breathlessly (not) in love

i'm not looking for true love 'cause
that's so overrated, and
who looks for things on their own
anymore, maybe we should
just call mom to find it
for us, but no, true love is
much too important to be
lost under our dirty laundry, but
i'm not looking for it anyway because

true love is a tricky thing, and
never have i known nearly enough
words to describe true beauty, but if i did
it would be describing love because
we all think that true love is beautiful,
and it truly is but we'd never truly know
until it truly hits us square between the eyes,
and so i'm not looking for it 'cause
i don't really want a headache
until i'm ready to feel the heartache
that is sure to come with it,
so i'm not looking for anything 'cause

true love is something of fairy tales, it's the
stuff that dreams are made of, the
stuff that makes magic make the
world go round, so
i'm not looking for true love because
true love needs to find me,
so for now i'll just
make my mistakes
and stumble into somebody's arms and
see where things
turn from there.