The Secret life of a Tanuki

Summary: Shoukichi thought he was a regular kid like everyone else, but he soon learns that his father's side of the family is a lot more different than he thinks.

This is my first ever story that's not a fanfiction, I'm scared at what people will think, but here goes nothing. I got this idea from an anthropomorphic tanuki picture I found, you can see it on my profile. Also, though this is fiction, the places I write down are real places, I forget what you call that in writing, but this is it.



Chapter 1: I'm a different species!?

"Another day... um... another... I can't think of anything."

"Shoukichi, breakfast's ready!"

"Oh that's it, another day, another breakfast!"

(Shoukichi's POV)

At this part of the story, the main character would introduce and talk about himself. Hi there, my name is Shoukichi Tsurugame, pretty cool name huh? Anycase, I'm a 15 year old japanese-american boy with short black hair and brown eyes, I have soft skin too, seriously, it's as soft as fur! I live a regular life, with a pretty regular family. "Pancakes, my favorite!"

"I thought every food was your favorite?" Mom questioned as always.


My mom's where I get my american half from, along with my brown eyes. She's kind of laid back for a mom, but knows when to take charge when dad needs help with something; with beautiful blonde hair, and a great figure at that, no wonder dad married her... thinking about it, how can she have that body after giving birth to me, usually women gain fat after child birth so... um, sorry I'm getting off topic aren't I, let's get back to the story. "Hey, where's dad?"

"Still asleep, his work always does that too him," She answered. "You'd think playing video games for a living would make him blind by now."

"Gotta admit though, video game testing really gets the big bucks." Dad works as a video game tester, which makes us pretty wealthy, enough that we won't go poor anyway.

"You play games enough already... did you want to ask him something?" Mom asked

"Well, I've been feeling pretty weird a couple of days," More like two weeks but I didn't want to worry mom. "I feel like something's happening to my body, like it's about to explode or something."

"Are you sure it isn't puberty kicking in?" She teased

"M-Mom, don't you think I passed puberty already?"

"Even puberty has babysteps... you better hurry out, you'll be late for the bus."

"Oh right, I'll ask dad later. See ya, mom!"

"Bye dear... is it happening already?"

Okay, I bet there are a lot of people who don't like school much, I don't mind it, I do my best and get good grades, but I'm kind of annoyed of everyone calling me Edward; you see, my middle name is Edward, which comes from my great grandfather from my mother's side of the family. But ever since I told people that, they keep calling me by my middle name instead of my first, mostly because it reminds them of that guy from the stupid Twilight movie and novel. I never seen the movie or read the book, so I can't tell my opinion about them, but still, they totally ruin the vampire genre! The romance thing is alright, but they make the vampires sparkle when they die, sparkle, what kind of stupid idiot would do something as retarded as... I'm getting ahead of myself again, sorry. "Hey, Shoukichi!"

"Oh, hey Nina!"

Nina Williams, when you think of that name, you think of the character from the Tekken video games right? My Nina's different, she's been my best friend since kindergarden, we've been in the same class since then too, and she's the only one who ever calls me by my first name, though sometimes she shortens it by Sho. "You ready for school, Sho?"

"I guess."

"What's up with you?"

"Well, I've been feeling kind of weird for a while now," I never even told Nina this, and we tell each other everything. "My body feels weird, and it's like going through a weird... metamorphoses."

"Sounds like puberty to me." Nina joked

"What the hell, have you been you talking to my mom or something?"

"Geez, sorry."

"Seriously, and the changes have been occuring even more." I was about to explain more, but the bus finally came in time.

"Okay, how about we talk about this on the bus." She laughed, still not believing me.

Me and Nina always sat next to each other on the way to Bullard Havens, it was better than sitting with anyone else. Oh yeah, I should give her description. Nina's a brown hair and brown eyed tomboy, people always think of her as a boy with all the guy clothes she wears, and just like the video game character, she knows how to fight, she's the one that got me into it, just in case we get in trouble. "I'm serious about what I said, not only have I felt weird, but I've started growing hair around my body."

"Isn't that normal for a growing boy?" Nina teased again.

"Oh yeah, how about this then," Now this is when it gets weird. "Two weeks ago, when I was walking around the blocks for exercise, I heard someone calling my name, like they actually knew me. Thing is, no one I knew around the block was there, all I saw was a person's dog outside."

"What, your gonna say that the dog was talking to you?"

"It's weird... but I actually think it was."

"Interesting, tell me more." Nina was always into weird things, another reason why she's a tomboy.

"Okay, two days after that, I learned that my senses are... heightened," I think that's the word for it. "When I was taking another walk, I heard some noise from a house on the other side of the street, and it looked like it came from the back room. From what I could describe, two people were getting... busy."

"Wait, you actually heard people having sex?" Nina asked

"Not so loud, but yeah, there was even this loud moaning sound at the end," Now this will really get her. "Get this, the moan I heard was pretty manly, if you catch my drift?"

