A poem by Damien Smethurst

I say the things that you never want to hear
Sometimes as a whisper, sometimes more clear
I take the things that you hold most dear
Hold them, savour them

You don't want to see me, but you have no choice
The last thing that you want to hear is my voice

I am always there in the back of your mind
Searching for things you don't want me to find
Professionalism stops me from being too kind
My job is to hurt you, I hope you don't mind

I lurk in the shadows, the places you fear
A visit from me often induces tears
But one thing that I must make totally clear
You want me and need me

I can be there in the day or the night
Surprising you sometimes with my clear insight
You hate me, you fear me, you think I'm a blight
On modern society, and maybe you're right

One thing I know and of this I am sure
If you didn't want me I wouldn't be here

I'll prey on your mind because that's what I do
I know that you think of me often times too
I know that you hate me and always will do
But part of you knows that I'm helping you too

But time is now short and so I have to leave
I know the time flies and I hope you don't grieve
The same time and place for our meeting next week
To continue your progress under my the-ra-py