Chapter 1: The Adventure Begins

Flesmus was sitting in the hallway of the wizard guild, waiting for her sister to finish buying her spells. She twirled her blond hair as she looked up and down the halls of the caster guilds. Flesmus wore a pink robe and she had a wooden staff, leaning against the marble wall next to her. The walls and floor were made of earth-tone marble stone, browns, yellows and golds. Suddenly, she heard a low voice behind her while she was looking at a cute guard from down the hall, she turned around and it was her brother, Adayn. a tall high elf with blond hair tied in a ponytail and blue eyes. he wore a green robe and carried a wooden staff.

"Adayn, why must you sneak up on me." Flesmus said, as she stood up.

"Sorry Fles, I couldn't resist." Adayn replied back to her, laughing at her frowning expression.

"What are you doing out here? Did you get the spells you needed?" Adayn asked her.

"Yes, an ice spell and a shielding spell. I can't wait to go adventuring, but Raynbowe is taking too long."

"Eh, she is just trying to be ready enough to protect you if bad stuff would happen."

"What do you mean bad, I'm a good wizard."

"Hehe, I know you are Fles, but your still in training." Flesmus smiled at Adayn.

"You're right, I'm just so excited!"

A woman comes out of the magician's guild behind Flesmus and approaches them.

"All set, are we ready?"

"Woohoo, Raynbowe! Let's go now." Raynbowe reached in her pouch and takes out a dagger. She hands it to Flesmus, holding onto the blade.

"Here, take this, you might need it in case something gets close to you."

"A dagger? But I have my staff." Flesmus said. Raynbowe giggled and placed the dagger in Flesmus' hand.

"Yes, but daggers do more damage, please take it." Flesmus took the dagger, and placed it in her pouch.

"Alright, thank you sister." Raynbowe is Flesmus' older sister, a powerful magician who specializes in the arts of fire. She summons out a fire elemental in the middle of the hall, moving her arms about in the form of a spell. Raynbowe wears a purple robe with interesting designs all over it and a green cap. She has blond hair and blue eyes, just like her siblings, Flesmus and Adayn. The high elves exit the guild hall through a portal on the floor in the hallway and outside to Felwithe. To the left of them is a lake and ahead is a pathway to northern Felwithe where the shop and other guilds are. The southern portion of Felwithe is a smaller area than its northern counterpart. It consists of the three caster guild halls and a small vendor house. Flesmus runs over the the edge of the hill overlooking the lake and screams.

"I want to go fishing!" Adayn chuckled as he watched her throw a rock into the water.

"Flesmus, we must start training your magic. Let's hurry along." Raynbowe called out to her, still throwing rocks into the lake.

"Oh, come on Raynbowe, what's the rush?"

"Flesmus, I have a guild meeting soon, I wanted to come along with you before I had to leave." Adayn said.

Flesmus drops the rock she was holding and quickly runs over to Adayn, almost bumping into him. "What? Your meeting is today? I was looking forward to you coming." Flesmus says to Adayn, pouting as she lowered her head, looking at the ground.

"It's okay Flesmus, we still have time, if we hurry." Adayn says, placing a hand on her left shoulder.

"Okay!" Flesmus smiles and runs off towards northern Felwithe, brushing the side of Raynbowe.

"Come on you guys!" They heard her yell from around the corner into town.

"She's still young, this better be worth training her." Raynbowe says to Adayn.

"It will be alright, I know she loves playing with magic, you just have to be patient." Raynbowe sighs and starts towards North Felwithe.

Adayn follows closely behind her. "I worry so much about that girl.. I love her to death." The adventurers head for north Felwithe, the beautiful town of the high elves.