"Oh... oh wow, that's uh... wow." Saw that one coming.

"Along with that, my sense of smell has gotten a lot stronger."

"How strong?"

"For instance, I know you use coconut scented conditioner today."

"How did you... you weren't kidding about those changes."

"Told ya."

(Eiji's POV)

"Another day, another game to play."

My name's Eiji Tsurugame, 35 years old, brown hair, and brown eyes to go with it. I'm live a pretty good life, a loving wife, a great kid, and I get paid to play the newest video games before anyone else. Though it does make me sleepy after a couple of hours, but I've done this for a while, so I'm used to it; after last night, I might've slept all the way to the afternoon. "Oh, finally up huh, Eiji."

"Sorry, work was pretty brutal yesterday."

"Is that so, it took you till three in the morning to beat that boss huh?" Damn it, she always knows!

"That was cold, Lizzy!"

"Calm down, you always win anyway," Getting a kiss from Liz always make me feel like I'm touching a cloud, she has such soft lips. "I made some pancakes for you, just heat them up."

"Thanks, I'm starving!" And her cooking is great too!

"By the way, Shoukichi told me that he's been feeling weird."

"Weird how?"

"Well, he said that his body felt strange, and now that I think about it, his arms look a bit harrier than before." Isn't that pretty normal?

"I think it's just puberty kicking in."

"I said the same thing, but when I saw his arms, the hair was brown and looked like fur," Looked like fur? "Do you think it's really happening?"

"Hm... I actually thought it would happen a lot earlier in his life, I wasn't expecting it would happen after his 15th birthday."

"Eiji, should we tell him?" Lizzy was mored worried than I was, and I can relate to it.

"Yeah, we'll tell him when he gets home."

(Shoukichi's POV)

Remember when I said I get good grades, that's basically true, but they mostly come from the video games me and my dad play; matter of fact, even all the anime I watch helps me, people say you don't learn anything from this stuff, but I guess they never met me. "Edward!"

"Huh?" Teacher took me out of my monologue.

"Would you care to tell us who was the initiator in the unification of Japan while under the rule of the shogun in the sixteenth century?" Check this out.

"Oh, that was Nobunaga Oda."

"Very good."

"What game you get that from?" Nina whispered

"Samurai warriors 2, me and my dad played it together."

"I swear, you are definetly your father's son."

"I can't think of that as an insult."

"Of course, that's your life anyway."

"Like yours is based off a game?" Nina would always get ticked off when I describe her life as the video games Nina Williams.

"What was that, puberty boy?"

"You heard me, shemale!"

"Edward, Nina!"

"Huh?" We both replied.

"Would you like to finish your conversation in the principals office?"

"Uh, no sir!"

I'll admit, are arguments do get us into trouble, but at least we do them at the last period before dismissal. "Alright kids, see you tomorrow."

"Thank god for the weekend, how about we-hey Sho, are you okay?"

I wish I could say yes, but my stomach just didn't want me to. "Uh, I think the hot dogs at lunch are getting to me."

"Told ya they tasted weird, but you ended up eating them and mines too," Nina loved this, the idea of being right was something she always liked. "Seriously, you usually eat everything, you're like an animal."

"I'd retort if I didn't feel so good."

"Maybe you should get some rest when you get home." Nina maybe an aggressive tomboy sometimes, but she still cares about others.

"Thanks, I'll do that."

At least the bus ride back home was alright, I said bye to Nina and headed my way there, but just before, something weird happened. "Hey, Shoukichi."


"You alright, you look like you're about to throw up." Another voice came from no where, but all I saw was a neighbors dog outside.

"Um, I'm just not feeling good today."

"Too bad, you should get some rest." Did that dog just talk to me?

"Yeah thanks... I'll get right on that."

"Tell Eiji I said hi." The dog kept barking, but to me it was plain english.

'I'm getting delirious now... I really need to get some rest.' Either I second hand smoked something real strong, or I'm just tired as all hell.

I finally got home, and like everyday, the first thing I see was my dad playing a game in the living room. "Shoukichi, welcome back."

"Hey dad, any new games today?" He usually gets them in the mail.

"Not really, I'm still trying to finish gears of war 3, so far it's good."

"Are you still stuck on that one boss?"

"You know about that?"

"You whine everytime you die, kind of hard to ignore when your room is next to the living room." I think I wounded his pride a little.

"Oh yeah, mom told me that you felt weird, maybe we should talk about it."

"It's not puberty, I'm just not feeling good."

"I know that, but I think I should tell you more about my side of the family." What's dad talking about?

"I know you're from a japanese family, and that you have a large family tree, but if there's more, can we wait until I take a small nap?"

"Sure, go ahead."

"Thanks..." I really need a nap.

"Oh Shoukichi, are yo-"

"Can't talk, going to bed."

"Um, okay then," That's easy going mom for you. "Eiji, did you tell him yet?"

"Nope, but it looks like the change is happening to him already, the best thing to do is to wait until he wakes up."

