May My Heartbreak Rest In Peace

For what has felt like
one hundred years
you have left me
broken, trashed, scattered
on the side of the road

When will I see you next?

I have learned how to
live on my own
but still this loneliness
engulfs my soul
as I venture down the road

Is this really the end?

The bitter cold keeps
biting my skin
a never-ending torment of
pain, fury and rage
as I keep moving forward

When will my heart let go?

After all of the strife
a new horizion
finally breaks and I
can see a new beginning
blossom inside of me

Why did I think that I needed you?

Good-bye to all of my
suffering, tears and regret
may you rest in peace
as I ascend to this heaven
that I have finally found

Why didn't I let go sooner?