Alixtra began her decent from the dark clouds that were over Alandrathon. She landed upon their Aviary, several servants rushed to her side to assist with anything she may need. Alixtra casually slipped off of her mount, walking past the servants towards the staircase. "I need him fed and prepared for another flight within the hour.

"Yes milady" called the servants as Alixtra began her descent down the tower stairs. She made her way out of the tower and over to the town barracks, the large building loomed over her. She made her way up the staircase and through the large armored doors that were unlocked to the Captain's office, "I'm here to pick up the boy. I received a report from a local villager that he was caught?"

"Yes Milady, but he escaped. We believe he is still within the city walls, someone is hiding him, we are still looking.

"Imbecile! You are a disgrace to the King with news like that. It looks like we'll have to burn down each and every house until we find him, and for your sake, you better hope he still within the city."

"Milady! We have families here, many do, you cannot possibly-"

"Do not presume to think you can tell me what I can and cannot do Captain, I find your lack of loyalty disturbing"

Several guards began to speak aloud, yelling at Alixtra and the Captain, demanding them to swear they would not do such a horrible thing. The captain raised his hand and the room went silent.

"Alixtra, you must understand, these men will not destroy their own home, what you ask simply cannot be done"

Alixtra laughed, grinning, "I never said I required your assistance, Did I?" Alixtra spat at the man. She cast a fireball at the captain, sending him and his chair flying backwards through the air in flames. He hit the wall with a loud crash, cracking its bricks. The captain fell to the ground, rolling to stop the fire, but within seconds he was dead.

"You should be running now..." Alixtra summoned a large source of energy within her hands before shooting it straight up into the ceiling, causing it to catch fire. Some guards went after Alixtra, others fled. Half of the men willing to face Alixtra were killed by falling debris. Three men made it to Alixtra, each with a single handed sword and shield in tow. They rushed her simultaneously, each from a different direction. Alixtra drew a long, thin blade, an elven rune sword. These weapons had been banished from the Elven kingdom for they were extremely destructive. She twirled, knocking two of the soldier's Shields, catching upon the third one's weapon. The guard removed his blade and struck again but this time she grabbed it and swung her blade decapitating the soldier.

The remaining two soldiers cast a spell upon themselves. They were not magical humans, however they possessed a rune that they could activate to become more resilient or quick, depending on the soldier. This had been a gift from the king, given to all of those that had sworn to protect his lands. Alixtra however had created these artifacts for the guards therefore they would not emit their power when against her. She was their maker, and they bent to only her will.

Alixtra raised her hand, The two runes floated above her head and with a snap of her finger they turned into dust. The guards stood in shock, dropped their weapons and quickly proceeded towards the exit.

The guards ran as fast as they could, dodging flaming debris and making it outside just in time. A Shadow suddenly swept across the street, the men looked up and spotted Axlitra's black Drake. It flew into the building, emerging a second later with Alixtra on it's back as the building collapsed into hot ashes. The dragon stopped for a minute in the air, before swooping back down upon the streets where the guards were, letting out a breath of fire that burst several homes into flames, people running from them screaming. The guards were mobilizing for combat, and she was ready for them. Several guards appeared in the sky, they were each flying upon Alandrathon's mighty gryphon's. Alixtra tapped the side of her dragon with her hand and it flew high into the clouds, the gryphon's chased after her..

The Alchemy shop shook as though a earthquake had struck, knocking every bottle from the shelves. The three men turned to each other with worried looks.

Mr. Seremak opened the door just slightly to have a look outside. "Boys… I'm afraid your time here grows short."

"Sir?" Lipere came to his side.

"Something or someone is attacking the village, Lipere. You have to get yourselves out." The old man sat heavily into a chair and rubbed his eyes tiredly.

"Sir, you will join us in our escape? Surely here you'll be killed! You must join us!" The elf looked as though he might cry.

"No, I will only slow you down. Don't worry, I'll be fine, trust me." He smiled, he wore a look a proud father might give his son. "Trust me, Lipere."

"Lobien, fetch every potion that's not broken. And place what you can into this bag." The elf was suddenly eager to prepare their journey. "I'll get some food for the road and saddle the horses." He threw a large dark cloak over the thief's head. "Do not show yourself. Attack or not you are still a wanted man."

"How will you know what each is?" Lobien complained while gathering up random potions from the ground and tossing them into the bag.

"I will know!" Lipere shouted, disappearing out the back door.

Another blow shook the house and Lobien saw flames licking the far window. What's happening?

"You must leave soon!" Mr. Seremak jumped up from his chair.

Lipere entered the shop finally, looking quite shook up. "The whole town is aflame! There's a dragon setting fire to the houses!" Lipere conveniently left out the details of what was riding the dragon. Alixtra, he had hoped he would never see her evil face again. "We have to get out of here or we'll be dead, I can promise that." He quickly closed the bag and grabbed Lobien's arm dragging him to the stable out back.

"I don't know how to ride! I'm a peasant!" Lobien pulled back on the elf's strangely strong grip.

