punishment. King Maulden paced for quite a while before stopping and turning to the man, hidden like a coward beneath his dark hooded robes. The king ripped the hood from the figure, the man beneath it looked rough, unshaven and scarred by battle. He looked up at his King with pleading, tired eyes.

"Milord, please! Everything was in place, but the opportunity we had to deliver the final blow to the Mayor was stolen from us. We are watching the culprit now, a peasant boy who lives in the city streets."

"I will find this peasant, for now… his unlucky fate will follow yours. You must pay for your mistakes."

"Milord! King Maulden Please… have mercy…" the man stood, backing away from the king as he lifted his right hand, opening his palm he exposed a shining ruby crystal. "Noooo! NOOOOOOOOOO!"

The King turned to his second in command. "Alixtra, Fetch me a new assassin from the guild, my patience wears thin..."

Alixtra was tall and pale, an elf that was trained by the king to be an assassin. She performed well; therefore her promotions came swiftly as she studied the shadow arts, rendering most of her biological nature magic unusable as her shadow magic rejected it within her. Throughout the years, she had proven herself time and time again to him, and he had rewarded her greatly. In her mind, it was one step closer to what she craved, The Throne of Power. To the King, she was just another pawn to do his bidding as ruthless and efficient as he was.

Alixtra turned and walked for the door, Maulden's deep voice boomed behind her. "Find this boy, bring to me... Alive. I shall teach him a lesson about thievery." an evil grin crawled across the King's face. "I want the mayor dead by tomorrow night Alixtra; I don't care if you have to kill the entire town to accomplish it. In my eyes they are all as much traitors as he is. He dares to revolt against me? He plots my downfall and attacks my Lands and my Military? Let them burn for their crimes...All of them."

Alixtra nodded and replied coldly "Understood Milord." She made her way out of the room grabbing her massive leather harness from the rack at the foot of the tower stairs and headed up towards the Dragon Aviary.

Her small black dragon was scaled from head to toe, with large black horn spikes at the knee's and arms. Its tail was thin, with scales as sharp as razors on either side of it; it walked towards Alixtra as she entered the Aviary. The dragon had plate armor tied to its every limb to assist with protection in air battles with other dragons and creatures. More armor covered the un-scaled stomach area, as well as the tail and neck, the plate dented and dinged from countless battles.

Alixtra threw the saddle over him when she was within range. "Ready for a trip my old friend?" The dragon purred at her voice. She tied the final strap on the harness and looked up at the sky, "What a beautiful day" she said before she mounted and took flight into the distant blue skies.