Chapter 6: A Shadow Looms

All was quiet and dark, as Flesmus entered a creepy graveyard. The mysterious elf must have brought her here and none of her friends were with her, she was all alone. It was a small grave, with tombstones placed around at random and above in the middle was a stone staircase, leading up to a gazebo type platform with pillars supporting each corner. In the middle, she could see a pink and white beam surrounded by dancing red skeletons. They looked harmless, but Flesmus stayed away from them anyways. Behind her was a book, like the one to the Plane of Knowledge, but she wanted to make sure her friends weren't here first. She stepped out towards the tombstones and looked around, making sure nothing would attack her. She noticed a dark figure floating around the tombstones, like a reaper, but it didn't make any hostile movements towards her as it floated passed her a few times. She was underneath the dancing skeleton room now as she continued to look to the back of the grave... Suddenly, she heard something move beside her. She turned to see what looked like to be a small skeleton run behind a tombstone. She walked towards it to be sure and she was scared out of her mind. She clutched her wooden staff and went closer to investigate.

"I saw you." She said quietly, still moving towards the tombstone.

Closer and closer she came and then she looked, but nothing was there. She heard the same noise from behind her again and quickly turned around to see nothing, but the reaper still floating from grave to grave. She sat down in front of the stone on the cold grass and waited and looked around closely to find out what was making that noise. She got nervous and disoriented and shut her eyes to concentrate. She couldn't find the courage to cast any ice spells here, she thought the skeletons might attack her. Moments pass and Flesmus goes into a deep meditation. She seemed calmer now and focused enough to use magic. When she opened her eyes, she almost screamed, but nothing came out. Standing in front of her closely was a skeleton, grinning at her. A loud crash behind her stuns her hearing and a large troll in dark plate armor topples her over on the ground. He had pale green skin with pitch black eyes and held a sword and shield. It was ugly with yellow teeth, big nose and big ears. It hunched over a bit and chased Flesmus while she was crawling backwards along the dark grass, looking at it's freaky features. The troll was named Gakab, a shadow knight and he was pure evil. Flesmus must have disturbed him or something because he was very angry and wouldn't stop going after her. His skeleton pet made a funny yet creepy laughing sound as it ran towards Flesmus. Gakab started to cast a spell, dark energy gathered around his huge hands as Flesmus gathered the strength to stand and start running as fast as she could. Before she could get very far, a dark sickening feel came over her, as she was hit with a deadly poison spell. She coughed and fell to her knees. Flesmus was starting to cry now, as she looked back to see Gakab running towards her, stumbling about because he was not figured very well and the skeleton ran close beside him, making that freaky laugh again.

"Dream Dust, help me..." Flesmus said to herself as she lowered her head, bracing herself for an attack against Gakab.

In one quick moment, Flesmus felt the worst pain on her back come down on her and she screamed. Gakab had struck her with his sword and the blood was everywhere; on the sword, ground and some of it splattered on the skeleton. She saw the blood gush out from below her as she sat there on all fours before collapsing to the ground. Her beautiful blond hair was covered in red now and almost looked pink. Tears of blood poured out of her eyes as she lie there dead, it was such a sad sight, a beautiful elf killed by an evil ugly troll. The bloody skeleton danced around Flesmus as Gakab ripped off her head, holding her bloody pink hair. Lightning struck the night sky as it started to rain and wash the blood into the dirt of the cold, wet ground. The troll and skeleton walked away further into the grave, disappearing behind dark heavy rain. Flesmus' corpse just lie there, headless, it was just a body with a pink robe and a broken wooden staff. The dark reaper came over to take Flesmus' body away, as this was the end for our wizard. Light turns to dark, leaving an empty hole in the hearts of all that is good...