"You're about to learn!"

Alixtra flew higher and higher into the clouds, the Gryphon's still trailing her. She continued to fly up until she reached the sky above the clouds, turning and waiting for the gryphon's emerge from the clouds. She began casting, fireballs igniting and twirling within her hands. The gryphons flew out in a large V. Alixtra and her drake both released their fire, sending all three riders to the ground below, one of them falling through Mr Seramak's stables.

Alixtra cackled as her drake dove, spreading fire across the town, the guards were now on full alert. The walls and towers pointed their cannons at her, more gyphon riders assembed, and even some of the town folk had taken up in arms to defend from Alixtra. Alixtra raised her arm, releasing green sparks into the air, suddenly a loud banging noise came from the front gate. The gaurds tensed, not knowing what to expect. The door burst open to reveal a large creature, half bull half gryphon, as large as the door it came smashing through. A legion of King's soldiers stood behind it, all armed and ready for battle. Alixtra shot another spark, this one a brilliant shade of purple, several small drakes descended from the clouds with Alixtra's Warlocks on their back. They descended, releasing magic bombs and fire from their drakes upon the town's defenders and people.

Lobien held on tight to the elf, A loud crash sounded throughout the stable as a body from the sky fell through the roof. "We can't leave Mr. Seramak, he will be killed!" He looked forward to Lipre, a concerned look in his eyes. Lipere sighed, looking back at Lobien for just a moment, a building nearby collapsed, a large support beam fell in front of them, sending the horse and it's riders flying to the ground. Lobien stood first, "always keep your eyes on the road! I don't ride and even I know that!" Lobien brushed himself off, looking for the horse. It was on the ground unmoving, it's neck broken by the fall. "Well isn't that just convenient! You get Seramak, I'll go steal us a way out of this pit of death." And with that, Lobien ran off, leaving the elf.

"Wait!" Lipere sighed and looked sadly at the poor horse before chasing after the quick thief.

Lobien made his way through the fire lit village, the normally blue sky was now discolored by black smoke. He made his way around the smoldering debris slowly and carefully. he desperately looked for a stable, most of them deserted or destroyed.

Thump. Thump. in the hell is that? Lobien wondered. The building suddenly began to shake, each thump louder than the one before it. The walls collapsed suddenly, exposing Lobien. The large half bull half gryphon creature turned its head, staring at Lobien for a moment before charging. The first rush Lobien rolled out of the way, the monster charging through many buildings, bringing them all crashing to the ground in a cloud of dust. Lobien climbed onto a building quickly to find out where the beast had gone, however by doing this it the beast found him first. It rushed again, Lobien was on a roof that was backed against the town wall, leaving him nowhere to run. He jumped towards the wall propelling himself of of it and into the air, landing feet first on the creatures back. The beast stopped, irritated and confused by Lobien's disappearance. He quickly grabbed onto it's furry mane, holding on for dear life as the creature thrashed to throw him. Lobien gently rubbed its side as he had seen the elf do with the horse. "Easy boy! Whoooaa, Easy, Calm Down! ... I think I'm going to be sick.."

Lobien held onto the creature for dear life as the king's soldiers and Alixtra's Warlocks continuing to battle throughout the town. Lobien tried to pacify the creature as it continued to thrash. "She's controlling it with magic i bet, it can't think for itself", Lobien muttered, looking up at Alixtra, whom was surveying the battle below her. At that moment their eyes met prey and predator. Alixtra charged at Lobien, who was terrified and unknowingly released some magic of his own. His magic seeped down into the creature's brain, Freeing it from Alixtra's control. The creature, with it's new found freedom, turned and lunged for the drake. The dragon and the creature collided in mid air, each snarling and snapping at each other. Lobien ducked and swooped swings from Alixtra's blade, successfully dodging each one somehow. Lobien stood warily and ran to the back end of the creature. He used the momentum from it's tail like a spring board, launching himself up and over Alxitra and onto her drake.

Alixtra stood as all four of them plummeted towards the ground. She cackled, as she jumped off and landed on a nearby building, Lobien jumped to one across from her. Alxitra summoned two of the fallen warrior's blades and shields, one set falling at Lobien's feet. "Time to Die, little one!" Her laugh grew louder, echoing throughout the town. She jumped across the wide gap, landing on the roof next to Lobien, her first move was a spin slash that Lobien blocked with his shield. Although he had blocked it the blow rattled him to the bones, causing him to drop the sword down to the street's below. He needed both hands on the shield to fend off the onslaught from Alixtra and her blade.

A large screech pierced the air, they both stopped, turning towards the sound. Alixtra's drake flying up beside her wounded, the gryphon bull creature snarled. blood drenched it's teeth where it had taken a bite from the dragon's side. Alixtra noticed this, and shot herself into the air with magic, landing on her drake's back. Lobien stood, letting out a sigh of relief and threw the shield aside. As the gryphon bull came running towards him, Lobien grabbed its mane and pulled himself onto it's back as it passed. "C'mon boy, we need to go find the elf and the old man!"