You know when you have those weird dreams and something happens to you in real life, like when you grow taller or something? Well, I felt the same way, but it felt different; I dreamt that I was in a large cocoon, my body changing into something, but it wasn't a butterfly. My body started to grow brown hair all over, it felt like I was growing fur, and it felt like was growing on my butt, a long furry tail from what I could see. My hands looked like paws, and my feet were big and paw like too. My ears felt like they moved to the top of my head, and they were curvy and pointy at the end. I can't explain it, but it felt like it was more than a dream.

(Eiji's POV)

"Eiji, should we wake him up?"

"Eh, Shoukichi will wake up in 3... 2... 1."

"Dad... Mom!" And there we go.

I knew the changes was going to happen, I actually saw it as Shoukichi walked by me to his room. Thinking about it now, he looks pretty good for an animal, though it looks like his clothes don't fit him anymore. "What the hell is happening to me, I was having a dream that I was changing into something like this, and next thing I know... I'm a freaking furry!"

"Is it really that bad?" Okay, maybe that wasn't words to say to a freaked out teenager.

"Dad... be serious!"

"Eiji, this is the best time to tell him."

"Right as always, Lizzy."

"Tell me what?"

"Remember when I told you that I'd tell you more about my side of the family?"

"Yes, but you've already told me about them."

"Well, there's more of a difference than a race, there's also... species."

"Wait... what?" He's gonna faint after this, I just know it.

"I come from a family of tanuki's or raccoon dogs as americans call us, which also makes you one."

"Shoukichi, are you okay?" One poke from Lizzy made him fall like a brick.

"Saw it coming."

(Shoukichi's POV)

Oh man, was I still sleeping? Yeah it had to be a dream, and I'm going to wake up in a few minutes. "Shoukichi, time to wake up."

"Hm... mom?"

"Had a good sleep?"

"Oh man, I had the weirdest dream, dad told me that his family was a bunch of um... tanuki's he called them, and that I was one to-oh my god there's one right in front of us!" I couldn't even tell if it was a mirror or not, it looked just like what I looked like in my dream.

"Shoukichi, that's your father."

"What!?" What'd you expect, me being perfectly calm?

"Son, calm down and look at yourself," I wish dad didn't say that, I couldn't believe the person I saw in the mirror was me. "Now before you start freaking out, let me explai-"

"I'm a fat furry with balls the size of money bags, how can I not freak out!" Seriously, ACDC be damned.

"Right, just sit down and I'll explain everything."

"Fine, but it better be good."

"As I said before, I come from a family of tanuki's, we have the ability to transform into anything we want, for example... a human," Yeah, that's pretty obvious. "Life back then was so much easier, eat food, mess with the humans, drink sake."

"Uh dad, you basically do that now." It's true he really does, though I've never seen him drunk in my life.

"Not like back then, we'd mess with the humans in so many ways, posing as ghost, paying do drinks with money transformed into leaves, even turning other animals secretion into food for them to eat."

"Hahahaha! You gotta be kidding me, you actually tricked people into eating crap," Oh come on, even you would think that's funny! "Heheh, okay continue."

"Back to the topic, one day, I posed as a human to mess with them, but along the way, I met Elizabeth." That's my mom's full name, but everyone calls her Liz or Lizzy.

"I was on vacation in Japan, I always wanted to go there, and when I bumped into your father... well," Oh god, they both have a look in their eyes that says their thinking about their love for each other, it's not bad, but it happens a lot. "We just fell in love instantly, and it was actually fun to be with Eiji, he always had a way to make me laugh."

"After a few weeks of dating, I wanted to tell your mother that I loved her, but..."

"But you couldn't stand not telling her your secret." Basic anime logic.

"So I decided to tell her the truth, and she actually excepted me for who I was," Wow, mom's really laid back to not mind dating another species. "A year later, we were married, and after nine months, we had you."

"Wait, if you two gave birth to me, then that would mean... that would mean," So I'm something that comes from interspecies love? "Nevermind, as long as everyone is happy. But wait, if I'm half tanuki, then shouldn't I only have the tail and ears like in anime?"

"That doesn't happen much, sometimes you're born as a full animal, just like you are."

"Wait, didn't the doctors freak out when the saw me as an animal?" Actually, that would be pretty funny to see.

"Well, because of your human half, you came out as a regular human boy," I see... don't get it, but I see. "I knew that one day you would turn into your true form, but I thought it would be at a younger age."

"Well, why didn't you just tell me in the first place?"

"Would you have reacted any differently?"

"... Good point," I know I should be more mad or something, but I guess I got mom's laid backness. "I guess I forgive you guys for not telling me, but what am I going to do now? I can't just go to school like this, people might put me in the pound."

"Don't worry, tomorrow's a Saturday, so I'll teach you all I know about transforming." Why is dad sounding like a pro all of a sudden?

"Right... it's getting late, so I'm going to bed." After all that's happen, I need to sleep.

To be continued.

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