The Secret life of a Tanuki

Chapter 25: A secret life is a good life

(Shoukichi's POV)

It's so weird... I mean weirder than my life has usually been over the past months. It's been two weeks into November now, winter's coming, and thanksgiving is just a few days away. School is normal as always, with the occasional tanuki tricks that Gonta and I pull on people. "Merii Kurisumasu!"

"Shuu, it's still November." I don't know why, but Shuu seems way to eager for christmas to come, right now he's actually wearing a Santa Clause outfit in class.

"Doesn't mean we can't celebrate it sooner, and I'm hoping to get you under a mistletoe soon, Shouki." He said smiling.

"Try that and I'll rip your tounge off!" Everyone in the class laughed, and Nina was the loudest of everyone there. Now that her dad is in jail for life, she's been happier. "You sure are lively, Nina."

"What are you talking about, you know that I'm always lively." She replied.

"Believe me, your punches prove that."

"Damn right."

"Though it does make me wonder if you were born the right gender." Just like always, Nina got mad and punched me right in the stomach. "Y-You can't take a joke... can you, freaking shemale?"

"What was that, yaoi boy?" She retorted.

"I told you not to call me that"

"Guys, calm down." As always, Gonta was the one to stop our arguing. "It's friday, we shouldn't be arguing."

"Gonta's right, and besides there's a little surprise for you three when we get home." Shuu said smiling.

Hearing him say that only made me worry for the worse, but I kind of didn't mind it as much as I used to; Shuu's been a pretty awesome art teacher, and while at home he's kind of like the panda version of Mom, he even makes sweets for no reason. And besides his tendancy to embarrass me, he's a really cool godfather... you know, for a gay panda. The walk back home was pretty good too, mostly because we bought cookies along the way. "Alright, what are you hiding from us, Shuu?"

"I can't tell you." He teased in a singing voice. "But it'll be something the three of you will definetly like."

"Dad isn't doing anything stupid, is he?" I asked.

"Why is it when there's a surprise for you, you think your Dad's gonna do something stupid?" Nina asked, the deadpanned look I gave her was enough of an answer. "Right, good point."

"Are you sure you can't give us a hint?" Gonta asked.

"You can't get me to talk, Gonta." Shuu giggled. "Anyway, here we are."

I was about to open the door, but the sudden smell of food held me back; it was all fresh too, there was the smell of sweet potatoes, corn bread, and even... turkey? I opened the door and saw Dad in the livingroom as usual. "Hey guys, happy thanksgiving!"

"Dad, what's going on?" I asked.

"I just told you, happy thanksgiving." Eiji said.

"That's not until next week though."

"Think of it as something to congragulate you on a job well done." He explained. "Not only did you save Nina and Hannah, but..."

"You expressed your love for Nina and Gonta at the same time." Shuu included with what I guess are tears of joy in his eyes. "I'm so proud, my baby boy is growing up."

"Told you this was gonna be stupid." I told Nina.

"I hope everyone's ready to eat." Lizzy came out from the kitchen, and to Nina's surprise, Hannah was with her too.

"Mom, when did you get here?" She asked.

"I came with Lizzy, she needed help making the food." Hannah answered. "I made fried chicken for you, Nina."

"Oh, then this isn't a bad thing after all." That always gets her, but just smelling that food made me drool and turned back into a tanuki.

"Why not, I'm getting hungry too, so let's eat!"

"Not without us you're not." When I turned back to the door, I was surprised to get hugged by Kousuke. "How's it going, Shouki?"

"Jiji..." Not only him but the rest of the family came in and turned into tanuki's. "Rika-chan, Uncle Kyoya, Osho, what are you doing here?"

"Thanksgiving is a time where family and friends come together," Kyoya said smiling. "It maybe early, but it still counts. I have to admit Eiji, this is probably the second best thing you've done."

"Oh yeah, what's the first?" Eiji asked.

"Marrying Lizzy."

"You got me there, now let's eat!"

But when it comes to eating with tanuki's, it ends up being a battlefield; when Dad tried to snatch one of Kyoya's turkey legs, he stared him down with the evil eye and kept him like that, but that didn't stop him. When he tried for Rika-chan, she threw a fork as a warning, with Jiji they fought in a tug of war like regular dogs usually do, and when he tried with me, I whacked him upside the head with my hammer. "Shouki, do you see what I see?"

"See what-" Shuu was hanging a mistletoe right above me. "Where did you get that?"

"I bought it, tis the season." He answered.

"It's not the season yet, so back off." That didn't stop Shuu though, I had to struggle just to push him away.

"Come on, just one kiss?"

"I'm warning you, Shuu!" He was so heavy that I fell off my chair trying to get him off.

"Seeing this makes me wonder what it'll be like when thanksgiving really comes." Nina muttered.

"Hello, you can help me you know."

The whole day was kind of like that, Jiji told me that the doujin of my life is really popular in japan, but that's probably from the fans of furries; Osho asked how I've been and if I liked the pocky he gave me, we ate through most of it, but he said he'd send more. Rika-chan said that she's proud of me for saving Nina, but since she was my kendo master, she also told me to always practice. Uncle Kyoya and I talked for a while too, he even said he had something special for me coming for the holidays. For a while, Gonat, Nina and I played games and watched TV, but once the adults started drinking, we went outside on the roof and watched the stars at night. "How long do you think it'll take for them to finish?"

"Who knows." I answered Nina.

"Still, how are you gonna handle all of them at your house?" She asked.

"No worries, Jiji and the others said they were staying at a hotel not too far away." I looked up at the sky to see a few stars shining bright. "This is a perfect night."

"Shoukichi, could I ask something?" Gonta asked.


"Well, I really don't mind your decision but... are you sure you want to wait to choose when you're older?"

"Yeah, it's better for the two of you too." I answered.

"Huh?" They both asked.

"Think of it this way, I can protect the both you now, but more importantly..." I turned to them and smiled. "When I choose, even if my heart goes to someone, half of it will always belong to the other."

The two of them turned as red as roses, I almost laughed if Gonta didn't say something. "Shoukichi, t-that was beautiful."

"Thanks, Dad's actually the one to day it."

"Wow, I had no idea your Dad was so romantic." Nina included.

"I know, I said the same thing to Shuu." I replied.

"Wait, Shuu?"

"Yeah, he said it to Shuu at the love hotel." I answered. "He kind of told me what happened a little more... I won't talk about it though."

"Good." Nina said bluntly.

I had to laugh at how she reacted, it was funny you know? "I gotta admit, this is the life."


"Being able to have fun everyday, the wacky adventures, and just doing stuff no one else can. Before this I've always thought I was a normal kid, but now... I'm glad my life is so weird."

"Yeah, and nobody even knows about it." Nina said smiling.

Gonta giggled. "I guess that's makes it a secret life."


And to me... a secret life is a good life.

The End