For My Sake

Every time I gaze into your
dreamy, alluring eyes
a streak of pure crimson
blazes inside of them

"What's wrong?"
I ask, but the only
thing that you say is

I can feel your pain
It's crushing my soul

"Don't lie to me," I speak
My arms hugging your
withering body upon seeing
your grim face

That very second, you
pour out your heart to me
all of the pain, stress and tears
flooding my mind

I give and give
yet get nothing back

I try to shed some light
onto your gruesome situation
but I can still see the pain
course through your dull eyes

"What can I do to help?" I question
after all of my failed attempts
You answer with a
"I don't know."

I need you more than
you need me

After another day of
worry, sobs and depression
I can still see a twinkle in those
dark eyes of yours

"Please, don't give up
for my sake," I tell you,
yet you're still completely

For my sake, please